Gastronomic Tour - Typical food, fruits, sweets and drinks.

Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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20 reviews
Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17
Gastronomic Tour - Typical food, fruits, sweets and drinks.
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Valley Adventours
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20 reviews

Duration: 1 day
Group size: 1 - 17

About this trip

Colombian cuisine is a combination of different foods, practices and culinary traditions of the Spanish, African and Indigenous cultures that come together to give life to the criolla food.

Each region of Colombia has its unique climate and topography which brings culinary diversity to the country and gives life to each unique regional plate.

In our Gastronomic tour in Cali we will enjoy and explore this unique fusion that will enhance your palate. We will visit the city’s farmers market Galería Alameda.

Here, we will walk it's more than 4.600 square meters, of aisles and stands, having the opportunity to try exotic fruits unique to Colombia from the exotic mangostino, the aphrodisiac chontaduro, and the traditional sugar cane juice freshly squeezed from the sugar cane.

Local food, fruits, drinks, desserts with some local esoteric products from cultural beliefs, make this a full immersive urban tour.

Immerse yourself in a gastronomical adventure through our local food.

Versión en Español

La gastronomía colombiana nace de una fusión de alimentos, prácticas y tradiciones culinarias de la cultura española, africana e indoamericana que se unen para dar vida a la comida “criolla”.

Cada región de nuestro país tiene una topografía y clima único lo cual brinda diversidad culinaria y da vida a su plato más representativo. Asimismo, Colombia cuenta con una gran variedad de frutas y vegetales, gracias a sus tierras fértiles y a la diversidad de sus climas y ecosistemas.

En nuestro Tour de Frutas Tropicales vamos a explorar y a disfrutar sin importar tu tipo de dieta. Visitaremos la plaza de mercado o Galería Alameda como es comúnmente conocida. Caminaremos entre sus más de 4.600 metros cuadrados, teniendo la oportunidad de probar y conocer desde la fruta más exótica, hasta las bebidas más populares en Cali como el guarapo, el champús y la lulada.

Además, podrás conocer la cotidianidad de un mercado tradicional colombiano, con sus corredores llenos de aromas y sabores.

Sumérgete en una aventura gastronómica a través de nuestras exóticas frutas.

What’s included

  • Guide:
    Local guide.
  • Transfer:
    Pick up and drop off from your place of accommodation (restrictions apply).
  • Transport:
    Tour through the market square Galería Alameda.
  • Tasting.
    Typical product tasting.
  • Food
    Food portion per person. (you will not share food from the same plate).
  • Others:
    Visit to La Caleñita (souvenirs and handicrafts shop).
  • Guía:
    Guía local.
  • Traslado:
    Recogida y dejada en tu lugar de hospedaje (aplican restricciones).
  • Transporte:
    Transporte terrestre hasta la plaza de mercado “Galería Alameda”.
  • Degustación:
    Degustación de productos típicos.
  • Comida:
    Porciones de comida por persona.
  • Otros:
    Visita a La Caleñita (tienda de recuerdos y artesanías).
  • Tips:
    Tips (optional according to your lived experience).
  • Additionals:
    Additional services or products not specified in the plan.
  • Propinas:
    Propinas (opcionales según tu experiencia vivida).
  • Extras u Otros:
    Consumos y servicios no especificados en el plan.

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Valley Adventours
20 reviews
Valley Adventours is a tour agency located in Cali, Colombia. We are one of the biggest tour agencies to operate in the department of Valley of the Cauca. We comprise of a small team of travel enthusiast who pride in showing the best our city has to offer and all of its natural heritage. Our main goals and objectives are to guide you through out the whole time you are in the city and its surroundings and have you fall in love with every aspect of it; that being said, we are happy to offer tours and advice for your visit. We invite you to look at all of our information in our webpage or our social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or tripadvisor. If you have any questions, comments, or requests please don't doubt in letting us know.


I chose Valley Adventours to explore the Walking City Tour in Cali, Colombia during my layover in Cali, and it couldn't possibly have been more amazing. I couldn’t put into words how much I loved touring with Valley Adventours because my love for the experience is infinite. To be honest, the experience I had with Valley Adventours is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life! My tour guide, Diana, came to the meeting point with the utmost preparation. She had so much patience with me, especially given that I had never done a city tour before and we were running short on time. She gave me a unique experience that would be much better lived with her instead of tried to read in words, but with words I can tell you that it was nothing short of a true adventure. For the price, you won’t find a better experience in Cali. I went with Diana on the motorbike to still be able to see the city given the time constraint, and it was awesome! She took the best photos I have ever had taken, not to mention she was extremely knowledgeable and she taught me so much about the history of the beautiful city of Cali, Colombia. I couldn’t recommend touring with Valley Adventours more. What are you waiting for?! Go live it! -------------------------------- Yo fui con Valley Adventours para hacer el City Tour de Cali durante mi escala de Bogota a Cali, y no podria haber sido mas genial. No podría decir cuánto me ha encantado porque mi amor por lo que pase con mi guia turistica es infinito. En realidad, la experiencia que tuve con Valley Adventours seria una de las mejores experencias en mi vida! Mi guia turistica, Diana, estaba preparada al maximo, y tenia tanta paciencia conmigo, ya que nunca habria hecho un city tour antes y estabamos corriendo contra tiempo. Me dio una experiencia unica que seria mejor vivida con ella en vez de interpretada por palabras, pero con palabras les puedo decir que no era nada menos que una aventura de verdad. Por el precio, no van a encontrar una experiencia mejor. Fui con ella en moto porque para llegar al aeropuerto a tiempo antes de que terminara la escala no habria tiempo, pero estuvo genial, y ella saco las mejores fotos, combinado con el hecho de que era bastante sabia y me enseño tanto de la historia de la hermosa ciudad de Cali, Colombia. No podria recomendar esta experiencia mas. Vayan y vivanla!!!!
By Mariella F for Cali Grand City Tour - PREMIUM - 1PAX on 19 Jun, 2022
This one is a must if you are in the Cali area. Karina was an excellent guide, she knew all the bonus areas and trails and has a great rapport with the locals. From start to finish, the experience was incredible. Tubing, waterfalls, and jungle hike, this tour has it all.
By Alvaro G for San Cipriano Nature Reserve on 18 Jun, 2022
Awesome experience, very informative.
By Alvaro G for Live an authentic coffee farm experience on 17 Jun, 2022
I grew up and live in Texas, also part time Palm Beach, FL. The ATV tour brought back memories of when I was younger, I use to always ride ATV for sporting and hunting. Riding a ATV through the country parts of Cali was amazing. I got really dirty. Thanks Karina and Andres.
By Tommy S for ATV Tours in Cali Colombia Tour de Cuatrimotos on 31 May, 2022
I used Valley Adventours for a horseback riding tour. Im from Texas and love country side. The horse ranch is amazing, and the horses are good for non experienced people. Coming from a family who owns horses and land I was amazed and loved it better than a ride in Texas. Karina and Andres the owners, explain the views while traveling to the ranch. Providing snacks, drinks and most importantly love. Thanks!!!!
By Tommy S for Horseback Riding Experience on 31 May, 2022
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I did the Cali Grand City Tour with Valley Adventours and it was a wonderful experience, our tour guide did a great job in giving us history of Cali, Colombia. Totally recommend it! best time to do this tour if you can on a Sunday morning as weekdays are very hectic. I totally recommend this tour.
By Marleny P on 05 Apr, 2022