Found Brotherhood of Everland Immersive

Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

Nov 5, 2022
Group size: 13 - 33
Found Brotherhood of Everland Immersive
Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

Nov 5, 2022
Group size: 13 - 33

About this trip

This is the inaugural journey of the Found Brotherhood of Everland.

Calling pioneers who are interested in surrounding themselves with other like-minded, heart and soul-centered men. 

This will be a radically inclusive retreat for collaboration and community. We are calling all growth gurus, nutrition nuts, biohacking wizards, sovereign souldiers, entheogenic enthusiasts, life adventurists, shadow hunters, and Love pioneers.

Like all of life, this will be a mystery adventure. Come ready to reconnect with the beautiful nature that is Sanctuary of the Inner Compass and the surrounding 145 acre Everland property. Expect rich heart connections from peers as we bravely ask what challenges us to our core. Come hungry for nourishment that only happens with ancestral wisdom, honored and practiced with reverence. 

Close to home:

Everland and Sanctuary of the Inner Compass sit in the woods of the Rockies. Barely an hour outside of Denver or ninety minutes from Boulder. Get out of the city and come reset within nature and leave in time to get a good night's rest for the week ahead.  

The Found Brotherhood of Everland is a gathering of powerful men, interested in expansion or the heart, to focus the mind, heal the body, and connect with spirit. This brotherhood is for self-identifying men who take responsibility for how they show up for themselves, for their loved ones, and for the world as it is. While enjoying laughs and cries as we relish in the excitement that is personal growth with a supportive community.  

What’s included

  • Gourmet Nutrition
    Locally sourced, low inflammatory, nutrient dense food with ancestral twist.
  • Cutting edge movement
    Come learn cutting edge movement mediation, dropping mind into body and priming the body for mental focus.
  • Wind, water and mindset
    Classic breath work and cold water therapy to prime the mind, body and fortitude for all adventures in life.
  • Circling
    Community processing.
  • Cannabis Ceremony
    Intentional ceremony to shift perspective. Leveraging the power of medicine for personal growth.
  • Meal prep workshop
    Along with providing gourmet nutrition while at the retreat we will be teaching cutting edge and simple techniques to take home.
  • Virtual support
    Zoom calls before and after will help build connection and support integrations.
  • Judgement
    All are welcomed and every part of you is welcomed. For anyone who identifies as a man and ready to invest in themselvels.

Available Packages

Found brotherhood experience
30 left

Day-long hero's journey set in Sedalia CO, one hour from Denver. This journey will involve masculine movement meditation, breathwork, cold plunge, gourmet nourishment, authentic heart sharing, and king community building.

Invest in your inner nature while learning about your surrounding nature.



Wind, water, mindset
Wind, water, mindset

Using breathwork, hot sauna, and cold water therapy to reset the central nervous system. Setting the body to a new level of calmness and accpetance with all that is. 

Your Organizer

LaBonte Nutrition & Wellness
Wellness Coaching, Shamanic Retreat Catering Services, Breath Work, Movement Culture Enthusiast, Lover of Nature External and Internal