Goddess Rising

Playa hermosa

Denise Massey
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1 review
Aug 29 - Sep 3, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12
Goddess Rising
Playa hermosa

Denise Massey
  • Email address verified
1 review

Aug 29 - Sep 3, 2021
Group size: 1 - 12

About this trip

Goddess Rising Yoga Retreat will be an unforgettable travel experience! I guarantee it's going to be one of the most fun & memorable adventures of your lifetime! 

You get to hang out in the jungle, do yoga, dance, go on nature adventures and laugh with an amazing tribe of beautiful women looking to level up just like you!

Imagine if you leveled up so much your life was unrecognizable!? The healing energy and lightness available to us in the Costa Rican rainforest is out of this world! 

Are you sick of:

· Living a dull & boring life

· Holding back and not speaking your truth

· Not standing in your power 

· Staying stuck in the same old unhealthy routines

· Putting everyone else’s needs before your own

· Body shaming yourself

· Lacking the confidence to start a new business or creative project

· Being in a mediocre relationship 

Goddess Rising is the perfect way to get your power back and step boldly into the confident woman you want to be! 

Our mission is to bring high vibe, like minded women together for a deeply healing travel experience. I combine yoga, holistic healing & spiritual rituals to completely reset and balance the mind, body and soul. 

We dance, laugh and go on the most exhilarating nature adventures!

We adventure spiritual and physical realms that guide us to the sacred and instinctual nature of souls. 

Sage Secrets Retreats bring about a childlike sense of wonder and playfulness that leave you feeling free & liberated. Are you ready to step into your highest self?

Together we will:

· Release toxic mental patterns

· Laugh and have the time of our lives

· Heal past trauma & rejection

· End self-sabotage

· Find liberation through movement & sexy dance parties

· Create a new Goddess identity

· Invoke personal power

· Cultivate lasting confidence

· Share stories & celebrate in divine feminine connection

This will be one of the most transformative & memorable experiences of your lifetime. You'll look back on this as one of the best decisions you've ever made for yourself!

About Your Hosts:

I am Denise Massey owner & CEO of Sage Secrets Inc.  I am a very intuitive and dynamic spiritual healer. I have an insatiable desire and deep calling to inspire physical health, vitality and mental peace to every woman on the planet. I am a Sage, Master Yogi, Licensed Massage Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Health & Life Coach. 

After traveling, living in different countries, healing with different masters & healing modalities all over the globe, thousands of research hours, tens of thousands of dollars in education, and thousands of clients later. I've combined all of my personal experience and my professional expertise in a PROVEN system that works to end toxic mental patterns, chronic pain and emotional suffering. I hold a powerful vision for you stepping into your highest self that will help you follow through in a way you never have before. 

I do everything I can to transform your life, to give you a mental, physical and spiritual reset. I will also be bringing on the best of the BEST healers to assist me in a powerful way with your healing journey. 

What’s included

  • Opening Ceremony
    A sacred ritual to set your intentions call upon your highest self for the healing retreat.
  • Solar & Lunar Yoga
    Each day we begin w/ a sacred sun yoga flow and end with a magical moon restorative stretch. Classes are infused with Reiki & Sound Healing with a deep focus of honoring the sun & moon!
  • Rainmaker Waterfall Hike
    The most amazing guided hike in the Costa Rican rainforest. We trek through lush jungle, cross suspension bridges and end with a sacred swim in a gorgeous waterfall.
  • Trauma Release Ritual
    Heal the inner child & release past trauma through spiritual ritual.
  • Temazcal Ceremony
    A south american sweat lodge ceremony guided by Shaman Eduardo. This powerful experience will purge toxins from the body and mind through heat, screaming, chanting and shamanic ritual.
  • Goddess Dance Party
    Call upon your inner Goddess & invoke unshakable confidence through sensual and sacred movement to latin rhythms and deep base jungle beats!
  • Closing Ceremony
    A sacred ritual to integrate all you learned during the retreat. We fully release anything that could hold you back from moving forward as the Goddess you are.
  • Accomodations
    5 nights & 6 days in a gorgeous tropical eco lodge surrounded by lush landscape and wildlife.
  • Transportation
    Transportation to and from the airport as well as all tours included in the retreat.
  • Organic meals
    3 organic plant based meals and drinks per day. The most delicious farm to table food you've ever eaten! Students from my past retreats still rave about the food at Vida Asana.
  • Airfare
    Flights are NOT included in the cost of Goddess Rising Yoga Retreat
  • Transportation
    Transportation fees to any tours, excursions or outings that are not listed above.

Your Organizer

Denise Massey
1 review
Sage Secrets creates bucket list adventures that inspire a child like sense of wonder. Our mission is to bring high vibe, like minded people together for a deeply healing travel experience. These trips break toxic mental patterns to invoke courage and confidence. Each one of our unique retreats combine yoga, nature, holistic healing & spiritual rituals to completely reset and balance the mind, body and soul. We adventure spiritual and physical realms that guide us to the scared and instinctual nature of soul... Our highest selves!


BEWARE! This was one of the worse experiences of my life. The amount of money charged for such an experience is outrageous. Retreat location water and air conditioning went out in the hot and humid conditions of Costa Rica where we were forced to sleep. On the first night I was assaulted my someone staying at retreat location when I was originally told by Denise it was a yoga retreat for yogis. There were other random people sharing location with us and a girl that I later found out was autistic pulled my hair and choked a colleague on the same night while we were sitting in common area. Denise did nothing, this person was not removed and I was told by Denise it my fault for having a loud voice and possibly triggering someone that I didn’t even know had mental health issues. I was denied a partial refund when I explained what a horrible experience I had told it was non refundable. She was an absent leader, retreat was completely unorganized and Denise handled execution of trip very unprofessionally. She was more concerned with leaving the attendees of the retreat to go and party with friends that had accompanied her. We did little to no yoga and most poorly planned and executed yoga retreat I’ve ever been on, I have been on several and never had such a bad experience. I believe she chose the most cost effective housing in order to make a profit, there was no exclusivity for retreat goers versus common vacationers. Yoga was so low quality that I question her certification and licensing in this field, to be honest I think this is a scam for people looking to get away on a yoga retreat, no structure and this woman claims to be a life coach.
By Stephanie O for Goddess Rising on 11 Oct, 2021