Full Moon Soul Cleanse Camping +Yoga

Grassy Cove, TN

Ecstatic Yoga
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Oct 13 - 14, 2019
Group size: 4 - 8
Full Moon Soul Cleanse Camping +Yoga
Grassy Cove, TN

Ecstatic Yoga
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Oct 13 - 14, 2019
Group size: 4 - 8

About this trip

Come camp out on our private property with an immersive night of self-reflection and full moon cleansing rituals! 

Who Is This For?

All women who feel the power and pull of the Full Moon and wish to step away from the everyday life to embrace their time underneath its magnificence. 

Why Full Moon Cleanse?

You are naturally accelerated on a full moon. You are at your highest energy level. You don’t want your energy being used to consume food. Save your energy to reconstruct yourself. 

We will focus on cleansing our bodies with YOGA, MEDITATION, & a simple AYURVEDA DETOX. 

Even though you may not feel like doing it at all, meditating at the time of a full moon can help you become more centered and to reconnect with yourself, your desires, your divine being, your life in truth.

The moon relates to our deeper consciousness. And during the phase of full or new moon we can easily work on an emotional level.  Full moons are about cleansing, letting go, completion and change in direction. So why not take this opportunity to reflect and reset.

The Experience

Completely immersing yourself in nature in beautiful and magical Grassy Cove with basic camping, simple eating, ancient Kundalini chanting/mantra/meditation and yoga, full moon bathing, journaling, and creating moon water to take home and use during the waning time till New Moon. 

We will discuss at length why Full Moons are best time to let go, release, and re-evaluate. We will talk about how to use this powerful time to manifest your desires into reality. 

During the day and a half, you will learn chants, mantras, and meditations that Yogi Bhagan passed on to us for manifesting desires and recharging yourself.  We will have a deep moon lit Kundalini Kriya and Yoga session on "The Hill" followed by campfire, sound healing, and time to be carefree under the light of the full moon.  You will be given a container of Grassy Cove spring water, and a container of purified drinking water in which to bless and pour your intentions into during the night. We will leave it out to be cleansed in the moon light and the next day discuss all of the uses you will have for your Moon Water. 

You may bring crystals and any personal amulets you would like to include in the full moon cleanse and we can discuss how to recharge these special items in the time of the waning moon. 

The next morning we will have an optional Sunrise Yoga Re-Charging Session on "The Hill". Afterwards we will take a short hike to Bristow Cave to enjoy a deep, candle-lit, guided meditation.

Breathe – Feel – Write 

We will then set some time aside and write down the things you think need to change or a shift of perspective. Discussing the feelings you want to feel when you are living in the space of your true, highest self. You’ve been there, you are already there. It’s just that you need to take this time now to reconnect and realign.

At the end of our day we will have an oil cleansing and blessing ceremony followed by a short Kriya before saying farewell.

The whole experience will include a personal photographer capturing the experience. The photos will only be shared after you view them and with your permission and you will receive digital copies of yourself and a few overall images from the experience. 

What Do You Need To Bring?


Sleeping Bag/Mat/Pad/Cot

Blankets and Pillows

Headlamp/Flashlight/Lantern (or all 3)

Warm Clothing that is easy to move in

Warm Clothing for Yoga (layers are recommended as you may be warmer during the sunrise session and the day hike)


Hiking Shoes (very simple walk through the field)

Yoga Mat

Yoga Blanket

Thick Towel

Water Bottle/Canteen (we can fill these up for as needed)

Any items you wish to Cleanse in the Full Moon

Please read the Meal Section to know what to expect for meals and bring any additional snacks you would like or feel you will need (there will be no electricity or cooking instruments available)

Meals Provided

Our meal plan is thoughtfully curated to give you a simple and easy Ayurveda detox. It is in line with the Autumn season to balance the Vata Dosha that seems to become unbalanced at this time in the year. The food is vegan, organic, and gluten free. 

Sunday Arrival:

Tea, Kombucha, Water

Housemade Energy Bars


Kitchari (rice and lentils)

In season veggies

Monday Sunrise:

Tea, Kombucha, Water


Steel cut oats and quinoa 

Spiced apples

Sprouted grain toast


Housemade Energy bars



In season veggies


The total cost per person will be $175. Your deposit of $75 will go toward the overall price.  $75 is due upon booking and the remainder is due by September 30th.

In the event of extreme weather or unknown cause of cancellation on our part, we will refund your entire amount no later than October 18th.

You may receive your full refund if you cancel within 3 days of the event. After 3 days, we will keep the $75 deposit and return your $100. 

What’s included

  • Restrooms On Property

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $75

Your Organizer

Ecstatic Yoga
Ecstatic Yoga is a movement. Ever evolving with the organic growth of life. We feel called to serve and guide those seeking not just physical changes but a practice that enhances mind, body, and soul to awaken you to the healthiest most complete self. We serve all ages, genders, nonbinary, religious orientations, sexual orientations, shapes, sizes, and everyone in between. As of now our focus is primarily on curating Yoga Retreats in some of the most beautiful areas of Tennessee a few times throughout the year.