Guatemala Impact Marathon 2019

Impact Marathon Series
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7 reviews
Mar 4 - 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25
Guatemala Impact Marathon 2019

Impact Marathon Series
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7 reviews

Mar 4 - 10, 2019
Group size: 1 - 25

About this trip

Where the power of running unites people to make a difference in the places we run.

The Impact Marathon Series returns for another year in Guatemala and it is all set to, once more, be an extraordinary experience. You’ll be treated to one of our most breathtaking locations and a hidden gem of Central America.

Our volunteer work focuses on developing the young leaders who bring this country hope, followed by a simply unreal and ludicrous race that takes you up an active volcano. Blimey!

With a volcanic backdrop, some massive social issues to support and meeting 50 brand new friends for life – this will be an unmissable race for any runner.

The Impact

As part of our commitment to the United Nations Global Goals, we've chosen the following Goal to support in Guatemala.

Within this goal we have partnered with amazing charities that we are putting our weight behind to really have an impact. During our week together in Guatemala, you'll get the chance to visit the projects, meet the people who run them and understand your impact. 

Once you've signed up for the race - you'll set up your fundraising pages and choose your fundraising goal. On average our runners raise just over £1000 and although we don't set a minimum fundraising target, our Impact Runners know that this money is a key element of creating lasting change in the community. The more we raise, the bigger the impact, of course.

The Impact Marathon dream is to elevate running to be a major contributor to achieving the UN GLOBAL GOALS!

Our 2 Beneficiary Charities for 2019 are... 

SERES: Cultivating young leaders to drive future change in the country. Supporting SERES fulfills a long term vision for the foundation to support the people crazy enough to believe they can change the world. Furthermore, the communities that SERES works in are the ones most deeply impacted by the eruption of Fuego Volcano this June - much of our funds will go directly to supporting these commmunites rebuild their lives.

Caras Alegras: The simple things can have the biggest impact. We all know the value of after-school care, of nutritious lunches. But when you work in a community where the majority of fathers are in prison and the mothers live of less that £2 a day - you see the simple become exponentially powerful.

The Race

After five days working and living in our stunning Athletes' Village looking out over the volcanoes of Guatemala – it’s time to run on them. That’s right, we are plotting a tough, beautiful trail running route that will test you and inspire you in equal measure and will take you on a volcanic journey of exploration. It’s not our style to reveal too much about what to expect on the day – that’d spoil the fun. But be assured, we don’t make ‘average’ races…

As always, this is an Impact Marathon, so expect the unexpected!

10km - Beginners Welcome

This outstanding course winds it's way down into the southern lava field. You'll be heading through small farms (fincas) on dusty and rocky trail until you reach where the lava once flowed. The views of the volcano rising above you, pumping out fumes into the sky will live long in the memory.

You can run it fast, or run it slow - but remember to savour each step and enjoy the journey.

21km - Things are hotting up...

This route heads down to the far side of the lava field - you'll spend half your time running on brittle lava rock that will make for hot race but with plenty to distract you. Uninterupted views of the worlds' most active volcanoes (literally, to your left and to your right!) and a challenging course. 

The out and back nature means you have a ton of high fives coming your way but also a tough hill to look forward as you head back for your glorious finish. 

42km - The Beast Of Pacaya

This is a course that lives up to the nickname - it is truly a beast. You will head up the volcano to just below it's active crater. You'll be so close you will hear and feel the rumble any time there is some activity - there is no running experience like this found anywhere else in the world. You'll then be heading back down on a winding descent, complete with a blackened running shirt (and shorts, and shoes...and your entire body) from the omnipresent volcanic ash. 

After your big ascent and descent you will join the 21km and 10km routes (we aim to have these as busy as possible to help you through!) to head into the moonscape of the southern lava field. Yes, you will be finishing on a hot, long hill...but what else would you expect from a true Impact Marathon? 

What’s included

  • 6 Nights
  • All Food & Water
  • All In-Country Travel
  • Race Entry
  • Full Itinerary
  • International Flights
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcohol & Incidentals

Available Packages

Bring Your Own Tent
Available until Mar 01, 20194 left

Living in our Athletes' Village is an unforgettable experience. Rise each morning for yoga as the sun rises over the volcanoes, spend the day working on inspiring projects in the local community, enjoy empanadas and a cold beer at the Sunset Bar... then wrap up warm for a peaceful sleep. Not bad eh? 

The entire week is about community: the Guatemalan community; the Athletes' community and your own community at home. This is not a race but a platform to create massive social change and you are about to become part of a global movement to unleash the #powerofrunning. 

Bring Your Own Kit (BYOK) is our entry package: You'll have a great pitch spot to put up your own tent and access to wash/toilet facilities. You’ll likely be dotted about in the avocado farm that is part of this awesome Athletes’ Village - We all eat together, we all work together through the day and become one amazing team ready to change the world. 

Let’s go to Guatemala!

Base Camp
Available until Mar 01, 2019only 1 left

We have an 8 person (mixed sex) dormitory here – it’s like that awesome school trip you never forgot! A buzzing place that'll be overflowing with positive energy! It’ll be warm, comfortable and not like camping at all. It’s a simple life – but as you walk out the door, you will find a nice sauna just to your right and a stunning view right in front of you. There’ll be a combination of running showers and bucket showers – at this time of year, you will be plenty warm enough. 

Summit Camp
Available until Mar 01, 2019only 2 left

Without doubt our most popular option, these camping options are located next to our Base Camp dorm with views all the way down the valley to the small town of Antigua - truly breathtaking.  You'll be getting your zeds in a tent with a bed mattress, pillows, and blankets. The tent is shared so you might want to sign up with a mate!

It’ll be a very comfortable and fun place to spend the week. Bang in the middle of our village you'll be set to enjoy this beautiful spot. The weather is warm at this time of year so we will have bucket showers aplenty and sitting toilets await you.

Quetzal Camp
Available until Mar 01, 2019only 2 left

This is one for friends or couples to buy together as accommodation is shared double beds (get cosy!). The cabins here are an amazing experience but they are based on a double bed experience. Some of the cabins have two double beds, so you'll be sharing some of the living space with another couple of runners. It's quirky accommodation! All the lodges have bathrooms with showers that make this a truly breath-taking, magical and unique experiences.

(Some lodges have multiple double beds. If you are signing up as a couple we will try to prioritise you into the lodges with one double bed…we’re nice like that!)


Available options

Acatenango Trek
Extra Hotel Night

Bring Your Own Tent
Past Trip


Day 1
Welcome to Your Impact Marathon

After your flight arrives in to Guatemala City during the day, you’ll be whisked to our Athletes' Village, a short drive from the UNESCO World Heritage town of Antigua. Here you’ll get to know your fellow travellers whilst enjoying an evening of amazing Guatemalan food and starting to learn more of what you'll be experiencing this week. We like to keep much of the week’s activities a surprise, so we’ll be revealing lots more over a glass of Gallo beer this evening. 

Your Organizer

Impact Marathon Series
7 reviews
Join with runners from around the world as you accept the challenge of a 10k, 21k, or a full 42k route on dramatic, stunning and unique courses. But that is just the last day of what is the most intense, powerful and purposeful week of your life as you visit and work with the exact organisations your race and your fundraising is supporting. The most unique running experience in the world today...


Can't say thank you enough to the Impact team for the effort that went into this amazing trip. It was privilege to work alongside the Naturally Africa team during our week there and to see what a group of like minded and driven people can achieve in such a short space of time. The run was tough to say the least, but the scenery breathtaking and the support from your fellow runners, the IMS team and the medics really helps to get you through. Being cheered over the finish line by your new found friends is also a big bonus! I will be back for sure :-).
It has been an amazing experience and very inspirational. People are very friendly and sociable, food is simple but very tasty and accomodation was basic but very comfy.
To celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary we wanted to do something very special, we chose to participate in the Malawi Impact Marathon. We joined some incredible runners from around the world for an unforgettable week. Nick, Mark, Bethany & the team do an outstanding job of organizing these events & we feel very fortunate to have had the privilege of meeting & working with the Impact Team & the other Malawi Impact runners. Don't think about it just sign up, you won't regret it for a minute! Michelle & Rob
Simply sensational. Words cannot describe how much I enjoyed this trip. Every element was incredible and a true adventure. I can recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone.
I had a fantastic trip. It was incredibly moving and worthwhile, and I felt like we made a true difference. The food and lack of hand sanitization/soap in the early part of the trip were the only drawbacks of the trip.
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