Forge Yoga Retreat Amaru Nicaragua 2025

Aposentillo, Nicaragua

Forge Hot Yoga
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Mar 1 - 8, 2025
Group size: 6 - 18
Forge Yoga Retreat Amaru Nicaragua 2025
Aposentillo, Nicaragua

Forge Hot Yoga
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Mar 1 - 8, 2025
Group size: 6 - 18

About this trip

 Come to Nicaragua with us and enjoy a tropical, relaxing paradise filled with a range of yoga classes and experiences tailored to you. Recharge your soul with some down time and good company in a unique intimate setting surrounded by the ocean. We've taken care of the details so you can let go of your worries and have a good time.  

Northern Nicaragua is quiet and secluded, you will find the space needed to relax and chill. Or you may want additional adventures or activities to suit you! 

Yoga Experience

Let us create a space for you where you have time to reflect, nourish, honor and grow your yoga practice and your connection to yourself. No matter your yoga experience, we will guide you through a range of yoga styles and experiences. 

Familiar Vinyasa style classes, Yin & Restorative, Sound Healing, optional workouts, and more in an immersive jungle setting to fully allow the integration between mind and body.

The yoga shala is quietly tucked away in a tranquil corner of the property, offering a cool cross-breeze, and a 360 degree view of the ocean and forest.


Casa Blanca Accommodations

Prices per person

Single $2,520

Double $2,220

Triple $2,100

All rooms have A/C, WIFI, Housekeeping services daily, mosquito nets, private bathrooms

These rooms offer ocean view and garden views. They are a short walk away from the main casa area, dining and pool.  If you would like to see more photos of these room please email us a quick note!

If booking for a double or triple room, please book per person. In the comments section please let us know who you would like to book with. If you are a solo traveler please let us know and we will assign a roommate to you.

Casa Principal Accommodations

Prices per person

Single $2,250

Double $2,000

Triple $1,900

All rooms have A/C, WIFI, Housekeeping services daily, mosquito nets, private bathrooms

These rooms offer garden/jungle, patio/pool views and are located near main community areas.  If you would like to see more photos of these room please email us a quick note!

If booking for a double or triple room, please book per person. In the comments section please let us know who you would like to book with. If you are a solo traveler please let us know and we will assign a roommate to you.


All that grows from the garden goes directly to the table.

The chefs create hearty, homemade, family style plates sourced organically & locally from the garden and neighbors.

Food is prepared with the highest intention, to complement the natural environment and the local community. They offer educational classes on permaculture techniques, upon request.

Three lovingly prepared meals included each day. 

Additionally, savor homemade kombucha, coffee, teas and juices, available at the bar. 


Excursions & Activities

prices per person USD



1/2 Day min. 3 people; snack s & transport included


Surfboard & transport included


Surfboard & transport included


Snack s & transport included

1-2 people $55

3+ people $35


Min. 2 people; snack s & transport included on request




Minimum 2 people or upon request


Minimum 3 people




Minimum 3 people or upon request

Getting There

Book your tickets to Managua, Nicaragua airport (MGA). We will be coordinating flight times with the group so we can arrange our airport transfer from Managua to Amaru Resort. Before booking your flight please await instructions and arrival recommendations. 

After you land, get your baggage and go through customs. Further arrival instructions will be provided.

You will have shared transportion with other members of the retreat from the airport to Amaru which is approx. 3.5 hours. 

And finally...! You will arrive at Amaru Nicaragua!

Yoga Hosts

About Colin

 Hi! I’m Colin. I have over 12 years of teaching experience including group classes, retreats, teacher trainings, and leading advanced workshops on anatomy, voice and human movement patterns. I am passionate about applying the wisdom and tradition of yoga to unlock the body, quiet the mind and connect to higher consciousness. Through breath, alignment and mindful movement we can release what no longer serves us and invite in strength, balance and joy. I design yoga sequences specifically targeted to ignite the healing process. Through discovery of the places inside the body where emotions and energy are stockpiled, we provide ourselves the opportunity to honor and let go of the past and create a lighter sense of being in the present. I am fascinated by the mirror of the subtle body and how it reflects the physical body. The interplay of the two bodies inspires my teaching style and affords me great compassion for my students and the world around me. I work to empower my students to hone their own skills in various breath, inversion and back-bending practices. Whether this is your first time on the mat or you are an experienced yogi, I look forward to helping you grow your practice and strengthen your sense of self. 

About Gabriela

 Hi! My name is Gabriela! I have been practicing all kinds of movement and exercise modalities for the last 15 years. It started as something I was doing just to lose weight after having my youngest. I quickly started to see the benefits of it expand to my mental and emotional health. The more I moved and got strong the healthier and happy I became. I wanted to learn more about fitness. I took personal training courses and started reading and learning from people that inspired me. I eventually found my way to Forge. A friend of mine invited me to a free class. I had no idea I was signing up for a Bikram class! Little did I know this would be one of those life changing moments. After one class I was hooked. Bikram was a great alternate to the strength training I was doing. Pretty earlier on I also took an IHP class. I loved it too! I continued to attend Forge classes, I feel in love with the community and great teachers. I realized I wanted to help people find the same thing I did. I wanted to help others feel strong and confident not only in their bodies but in their minds as well. I attended the IHP teacher training and shortly after started teaching at Forge. This was 6 years ago now. In that time I fell in love with Vinyasa yoga. Forge offered a Teacher training and I knew this was something I wanted to offer others. Along with helping them get physically strong, I know Vinyasa builds a strong mind and spirit. It has given me the opportunity to find stillness from all the noise that surrounds our daily lives. I feel it myself and see it in the wonderful souls that come to class week over week. It helps me focus and stay grounded. It’s one of those things I know I will do for the rest of my life and I look forward to continuing to share it with others for many years to come. 

About Angela

 I started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006. I was pretty excited. A little intimidated, but I went in hoping for something that would help fix my back problems. When I was 20 yrs old I fell off my horse during a training exercise that left me with a broken back. I had a compression fracture of my L2 vertebrae. At 20, this was debilitating. I could hardly sit or stand or sleep without a great deal of pain. I tried many solutions, none of which worked. So, 3 years later, when I walked into that first Bikram Yoga Class I was ready for anything.

As someone who’s lived with back pain most of her life I can tell you what not to do and definitely what TO do. Bikram Yoga has most certainly saved my life. To date, I have not had to have surgery for my spine, as doctors thought I might - once I got older. I am now 41 and can do things I never thought possible.

I bought the West Linn studio in 2012 after having managed it for the year prior and opened the Happy Valley studio in 2014. My partner, Ryan, and then bought the Alberta studio in 2017. Before that I had taught yoga since 2009 as well as piano to kids. This is my PASSION! I love teaching and I love working with people who come out of class smiling and feeling SO GOOD. Seeing the joy that each person gains from earning their health back and finally feeling better is beyond words.

We all go into that classroom looking for something. It only takes a few minutes to change our mind, life and attitude. This yoga is our medicine!

I hope to see you soon.



Teaches: Bikram Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa

Cancellation Policy

$500 Non-refundable deposit required to hold spot.

50% balance due 4 months prior (November 1st, 2024)

Remaining balance due 1 month prior (Jan 31st, 2025)

In the event of emergencies or trip cancellation please email for more information. Refunds may not be guaranteed.

What’s included

  • Three meals / day
    Organic sustainably grown food from the property
  • Two yoga classes/ day
    Morning and afternoon/evening classes every day of the retreat. 75 minutes or other variations.
  • Accommodations
    Housekeeping services provided daily. Simple & beautiful rooms overlooking the garden, patio/pool, or ocean. A/c, Wifi, private bathrooms
  • Snacks, beverages
    Tea, coffee, kombucha, smoothies
  • Airport transfers
    One transfer per group of 6 people. Suggested arrival times will be given so we can plan out the shared transportation
  • Surrounded by the Ocean
    Amazing views. Easy access to beach/ocean.
  • Complimentary Massage
    One hour massage included. Listen to the sounds of the waves from the tranquil setting of the hut. Deep tissue, thai massage & more.

What’s not included

  • Air fare
    Travel to Managua airport (MGA)
  • Gratuities
    at your discrecion for staff
  • Credit card fees
    3% if using Wetravel, bank transfers free.
  • Travel insurance
    Highly recommended
  • Bar beverages
    Fully stocked bar & Alcohol, sodas
  • Wellness add-ons
    Acupuncture, cupping are additional cost approx $10 each
  • Activities
    Surfing, horseback riding, hiking, fishing
  • Tours
    Visit Leon or Granada, estuary tour, wake surfing trip, visit turtle rescue center, rum factory tour, sup paddle board adventure

Available Packages

Non-refundable deposit $500
only 1 left

Use this to secure your spot. 

You will be able to decide what room configuration/accommodations you'd like later. We will apply this to the other packages when you are ready to make a decision. 

La Casa Principal Single room

 Room Pics coming soon 

Deposit: $500
La Casa Principal Double Room

 Room Pics coming soon 

Deposit: $500
Las Casa Principal Triple Room

Room Pics coming soon

Deposit: $500
La Casa Blanca Single Room

 Room Pics coming soon 

Deposit: $500
La Casa Blanca Double Room

 Room Pics coming soon 

Deposit: $500
La Casa Blanca Triple Room

 Room Pics coming soon 

Deposit: $500


Sample schedule
Daily schedule subject to change

The following outline provides a general sense of how our days may unfold and the various options that will be available to you. This outline may change depending on other activities and excursions that the group may want to participate in therefore, this schedule is subject to change. 

7:30AM        Breakfast & Coffee

9 AM       Yoga Practice

1 or 2 PM                 Lunch

5 PM      Yoga Practice

7 PM                  Dinner

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