Accra, Ghana

Bibiniba Tours
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Dec 27, 2022 - Jan 3, 2023
Group size: 1 - 12
Accra, Ghana

Bibiniba Tours
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Dec 27, 2022 - Jan 3, 2023
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Celebrate New Year's Eve in Ghana, West Africa. Come and experience the lively culture, traditions, ancestral history, nightlife and adventure that this very diverse country has to offer! The thing about Ghana is, whatever you are looking for, you will find here.  Tour four historical Ghanaian regions to discover a piece of yourself.  You will leave feeling that you have a newfound appreciation and love for the Motherland. 

Join us on our annual NYE  8 day-tour in December 2021. Bring in the New Year on the Continent!

What’s included

  • Hotel Accommodations
    Enjoy 4-star hotels in Accra (city life), Kumasi, (cultural/traditional) Cape Coast (ancestral and adventure) and Aburi (relax and rejuvenate) Ghana.
  • Transportation
    Ground transportation (private air conditioned vehicle with experienced driver) to and from airport and in between regions. Transportation unavailable for outside of host city at night.
  • Certified Tour Guide
    Our tour guides are certified through the Ghana Tourism Authority.
  • Internal Flight
    One-way flight from Accra to Kumasi.
  • Activities and Tours
    Entrance fees to all attractions, naming ceremony and local school visit.
  • Breakfast
    Free breakfast each day.
  • Welcome Gift
    Bibiniba Tours t-shirt and more!
  • Water and Snacks

What’s not included

  • International Flights
    Arrival and Departure- Kotoka International Airport Accra, Ghana
  • Visa and Visa Fees
    Visa are required for entry into Ghana. For more information, visit:
  • Immunizations
    (Yellow Fever Vaccine Required, Malaria Pills Recommended) Talk to your healthcare provider about Yellow Fever exemption
  • COVID-19 Tests
    Entering Ghana requires a negative Covid test 72-hours before departure. Upon arrival, an additional test is required. Testing is also required upon departure.
  • Travel Insurance
    Highly recommended
  • Discretionary gratuity
    For excellent service

Available Packages

Double Occupancy
Deposit: $500
Single Occupancy
Deposit: $500


NYE 2021 in Ghana
8-Day Cultural/Adventure Tour in Ghana, West Africa

Discover your cultural and historical roots in Ghana with our 8-day New Year’s Eve Tour.  

Your experience will begin with a  tour of the capital city Accra.   You will galavant around the historic Jamestown to discover the origins of the African slave trade. Wander through the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Independence Square and W.E.B. DuBois Centre to learn about the Pan African culture, the history of Gold Coast and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Enjoy the bustling city and some of the top restaurants and nightclubs. 

Then whisk away to the Ashanti (Asante) Region to experience the largest market in West Africa.  Visit the Palace of the Ashanti (Asante)  King and the museums to explore the culture’s history. We will also experience  the production of weaving baskets and other handcrafts. Get an introduction to local drumming music by the locals at the art center. 

Highlights also include a traditional naming ceremony, a meeting with the local queen mother of the Adinkra Village, a visit to Cape Coast Castle  where you will witness the dungeons our ancestors were kept captive before being shipped away to the “unknown” and the Door of No Return, the door where our ancestors never looked back and to never return “home” again.  Take an adventure high up in the canopies at Kakum National Park.

Your journey will end at the beautiful and relaxing Aburi Botanical Gardens in the Aburi Mountains. 

Your Organizer

Bibiniba Tours
Bibiniba (bee-bee-NEE-ba) is a Twi word meaning African Child. Our mission is to change the worldwide view of Africa through tourism, education and repatriation.