Five Elements Yoga Retreat

Cahuita, Limón Province, Costa Rica

Eric Kolesar
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Oct 6 - 13, 2018
Group size: 10 - 45
Five Elements Yoga Retreat
Cahuita, Limón Province, Costa Rica

Eric Kolesar
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Deposit: $250
Oct 6 - 13, 2018
Group size: 10 - 45

About this trip

Your tropical adventure awaits at The Goddess Garden Eco Retreat Centre, nestled in the lush rainforest & quiet beaches of Cahuita, Costa Rica. Immerse yourself with international guides Dan Morgan, Eric Kolesar & John Shaffer for an unforgettable, transformative, & rejuvenating week-long retreat. As you take an inward journey prepare yourself, to explore all five elements of the universe & how they can relate to your life & yoga practice. All while enjoying the natural sounds, beautiful sights, & tranquil surroundings of Mother Earth & Nature at its rawest. 

  • Learn & practice how to balance the body & mind through daily diverse movement
  • Strengthen the physical body through greater awareness, mindfulness, movement, & yoga
  • Awaken to the morning sounds of the rainforest & enjoy an herbal tea or coffee before your daily guided yoga practice
  • Relax or swim by the pool, as you gaze up at sloths, monkeys & tropical birds in the trees 
  • Dive deeper as we take an inward journey beyond the physical body, with workshops designed to heighten our spiritual & emotional awareness
  • Find your inner wild, with learning a bodyweight practice of Animal Flow 
  • Indulge in the local culture on a day trip to the charming beach town of Puerto Viejo

Retreat Facilitators

Dan Morgan

Dan Morgan, founder of DCM Lifestyle, is an international E-200 RYT Yoga teacher, YACEP & modern wellness advocate. Dans passion is to inspire the masses to discover a healthy balance in the way that we each live our lives - to live a life that truly resonates with our authentic selves.  Founded with a belief that the yoga practice doesn't start and stop on the mat, Dan leads classes that encourage a deeper individual exploration. Dan leads specialised workshops & CPD Trainings, co-hosts international Yoga Teacher Trainings & Retreats. With the ethos 'teach people, not postures' and a belief that everybody is unique - he leads a practice that goes beyond the postures. 

Eric Kolesar 

Eric Kolesar has been involved in the wellness industry for over 15 years.  His certifications include: 400-hour Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master, Restorative Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Instructor and SUP Yoga. He has facilitated workshops, retreats and trainings around the world.  He is passionate about providing experiential learning tools that help people create a more balanced mind and body.  This balance allows them to tap into their most authentic selves and become more likely to share their gifts with the world. Understanding, compassion and mindfulness are the cornerstones of Eric's beliefs and life work. 

John Shaffer 

John is spiritual, a yoga teacher, a fitness instructor, animal flow instructor, and he also has a healthy obsession with movement. He has travelled the world from the likes of Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia etc. as a way to deepen growth & enlightenment. Yoga has helped John grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires and helps him live in each moment more mindfully - and he loves to share what yoga has done for him, in his teachings. In John’s practices, you will find a love of combined creative sequencing or flowing, with a playfulness and caring spirit, all while delivering a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. John thrives in helping others, to re-ignite the fire within to help nurture the body, mind, and soul. 


Goddess Garden: 

The buildings are distributed over an area of 14 acres using the natural clearings in the forest to build the resort. The water in the rooms is heated by solar panels to cut down the use of electricity. Our restaurant serves mainly vegetarian dishes with organic vegetables and fruits locally grown. We compost our organic leftovers. This compost is put back as fertilizer in our garden.

Every action to conserve energy helps to minimize the damage that we cause to Mother Earth and we go the old fashion way of drying the clothes in the sun when possible. In our vision for the future is the creation of the Peace Garden. At the Goddess Garden, we would like to have a museum in the forest with sculptures and paintings representing the feminine energy of the Universe. It will be dedicated to honor Mother Earth.

Early Bird Discount

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$250 Deposit Non-Refundable

Money Back Guarantee For Balance. 

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What’s included

  • Airport Transfer
    Round-Trip From SJO To Goddess Garden
  • Meals
    3 Daily & Healthy Meals per day
  • Lodging
    8 Days & 7 Nights of Lodging
  • Tax
    Tax Included
  • Wifi
    Free Wifi
  • Travel to SJO
    Travel to Costa Rica
  • Spa Services
  • Gratuity

Available Packages

12 left

This Is For A Drop Rate, It Will Be A Single Bed In A Shared Accommodation With A Shared Restroom. 

Please Note: The Goddess Garden Is An Eco Retreat & Does Not Have Air Conditioning, But The Dorms Come With Fans.

Deposit: $250
Triple Occupancy
Available until Sep 1st9 left
Deposit: $300
Double Occupancy
Available until Oct 1st8 left
Deposit: $350
Single Occupancy
Available until Oct 1st4 left
Deposit: $500
Deposit: $250



Oct 6th
Arrival & Welcome

- You Will Be Greeted & Welcomed At San Jose, Before Embarking On Our Journey To The Beautiful Goddess Garden Retreat Centre.

- Once Arrived At The Goddess Garden You Will Have An Opportunity To Drop Your Luggage Off At Your Designated Space & Get Settled Into Your Room.

- After Getting Settled, A Guided Tour of The Goddess Garden Centre & Its Beautiful Surroundings Will Begin.

- You Are Then Invited To Join Us For A Welcoming of Conscious Social Movement, & This Will Be A Perfect Time For You To Set Your Intention For The Week.

- A Delicious Welcome Dinner Will Be Served. 

- Bedtime - Quiet Time - Rest Up For A Long, Fun-Filled, & Knowledgeable Week!


Your Organizer

Eric Kolesar
I'm Eric Kolesar, Founder of Higher Living Now. Guiding people to self-empowerment through yoga, coaching and adventure is my passion. With a balanced mind and body, you tap into your most authentic self and are more likely to share your gifts with the world. Understanding, compassion and mindfulness are the cornerstones of my beliefs and life work. Today is the day to take steps to achieve your goals. Using a variety of techniques firmly grounded in neuroscience, we create a framework for you to start living at a higher vibration.


I have had the pleasure of spending time with Eric 2 time abroad, both times in costa rica. 1 for yoga training for a month, the second time for a week long yoga retreat. Eric is passionate, knowledgeable, and always provides a new dimension and depth to topics that are adressed. He is an awesome person!!
By Nina Yashin on Feb. 21, 2018
Last year I attended my first Yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Eric Is an Amazing Yoga Guru. He is also very knowledgeable about the country and culture. I came away from this retreat with so much Knowledge, wonderful experiences and lots of new friends . This was an Amazing Life altering experience. I hope to attend more retreats in the near future. I highly recommend choosing Eric as a Yoga Guru and retreat guide . Namaste Holly Hoemke
By Holly Hoemke on Jan. 29, 2018
Words cannot begin to describe how amazing Eric is, especially when it comes to yoga retreats. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend one of his retreats this past summer and it was literally an unforgettable experience. There are people in this world that just attract goodness and light, and are able to radiate that goodness and light into others. Eric is definitely one of those people. He has such a calming presence, yet is keenly aware of others and their needs. I have attended yoga classes internationally, and Eric is, by far, one of the best instructors I have ever had. He always made sure that the attendees had what they needed, and went above and beyond to ensure we had an unique and amazing experience. If you have a chance to attend a retreat with Eric - don't think about it for another second - just do it. As Eric would say, "The Universe is Talking to You" - now it is up to you to listen. I promise you won't regret it!
By Valerie Wright on Jan. 28, 2018
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