Glorious Artist Retreat in Sabbioneta Italy-Artist/Owner Jo Wiehler-B

46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 10 - 10
Glorious Artist Retreat in Sabbioneta Italy-Artist/Owner Jo Wiehler-B
46018 Sabbioneta, Province of Mantua, Italy

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 10 - 10

About this trip

Retreat Package Option “B” Not including Airfare. 

All Dates Subject to change, & Price Freeze for two (2) years from Booking Date!

La Belle Sabbioneta
is excited to invite you to Paint your way through Italy, with the Owner of La Belle Sabbioneta, International Mural Artist, Free Lance Designer,  Artist, & Coach! Jo Wiehler⭐️

Join us on this Artist Loving Retreat of 7Days/6Night-luxury Italian Retreat, fully loaded-8 glorious Italian cities: 

Join us on this incredible journey as we travel to these beautiful enchanting cities, Sabbioneta/Verona/Mantova/Venice/Pisa/Florence/San Giovanni en Croce/Milan

OPTION "B" €9997.00 per person,  NOT Including Round Trip Airfare!


All transportation to and from, Gourmet Daily Breakfast and lunches, (*Dinners Monday-Thursday you are free to choose) entrance into to the museum’s, tour guide, professional driver, Welcome Mixer, Friday Farewell Dinner & much much more! This is a Living Magically Retreat that you don’t want to miss! 

We are excited to partner with & share our Incredible International Global Coach, Muralist, Designer, & Artist- as well as Owner of La Belle Sabbioneta with the Biggest Heart- and the Greatest Fun to enter into your life, your soul & transform your life, & businesses. You will have that transformational change to bring you to the next level

*Want to take care of your own Airfare? Still enjoy an all-inclusive trip minus the International Airfare. choose "OPTION "B" of your Favorite Retreats. You can book your Retreat without International airfare Total €9997.00 (Please arrange flights to either Milan Malpensa, Or Verona International Airport) flights booked independently will be responsible to arrive at either airport, to check in Sunday, and check out Saturday.

 La Belle Sabbioneta will NOT be responsible  for arrival at other airports, flight connection, or transportation  to or from La Belle Sabbioneta, if you are choosing to fly into another airport- this will be 100% your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from La Belle Sabbioneta. If your Flights are coordinated to arrive at the same time, and airports Milan, or Verona (YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED AT TIME OF BOOKING WHICH AIRPORT)- we will be happy to give transportation to, and from La Belle Sabbioneta, at no additional charge.

* Dates subject to change due to the global situation- with no additional booking fees & a Price Freeze for 2 years.

⭐️Please Join us on this Artist Lovers Retreat, with this incredible life changing woman: 

⭐️*Jo Wiehler will inspire you to dream, reach & life higher, with her love and talent for art,  she will lovingly encourage you to make your drawings a reality! Jo is an international Mural Artist, Make-up Artist, Designer, & Free-Lance Artist, International Best Selling Author, Sales/ Marketing/ &Branding Coach, and the Proud Owner Of La Belle Sabbioneta, & The International PowerBall Team ⭐️

Spaces limited!

As our world has changed in order to keep our clients safe-and be in compliance with the new strict COVID laws our spaces are limited!  We have 10 spots available per retreat-so time is of the essence! This is one retreat that you will not want to miss! 

Meet our Incredible International Coach

⭐*Jo Wiehler will inspire you to dream, reach & life higher, with her love and talent for art,  she will lovingly encourage you to make your drawings a reality! Jo is an international Mural Artist, Make-up Artist, Designer, & Free-Lance Artist, International Best Selling Author, Sales/ Marketing/ & Branding Coach, and the Proud Owner Of La Belle Sabbioneta, & The International PowerBall Team

Owner Jo Wiehler is a ball of energy!  Loads of laughter fun, and creativity! 

Born in Durban, South Africa, 3rd oldest of 10 children, they as a family immigrated to Canada, and then years Later to the USA. They moved often & to many states so she did not excel in school by any means... she was a “F”  student (she always believed is stood for fabulously Filthy Rich! 🥰) finding out she was severely dyslexic in her last few months of her senior year  in high school didn’t help her academics in anyway shape or form except for that fact that she sees things in a different perspective & different angles..reads backwards, upside down, and alphanumeric...her secret power!

 As well as art! For some reason she was gifted naturally in art, drawing, painting, sculpture, design & fashion design (she can make a pattern from

sratch- just figuring out how the design should be in her mind) and then make the dress/ outfit from material to finished product from start to finish... give her a store bought patter and she can’t figure out where to start. 

when she was 12 years old she was signed to the International Art Institute of Minneapolis Minnesota. 

In her art class her senior year -the subject she excelled in she was failed- due to her. art/ pictures/ portraits/ paintings being “too good!” And falsely accused of copying. Her assignments were the lowest scores in the class- but her work far exceeded their peers.  

Jo had gotten into an argument with her teacher as he failed her on yet another project- a portrait of “King Tut” 

a small picture she had ripped out of a National Geographic to draw-as she sat next to her teacher to prove her talent. And was still given the lowest marks in class... 11 points out of 100! So she angrily crumpled it up, threw it in the garbage & said “you will still be a miserable art teacher failing the ones that were the most talented... and one day I will be a muralist & draw and paint and create all around the world, and joyfully teach others as well!”

The assistant teacher... quietly pulled it out of the garbage, and entered it in an international art contest.  To her shock she won!  The International Michael Angelo Art scholarship to Florence Italy 🇮🇹... a full ride scholarship!!  Given every twenty years!  


However, after being throughly convinced by her art teacher that she wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or talented enough-and not having the confidence in herself at such a young age. She let it slip away and went on with life, got married, had two wonderful children (Remington & Alexandria- her two greatest masterpieces), got divorced... & worked to provide & put her sacred dreams and talents on the shelf! 

Every once in a while her art would surface in the form of being hired to do portraits, custom art work, Christmas window paintings, murals. But not enough to consistently provide for her children- so she became a business owner- a cleaning company Sparkly Clean in Vancouver Canada. For 15 yrs. but it allowed her to evolve to other areas... staging, decorating, set design, weddings, events...& murals!!! 

She has also worked in Sales/Marketing/and Branding. She is also a Coach and mentor. 

Jo has quickly risen to the top in any sales position she has held, when she worked as the Manager in the cosmetics industry- she and her team

were number 1 across the country, in sales and customer service, in the steel industry she went from selling regular garages to storage units, air plane hangars, to airports, university buildings, to military buildings-also rising very quickly to the top.  With her “Back Door” Sales methods she has become known for... in a friendly cheerful way! 

So now with a courageous leap of faith to Italy, with the Purchase of La Belle Sabbioneta- A special B&B, for Weddings/ Events/ Retreats...and the Creation of the International PowerBall Team- for the first time ever she is opening up her own personal retreats as well and along side the Incredible International PowerBall team to work alongside them to make sure their retreats are the most magical magnificent retreats possible... but to the first time in her life teach her own Artists Retreats as well. To share, encourage, teach and Inspire you as well to nurture your own talents- whether beginner or advanced- we all have something to learn!


I am she!  I am Jo Wiehler! 

Please come join me as we not only learn about art together by creating in Italy- but traveling to 8 incredible beautiful cities in Italy... as I show you that you can!!! Regardless of your circumstances you can do it!  Anything!  You can Rise!  Come join me on these Artist Retreats & Bring out the Artist in You! 

We Love You!💕

Jo Wiehler 

La Belle Sabbioneta... Come and Find Yourself!

What’s included

  • Transfers/meals/tours
    All airport transfer to & from venue/daily gourmet breakfast &lunches, entrance into museums/driver/instructor/ art pads/paints/brushes & 2 8x10 canvas, Friday Farewell Dinner &surprises!
  • Watercolor instruction
    Water color paints provided
  • *Friday Farewell Dinner!
    This is a celebration dinner for you! You are the star! Cocktail attire is a must! As we will be sharing our fantastic experience with each other-& surprise for all of our dear Guests!
  • Not including:
    Easels, oils, acrylic, pastels, other art supplies. Keeping it safe and non toxic for travel/international travel. And Daily Dinner-you are on your own to eat at a restaurant of your choice * see note
  • Optional Price
    Want to take care of your own travel arrangements? Not a problem! We are happy to accommodate you and make your retreat experience a success! Our retreats option without international flights €9997.

Available Packages

La Belle Sabbioneta “No Airfare” Option

Enjoy everything offered in the All-inclusive Retreats, with the freedom to take care of your own travel arrangement! 

Maybe your coming from one trip to our retreats or vice versa. we want to give our customers the freedom to travel at your own convenience.

*Please keep in mind that all Retreats check in is Sunday between 4-8 pm, and check out Saturday 10am

sharp- strictly enforced to prepare for the next upcoming guests.

Please arrange your flight to coordinate with this check in time & we will be picking up Milan Malpensa Airport or Verona International, any other airport will be your responsibility to arrange transportation to and from the airports to La Belle Sabbioneta. 

Deposit: €4,997

Available options

Additional cost for art supplies


Day 1-2 Welcome!
Exploring the Beautiful World UNESCO City of Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹!

Day 1-2,  Sunday Arrival & Welcome Mixer to La Belle Sabbioneta, in Sabbioneta Italy 🇮🇹 we will do a night walking tour!

Day 2-Monday we have a free day as you leisurely tour the museum’s of this beautiful enchanting World UNESCO Renaissance City.  You will feel as if you stepped back 500 years in time-with modern luxuries. 

Tonight you are Free to choose one of the incredible restaurants in Sabbioneta.

Enjoy Personal Art Instruction/ Coaching sessions in our Private Retreat Rooms. 

*Depending on our coaches itinerary.  

*Gourmet Breakfast/Lunches Daily provided-even on Saturday at checkout.

Your Organizer

La Belle Sabbioneta B&B /La Belle Brand
A Beautiful 500 year Old Previous Jewish Synagogue in the World UNESCO City of Sabbioneta Italy- Tucked away in it's own Star Shaped Walled City, The North Star of Italy-or as we call it the Jewel of Italy-a Magical Renaissance City-there you will find us! La Belle Sabbioneta you will feel like you have gone back into time - but with all of the modern conveniences! We are the perfect venue for your Wedding, Events, Retreats, Tours, or your perfect Italian Stay! So we invite you to join us - La Belle Sabbioneta...Come and Find Yourself!