Guided Fertility Vacation

      Czech Republic

      Paths Less Travelled
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      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Guided Fertility Vacation
      Czech Republic

      Paths Less Travelled
      • Facebook verified

      Duration: 8 days
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip

      If you're here, you've probably accepted family planning services with IVF Zlin.
      Now, the question is, what are you going to do while visiting Czech Republic...  

      Let us put years of experience exploring Czech Republic and building an International Travel Business to work by co-creating a custom crafted vacation package that is designed to both collaborate with and compliment the timelines associated with the treatment plans recommended to you by the medical staff at IVF Zlin.

      Our Guided Fertility Vacation is our most popular and highest recommend option as it takes the preparation, planning, and execution of logistics out of your hands and allows for you to focus on the more important matters at hand.

      Acceptance of this service will also provide for a user code that will provide a 5% discount for packaged fertility treatment services at the clinic.

      Medical Information Clause

      Paths Less Travelled (PLT) and the staff of PLT are not medical professionals and do not claim to be so.
      They/we are, in no way, responsible for the transmission, storage, review, or interpretation of medical data and request not to receive any medical data.

      The medical professionals at IVF Zlin will be solely for receiving, interpreting, and responding to any medical data that is transferred and will, in no way, communicate any personally identifiable information to PLT or PLT staff, except to let us know the time line and blocks required for their proposed fertility plan so that we can possibly integrate an appropriate tour that might compliment said plan.  

      We are aware that donor egg IVF requires 8 days in Czech Republic and have outlined at which times throughout the treatment plan a patient might need to be at the clinic (as our owners have gone through this process at the same clinic).  

      All discussions, recommendations, prescriptions,and general information related to medical care are to be solely discussed between you and the medical professionals at IVF Zlin.  

      Any medical information received by PLT and/or its associates will not be responded to and will be deleted upon receipt

      What’s included

      • Itinerary Development
        We'll co-create a custom crafted vacation package that is designed to compliment the timelines associated with the treatment plans recommended to you by our partners at IVF Zlin.
      • Chauffeur Services
        We will pick you up from either Prague, Vienna, or Brno Airports, load your luggage, and drive you to the Zlin in style. We will also drive you back to the airport when your treatment plan has ended
      • Lodging
        We will arrange for and provide for lodging at exquisite facilities throughout the entirety of your Fertility Vacation package
      • Transportation
        We will provide for safe, comfortable, private transportation to and from all scheduled events/experiences
      • Guide/Translator
        Don't speak Czech? Don't worry! We'll be providing a dedicated guide/translator to assist, explain, translate, and make this the trip of a lifetime!
      • Access To All Events
        Our Guided Fertility Vacation Package includes for access to all planned events/experiences
      • Guidance/Assistance
        Need help/guidance preparing for your trip? Have additional questions/concerns? We've got you covered! Acceptance of this option also provides for direct access to PLT staff to help you prepare
      • 5% Discount
        We'll provide a user code that will provide for a 5% discount off of fertility treatment plan provided by IVF Zlin.
      • Family Planning Services
        Although this is a Fertility Vacation, all family planning services are done through the medical staff at IVF Zlin. We are not medical professionals and do not claim to be.
      • Food / Beverage
        We can arrange for reservations to spaces when needed and can even integrate restaurants that we know to offer outstanding culinary experiences, but this package does not include food and/or beverage
      • Flights
        This option does not include flights, but we are able to include them at additional costs upon request

      Available Packages

      Customized Packages Starting At $3,000

      The Guided Fertility Vacation Package includes:

                - >  Co-Creation Of A Custom Crafted Itinerary*

                ->  Lodging

                ->  Chauffeur Services From And Returning To Prague, Brno, or Vienna Airports

                ->  Transportation To And From Scheduled Events/Experiences

                ->  Expenses Associated With Scheduled Events/Experiences

                ->  Dedicated Guide/Translator During Scheduled Events/Experiences

                ->  Access To PLT Staff For Assistance In Coordinating Logistics

                ->  5% Discount Off Of Packaged Family Planning Services From IVF Zlin

      *Custom Crafted Itineraries Are Designed To Cater To & Compliment The Timelines For Fertility Treatment Services As Prescribed By The Medical Professionals At IVF Zlin

      Please Note That Each Itinerary Is Custom-Crafted And That Prices Vary From Couple-To-Couple Due To Differentiating Experiences.  
      The $650 Deposit Covers Creation Of The Custom-Itinerary & Immediately Provides The 5% User Code (As Provided In The Self-Guided Plus Option).  
      The Deposit Amount Is Applied Towards The Total Package.  Typical Packages Range Between $3,000 & $5,000.

      Deposits Are Refundable Up To (5) Days After Purchase.  
      After Which, The Deposit Will Be Considered To Be Non-Refundable.

      Deposit: $650

      Your Organizer

      Paths Less Travelled
      Our mission is to provide our guests with culturally authentic, exciting, fun, safe, meaningful, & memorable experiences far from mainstream tourism on paths less travelled. We strive to provide unforgettable adventures while exhibiting the absolute beauty that is yet to be discovered off the beaten path and far from well-worn streets associated with major tourist hubs.