Forrest yoga and Dolphin Retreat

  • Bimini, Bahamas
  • Aug 21 - 27, 2016
  • Trip Size: 1 - 20 people


Deposit: $500


his Forrest yoga and Dolphin retreat takes place in Bimini Bahamas where you will have the opportunity to connect with the Dolphin Spirit which inherently is the Spirit that connects us to the Essence of who we truly are!

This amazing week is designed to help you take dolphin leaps into creating a life of abundance by connecting with your sacred self, awaken your spirit and reclaiming your power through the healing practice of Forrest yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, coaching and swimming with the dolphins in the wild!

There is a sense of freedom and playfulness when you watch dolphins frolicking in the clear and turquoise waters of Bimini which will inspire each one of us to be more light hearted and open to choose Light, Joy and Peace in our lives.

The dolphins, through their sonar and fluid movements, can shift our programming patterns by changing the body’s electromagnetic fields. As a result, the body’s limited belief structures of heart and mind are opened and changed forever with Dolphin Medicine.

We personally invite you to join us on this sacred journey with your loved ones or alone to explore your connection with the dolphins, friends, nature and your soul! 

This is a onetime life experience that can steer you on your unique path that the universe has planned for you to allow you to live an authentic life filled with abundance.

What's Included

Catamaran trips (5 days out, weather permitting) – floatation devices available
Group activities: morning Yoga, meditation, mindset coaching, kids yoga & more
Sunday night accomodations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Airport transfers to and from Wildquest Retreat Center
Five nights’ accommodation
Wi-Fi connection
Complimentary use of kayaks and bicycles
Stunning beaches where you can swim, sunbathe & take moonlight strolls
All meals with vegan options prepared by Master Chef Tara
All activities are optional – participate if it feels right for you. There will also be free time to relax on the beach and explore the island.

Not Included

Travel costs to and from Fort Lauderdale
Travel costs to/from Bimini $390.
Sunday night dinner in Fort Lauderdale and one group dinner out on Bimini

Before You Go

No visa is required.
There are airport and departure taxes when leaving Bimini.

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