Goa Heart Adventure

Arambol, Goa, Indien

Gone Brave Woman Adventures
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Jan 11 - 18, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12
Goa Heart Adventure
Arambol, Goa, Indien

Gone Brave Woman Adventures
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Jan 11 - 18, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12

About this trip

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourSelf on the beach, floating home with the sound of the ocean after having a beautiful ceremony, channeling the Goddess Chhinnamasta that cuts off her own head to feel more ALIVE and ONE with the Universe and absolutely liberating Ecstatic Dance - feeling alive, vibrant, high on life and love, absolutely present and grateful for your listening to your heart.

Yup, you can gift yourSelf such an experience next January and start off the New Year in a way that will support you in living from your Heart and highest Truth instead of waiting for an outside event or person to change your life. This journey is definitely only for the brave women as we’ll dive deep into the darkness...and discover all the light and gifts that are hidden once you move towards fear with curiosity instead of resistance. 

This journey back to your Heart is an adventure because it’s something you can only plan until one certain degree (booking your spot, get a flight ticket and your Indian visa, pack your suitcase...) and then after that you have to let go of control, surrender and trust the unfolding of the journey - with all the terror and joy that comes with it.

Because whatever you do or meet in life...it’s here to teach you something. 

Help you unlearn and let go of whom you think you are, have to be - all the labels, restrictions, walls, constructs, ideals, dogmas, ideas, and conditionings - that block you from living life spontaneously from the heart. So instead of questioning your intuition every single time and trying to rationalize things, you just go for what intuitively feels right at that moment and is in alignment with your heart. 

I believe that the Universe provides us with infinite, abundant, amazing possibilities but we have to do our parts as well and trust in the Wisdom of our Hearts, the Power of our Love and Depth of our Soul. And it is easy to be trusting when all seems as planned in our minds...but the real practice lies in surrendering control when all seems messy and unpredictable.

Trust the Process. Trust the Divine Timing. Trust your Heart. 

What’s included

  • 8 transformational days
    they are themed after 8 Goddesses to help you channel, embody their energy as you get to know yourSelf, unlearn what you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself, life and the Universe
  • 6x3hs Morning Ceremonies
    Ceremonial Cacao or Tea, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Mantra Meditation, Journaling, Sharing Circle, Dance, Breathwork, earning about one different Goddess a day and how to embody her energy
  • Simple rituals for magic
    Simple yet very powerful Rituals to make each moment in your life sacred and add magic to whatever you do and whomever you connect
  • One Massage Treatment
    One 2hs amazing Rebalancing Bodywork Massage by my sister Jackie Fite who will support me during the retreat
  • Opening&Closing Ceremony
    2x 2hs Opening and Closing Ceremony
  • Amazing veg meals
    8 vegetarian meals and 1 drink (including juice and chai or coffee in the morning and dessert in the evening)
  • Online Course
    8 Weeks Pre and After Online Course and Connection through our WhatsappGroup
  • Manual
    Goa Heart Adventure Manual with all the rituals, practices and Goddesses
  • Welcome Goodie Bag
    Little helpes for your India journey
  • Early-Morning-Chai
    We're starting the day with tea
  • Dancing Sessions
    Drum Circle Booty Shaking and optional wild blissful Ecstatic Dance Magic under the stars and Banyan trees
  • Fire Ceremony
    Fire & Letting go Ceremony to kick off this deep journey
  • Fire Ceremony
    Fire & Letting go Ceremony to kick off this deep journey
  • Divine Feminine Rituals
    Divine Feminine Workshops and Rituals
  • Divine Feminine Rituals
    Divine Feminine Workshops and Rituals
  • Meditation
    Living Yoga Meditations inspired by The Radiance Sutras
  • Beach Time
    Sunbathing on the beautiful beaches while sipping lime sodas, fresh coconuts, and banana lassis
  • Cacao and Tea Ceremonies
    Cacao & Tea Ceremonies to start recognizing and cultivating the Divine and Magic in everything you do
  • India Guide for Women
    The Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India, including a list with all the hot spots and activities in Arambol and Mandrem Beach
  • Optional accommodation
    Optional accommodation in our peaceful retreat venue on the beach

What’s not included

  • Airfare
    early booking recommended, I use skyscanner.com
  • Indian Visa
    USD 60-200.- depending on how long and your country of residence
  • Indian Visa
    USD 60-200.- depending on how long and your country of residence
  • Accommodation
    price range from USD 80-350 for 8 nights depending on your budget, there are beautiful beach huts where our retreat is happening
  • Shopping
    you will love the beautiful colorful markets
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gratuities
  • Transports
    Taxis and Airport Transfers
  • Excursions and trips
    Cathedrals, Spice Plantations, Sweet Lake, Paragliding
  • More workshops
    Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, Tantric Heart Meditations, Contact Dance...all the healing magic Arambol has to offer! :)
  • More meals and drinks
    calculate around 10 to 20 USD
  • Ayurvedic treatments
    Local massages or consultations with Ayurvedic Doctors
  • Reiki Sessions
    Private Reiki with Julie
  • More massages
    Additional massages with Jackie
  • Vedic Astrology
    Vedic Astrology Consultations

Available Packages

Trip Price
1,110 CHF
Deposit: 555 CHF

Available options


Schedule sample
Goa Heart Adventure

7-10 am – Ceremony 
after 10 am – Breakfast**
from 11 am - Massage with Jackie, Yogi’s Choice or free-flow group activity
from 6 pm – Dinner**
from 7.30pm Yogi’s Choice or free-flow group activity

*note: written in sand, not stone.
This is a sample adjusted to our daily needs.
**We'll have one meal a day together that is included in the retreat package

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