Greek Island Odyssey

Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Greece

Maria Alfieris
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5 reviews
Jun 11 - 20, 2023
Group size: 1 - 20
Greek Island Odyssey
Crete, Santorini, Mykonos, Greece

Maria Alfieris
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5 reviews

Jun 11 - 20, 2023
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

The Greek Islands: Crete, Santorini & Mykonos, 10 Days (Airfare Not Included)  Fly out on Saturday, June 10th to arrive Sunday, June 11th 

Together, we have created an exquisite, thought out, amazing trip to the Greek Islands for everyone to enjoy at Top-Rated hotels.  Pack your bags and head out to the airport on Saturday evening, June 10th for your flight to Chania, Crete, Greece.  Our itinerary will be full of beautiful, optional excursions, making this trip catered to your own personal experience. We will be spending 3 nights, at Top-Rated hotels, on each island -- Sunday, June 11th, our driver will be waiting for you at the Chania, Crete, airport, as you will head over to our first hotel, with a beautiful drive through the mountains of Crete, as you enter the quaint town of Georgioupolis.  We will have our Meet & Greet Dinner around 7pm that evening.  On June 14th we will take the fast ferry over to the spectacular Island of Santorini, ending with the fast ferry on June 17th, to prestigious Mykonos.  All rooms are double occupancy with either queen bed or two very comfortable, European twin beds, and a shared bathroom.  Single room prices are available for those who request their own room.

Experience the essence of the Greek Isles as you sample the flavorful lifestyle and meet friendly locals. Together, we will awaken our souls as we discover the diverse character and history of these unique islands. Soak in the beauty of Crete’s legendary landscapes, cruise on the Aegean to the volcanic shores of Santorini, and anchor on the beaches of lively Mykonos. 

What’s included

  • Hotel
    10 Days & 9 Nights in Highly Rated Hotels
  • Fast Ferry
    2 Fast Ferry Transfers (Santorini & Mykonos)
  • Meals
    Welcome Dinner, 10 Breakfasts & an Authentic Greek Night Dinner (Excluding Alcoholic Beverages)
  • Excursions
    Optional (View list below with pricing)
  • Transportation
    Group Transportation Fees
  • Airfare
    Airfare to Chania, Crete and returning from Mykonos Not Included
  • Travel Insurance
    Suggested, but Not Included
  • Alcoholic beverages
    Not Included
  • Additional Taxis, Bus
    Any traveling without the group is Not Included
  • Covid Tests
    Follow TSA Rules

Available Packages

Double Occupancy -- SpiritSOL Greece
Available until May 1, 202312 left

The Greek Islands: Crete, Santorini & Mykonos 10 Days 

Double Occupancy (Shared Room) $3295.00 per person

Deposit: $1,500
Single Occupancy $4145
Available until May 1, 202312 left

Single Occupancy, Private Room for One Trip Registrant

Deposit: $2,000

Available options


Crete Escapes
Exploring the Big Island of Crete


Day 1 Sunday:  Fly into Chania, Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands.  Make sure to forward your flight information, so that we may schedule your airport pick up. Please do your best to arrive in Chania between 1 & 4 pm.  If you need help with flights, you may contact us for our suggested route & assistance.  Once arrived, you may enjoy the facility while we get everyone checked into their rooms.  At 7 pm we will have our Meet & Greet, Welcome Dinner. 

Day 2 Monday:  Enjoy the spectacular scenery, lounge by the pool or beach and recoup a bit from your flight. Early afternoon, enjoy our group's Guided Tour (Optional $75) to beautiful Chania Town with a visit to Old Town, Monastery of Agia Triada, Suda Bay, and much more, ending with a lovely stroll around the beautiful seaport of Limani.  

Day 3 Tuesday:   Refresh and rejuvenate this morning after breakfast, by the beach or poolside or walk along the island roads where you will see the authentic living of Georgioupolis.  Late morning, we will meet in front of the hotel, where our personal driver will take us over to the west side of Crete, to indulge the day at the popular (Optional $75.00) Falasarna Beach, where you will experience the smooth sand under your toes, lay on beach lounge chairs by the water or choose your own Tiki covered lounger where you may order lunch and cocktails.  For those of you who enjoy tableside dining, the Falasarna Tiki Bar is a fun way to enjoy your lunch, cocktails and delicious coffee frappe's.  

Your Organizer

Maria Alfieris
5 reviews
Maria Alfieris is a masterful teacher with a joyous spirit & open heart. Maria is down to earth & her humor sets the stage for easy learning. Her students trust her & take their learnings off their mat & into their LIFE. On paper, you will learn that Maria is a Physical Therapist, a Myofascial Master, & a Reiki Virtuoso. She brings her gifts & talents of healing thru Fascial Release which she has been teaching for 34 years. She has given a series of courses in Myofascial Mobilization & incorporates into her work the understanding of emotional causation of disease & dysfunction. Her healing workshops & one-on-one sessions are designed to blend her knowledge & experience of physical therapy, myofascial release, energy healing, & her spiritual trainings. Through hands on techniques, she guides you toward freeing your fascia which helps you release patterns of emotional & physical pain that have been holding you back from reaching your full wellness potential.


We had an amazing time! Our hosts had everything very well organized and were very helpful with daily scheduling. The accomodations, food, transportation and company were great! I'm looking forward to booking another trip with these ladies!
By Starlett Geisler for Greek Island Odyssey on Oct 16, 2022
Thank you Maria and Brie. The day was wonderful. The venue great. Your teachings are so helpful to destress and detox especially during this amazing time.
By Kathryn Yates for One Day Release in Palm Beach on Mar 22, 2020
This was a transformative experience with amazing people. The accommodations were beautiful and comfortable. The food was delicious. Maria is an amazing host for the Myofascial courses and had great representatives for yoga instruction. I am definitely going to go to another trip.
By Camellia Jakominich for Release in Boca on Oct 27, 2019
This trip was excellent. Maria set the tone for a wonderful, open, warm group dynamic. The location was beautiful, food was excellent, but the community is what really made the trip. Thank you, Maria!
By Elizabeth Yanak for Release in Boca on Oct 21, 2019
1. Why did you sign up for the retreat? I followed Nalie Agustin since Feb 2019 as needed to find “younger” people to connect with who are living with metastasised cancer. I saw her advertise it on Insta and the dates of the June one exactly coincided with my 12 day break from infusions and blood tests = it was meant to be! 2. How were you feeling before you arrived? Very tired! 14 hours plus 4.5 hours of flying straight after immuno infusion = I am mad. But only a fever/temperature and my twin girls being sick would’ve stopped me getting on those planes!! How do you feel now after the retreat? Really great, refreshed, energised from the yoga and fascia release Healing, a bit tired from all the travel, but really not too bad. 3. What tangible takeaways are you leaving the retreat with? To practice yoga more To meditate To believe one can heal To use Fascia Release massage healing techniques 4. What 3 parts of the retreat are most memorable for you? The second sharing circle where we all shared our innermost thoughts, baggage, mother stuff, issues, cancer stuff. The first yoga practice with Emily at 8am on the first morning with the beautiful views and sounds of the sea. Having Gael as my partner for Fascia Release Healing ... she is my British metastasised TNBC partner in crime and we really connected. 5. What is the single biggest impact that the retreat has had on you? To be kinder to oneself and others and ones body and make time for you 6. If you could have changed anything about the retreat, what would you have changed? Maybe have yoga a little bit later the first couple of mornings as the people coming from US, Canada and Australia were all pretty jet-lagged! As Andros and the villas we were staying in were soo beautiful ... No need I think to arrange a Mykonos trip but the group only came to that conclusion the day before! Vassos’ cooking was amazing!! But some salt and pepper on the dinner table would’ve been a good addition 7. How would you rate the retreat venue ( 1 being sucky, 10 being amazing)? 9 7b. Would you prefer the retreat venue to be a hotel or villa? Definitely the retreat venue 8. How would you rate the food at the retreat (1-10)? 8 9. Do you have any feedback about the co-teachers facilitation style on the retreat? Anything you particularly loved or didn't love about how we ran things? I actually really liked the differences chemistry between the 2 Greek Maria’s - chalk and cheese, but a lot of love there, very entertaining. I thought Emily was an amazing yoga teacher and cancer survivor inspiration! 10. Can we use some of your words for a testimonial for future retreats? Yes
By Sarah Ravell for Release & ReAlign Greek Island Retreat (trip #1) on Jul 06, 2019


I really loved going to Greece with this group of women. I went solo on my 1st trip to Europe (Greece) so it was a little intimidating! The Hosts were both very easy to talk to & really took my questions into consideration & gave everybody a sense of belonging. The way the trip flowed was incredible & they really handled the details. They both had a great sense of humor too! Greece was phenomenal & I will go back. Jill H. Asheville NC
By Jill H on 07 Dec, 2022