Goddess & Goddess Lovers Retreat in Panama

  • Playa Grande, Panama
  • Dec 5 - 12, 2016
  • Trip Size: 6 - 12 people


Deposit: $300


This retreat will offer various opportunities for you to be your GENUINE SELF and allow your inner presence to SHINE FORTH. This is a retreat open to EVERYONE, because we believe that we are ALL gorgeous beings and that having a SAFE and 100% WELCOMING place is a MUST! 

During this week-long retreat, we will share daily meditations, yoga, Cacaoga (cacao + yoga), Iara Flow, cacao circles, Zumba, dancing by bonfires to help release our INNER GODDESSES, 3 daily, organic meals, beach adventures, and SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboarding) excursions.

Cacaoga combines the elements of slow-flow Hatha/Yin Yoga, heart-centered meditation, and Guatemalan cacao, unprocessed chocolate that helps us open and share our hearts and inner light. Cacao is an unsugared, unadulterated form of one of our world's favorite sweets. One of its more potent components is anandamide, a neurotransmitter known as the bliss molecule. Cacao facilitates our goal of achieving that blissful state and deepening our connection to our truest selves, Mother Nature, and universal oneness.

Iara Flow is a 45-minute class, which aids participants in connecting the mind, body, and Inner Divine through a combination of yoga asanas, native mystical healing music, and the breath. Iara, or Mãe das Águas, "mother of the water bodies," is a figure from Brasilian Mythology based on ancient Tupi and Guarani mythology. As our physical bodies are constituted of about 72% water, and we live on a planet surrounded by water, it seems appropriate that we learn to move with fluidity and ease as water does. Iara Flow awakens our Inner Divine through fluidity.

Packages include ALL 3 meals, classes, SUP excursions, and accomodations:

Quadruple: $1,283.50
Double: $1,454.50

A deposit of $300.00 guarantess YOUR SPOT in paradise!

What's Included

Accommodations, 3 meals/day, daily yoga/meditation and Zumba classes, SUP excursions, and beach access

Not Included

Airfare and travel to retreat center

Before You Go

Bookable Until

Jul. 31, 2016

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