Hawaii Retreat On The Big Island (Kona)

Kona, HI, USA

May 13 - 17, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12
Hawaii Retreat On The Big Island (Kona)
Kona, HI, USA

May 13 - 17, 2020
Group size: 6 - 12

About this trip

Join us for a fabulous retreat in The Big Island of Hawaii, aka KONA!!!  Together we will soak in the sun, cleanse our bodies in the Hawaiian beach waters and explore the island.  

This is not your typical vacation, this is a true opportunity to show up as your authentic self and discover a new or greater path for yourself.  So set your intentions now and get ready to get an up-level.

Be prepared to surrender, let loose and let go of all that's been weighing you down and just be in this truly divine and sacred environment. Get ready to release all that doesn't serve you and create an opening for more abundance, freedom, love and joy in your life.

I am Natasha Sealy, a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer, health enthusiast and Shamanic healer.

If you're looking for an opportunity to get away, grow as an individual and bypass all of the planning, THIS IS IT!

What To Expect:

+ Transportation to and from the airport (I'll be renting a car and will coordinate arrivals/departures) for the days of the events

+ 4 night stay in a luxury vacation home

+ Daily light in-house vegetarian breakfasts

+ Daily strength training workouts/hikes led by Natasha

+ Group Discussions/Life Coaching sessions

+ (1) 1:1 private session with Natasha

+ 1-2 in-house lunches

+ 1 in-house dinner

+ Group adventures & touring

+ Sharing circles / ceremony


+ Energetic Healing (+$150)

Why You Need To Be There:

+ To be completely stress free 

+ To take a break from your hustle or routine

+ To grow as a person and to actualize your intentions

+ To conquer any fears or blocks that are preventing you from becoming who you  really want to be

+ To enjoy a healthier lifestyle 

+ To hit the reset button

+ To be energetically charged by the island (I felt the energy from the second I stepped off the plane)

+ To meet new people (small group environment)

+ To detox  from environmental & emotional stress

+ To have fun

Other Important Notes:

I'm truly excited to offer this retreat and program to you.  My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all who are interested and will be joining us on this journey.

+ Payment plans available / contact me directly if you need something special

+ The itinerary will be shared with those confirmed and who have placed a deposit to attend

+ I'll be coordinating 1-2 airport pick-ups and coordinating arrival times.  If your plane is delayed or lands outs way outside of the pick-up times then please plan to taxi/uber to the house.

+ The house address will be shared approximately 1-2 months prior to the event date

+ There is a minimum attendee requirement, if the requirement is not met then your money will be refunded

+ Your deposit is non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.  This is your commitment to yourself. 

+ Be sure to put the event date on your calendar and plan ahead with your work if needed.

+ No refunds after February 15, 2020.

What’s included

  • In-house breakfasts
    A light breakfast will be prepared every morning.
  • Activities
    Daily outdoor adventures.
  • Life Coaching
    Daily group discussions
  • Private Coaching
    (1) personal 1:1 coaching session during your stay
  • 1-2 In-house Lunches
    Delivered lunch 1-2 times
  • 1 In-house Dinner
    Dinner delivery on one night
  • Transportation
    Natasha's renting a vehicle for the adventures!!!
  • Meditation-Group Circles
    Group sharing and grounding
  • Lodging
    Vacation house rental
  • 2-3 Lunches
    On the go lunches (out of pocket)
  • 3 Dinners
    Dinners in the town (out of pocket)
  • Special Transportation
    Transportation to places not with group or on the schedule
  • Airfare
    Please schedule your own airfare!
  • Shamanic Healing Appt
    RSVP with Natasha ($150 per session)

Available Packages

Single Room
Available until February 28, 2020only 2 left
Deposit: $1,000
Shared Room (Individual bed)
Available until February 28, 20206 left

Share a room with 1-3 others.

Deposit: $590


Sample Itinerary:

> AM Workout

> Breakfast

> Group Discussions / Life Coaching

> 1:1 Coaching Session or Break

> Lunch

> Local Activity

> Dinner

> Circle / Ceremony

Your Organizer

Natasha Sealy
Life Coach. Spiritual Coach. Health Coach. Personal Trainer. Shamanic Healer.