Foodie Tours Costa Rica - Farm to Table Premium

San José, Costa Rica

Foodie Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 2 - 999
Foodie Tours Costa Rica - Farm to Table Premium
San José, Costa Rica

Foodie Tours
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 2 - 999

About this trip

The tour is available everyday at two different schedules:

- For Lunch at 12:00  

- For dinner at 16:00

If you need a special itinerary for your tour please let us know, we can personalize it, most of our tours are private.

(minimum 2 people)

The tour last 4.5 hours approx.

Tour Description

Our Farm-To-Table Food Tour in San Jose "Barrio Escalante", will take you into the heart of traditional Costa Rican cuisine, as each dish is prepared with fresh products that are all sourced from ingredients grown within the country. Our Tico chefs will explain to you the concept of each local dish, as well as the modern twist they have added to the country's food scene with each of their restaurants.
At all restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail rooms, you will be welcomed by the chef, manager or owner as they explain to you what goes into preparing the signature dishes and drinks hand-crafted by each proprietor. 
The restaurants for this tour were chosen due to their farm-to-table concept and innovation with traditional Costa Rican cuisine. You will consume mostly fresh, locally sourced organic greens and vegetables during the tour.

Contact us any time:

SMS/What'sApp/Call: +506-88444301

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The Dynamic

This is a  guided walking tour, you will visit important places in Escalante neighborhood that the guide will comment during the tour. You will enjoy delicious and authentic food recipes at 4 selected restaurants.

Walking time between restaurants take less than 10 min.
 Tour last 4,5 hours approx.
The tour has two schedules: for lunch starting at 12:00 and for dinner starting at 16:00 (Sometimes we can be flexible if you need to move a little the starting time)
For 12:00 Tour:
First stop: 2 medium size starters, a drink and a digestive.
Second stop: 2 starters, main dish, an artisan beer or soft drink and digestive.
Third stop: Coffee workshop, 2 coffee tastings and a dessert.
Fourth stop: Mixology workshop and 1 cocktail. 

For 16:00 Tour:
First stop: Coffee workshop, 2 coffee tastings + appetizer.
Second stop: 2 small starters, a drink and a digestive.
Third stop: 2 medium starters, a main dish, a beer or soft drink and a dessert.
Fourth stop: 1 cocktail and a workshop by a mixologist.

Cancellation Policy

  1. All tours must be booked and paid at least 48 hours in advance. (We are flexible with this if we have last minute availability)
  2. If you cancel 24 hours or less before the tour, you will not be refunded. (We can schedule a different date or create a voucher open for 1 year)
  3. No show, will not be refunded.
  4. Last minute cancellations will not be refunded.

What’s included

  • Food, drinks & workshops
    The ones mentioned on tour dynamic
  • Guide
    Multilingual speaking guide
  • Private reservations
    Table reservation at each restaurant and personalized service
  • Transportation
    Available on request for extra fee
  • Tips
    Optional for the guide
  • Extra food or drinks
    You can buy extra drinks or meals and pay at the restaurant

Available Packages

2 - 5 People
Deposit: $70
6 - 10 People
Deposit: $60
Teenagers (10 - 15 years old)
Deposit: $50
Solo Traveller
Deposit: $80

Your Organizer

Foodie Tours
We specialize in designing exclusive, personalized city food tours in San Jose that will take you from the roots of Costa Rican traditional cuisine to modern, original food creations. Signature dishes by the best local chefs! We offer mainly city or urban food tours in San Jose, but we have a couple of day trips from San Jose to rural areas where you can experience traditional gastronomy and learn about agriculture, like pineapple fields, cacao, coffee, etc.