Headless Horseman's Haunting

Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591, USA

Grappling Getaways
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39 reviews
Oct 11 - 14, 2024
Group size: 1 - 14
Headless Horseman's Haunting
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591, USA

Grappling Getaways
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39 reviews

Oct 11 - 14, 2024
Group size: 1 - 14

About this trip

Sleepy Hollow for Halloween? Yes, please.  A bucket list item for any and all Halloween enthusiasts, Sleepy Hollow is most well known for Washington Irving and the Legend of the Headless Horseman Classic.  Few other cities, in the world, go as hard in the paint as Sleepy Hollow.  For this very reason, we have chosen to host our epic annual Halloween Camp within driving distance of this iconic small town.   For 4 days and 3 nights, our campers will enjoy world class training, alongside world class curation of the most epic Halloween-Packed Itinerary weekend you could ever fathom. 

Envision Haunted Houses, Ghost walking tours, the Great Jack 'O' Lantern Blaze, Castles, spooky tales, visiting all of the iconic landmarks  that Tarrytown has to offer, Halloween Sweet Treats and more.  We simply, cannot wait to share this carefully curated experience with you!  This opportunity is a dream come true.  

The weekend will culminate in a beautiful Masquerade Ball.  The theme of the entire weekend will be Victorian Era Clothing and or Steam Punk. 

Camp Includes the following Excursions: (Please note: due to the time of year, these activities have to be booked months in advance and always sell out.  Even if you decide not to participate these fees are not extractable.) 

Great Jack "O" Lantern Blaze ($50) 

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Ghost Tour ($65) 

Sleepy Hollow Haunted House with live actors ($65) 

Jiu Jitsu training will be led by multiple time World Champion, April Parks, and New Wave athlete, Katie Hooven.   Additional instructors will be announced as we get closer to the event.  Jiu Jitsu is split into equal sessions of Gi and No Gi.  

This is an EXCLUSIVE event available to only 14 women. The accommodations are absolutely awestriking.  This house might be our best house to date for a camp.  

 The FULL CAMP Experience - staying at the house - will be open to women only. We do plan to rent an event space to accommodate the Masquerade Ball and training.  These portions will be available to both men and women staying outside of the full camp experience. 

Accommodations & Details

Accommodations for this camp are at a multi-million dollar home surrounded by lush green forest, a private pond, jacuzzi and more.  You will be hard-pressed to find a more visually pleasing landscape.  


At this time we cannot offer private rooms.  All rooms will be shared by 1-2 other campers.  At our camps, beds are almost always shared.  You always have the option to bring an extra cot, or blow up mattress if this is something you are not willing to entertain.  Only Queen sized-beds and above are shared.  

Airport:  (You are responsible for your own transportation to and from camp)

Closest Airports:

Orange County Airport

New York Stewart Airport 

JFK Airport 

Laguardia Airport 


There will be a schedule and menu released closer to camp.  Please plan to eat out at least 2x.  This would be 1 dinner and 1 lunch.  All other meals will be included in the camp cost. 



At this time We are NOT being flexible on any refunds.  ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. We have been too flexible for the past few years and can no longer accommodate request.  This is going to sounds harsh, but in the event of a death, cancer, COVID, or otherwise...basically the worst thing you can think of....please don't email us and ask for your money back or to move a credit to future camps.  I am going to refer you back to this paragraph. The ONLY option you have is to find someone to take your place and they can pay you. Thank you for being so understanding. 


July 1st - 50% back above deposit

August 1st - 25% back above deposit

Sept. 1st NO REFUND 

What’s included

  • Accommodations
    Masquerade Manor
  • Jiu Jitsu Training
    Camp fees
  • Food
    All food minus 2 meals
  • Transportation
    While at Camp
  • Masquerade Mask
    Exotic/Camp Themed
  • Gift Bag
    Camp Goodies
  • Event Planning
    over 100 hours
  • Excursions Listed
    Haunted House/Cemetery/Blaze

What’s not included

  • Flights
  • Meals/Snacks while out
  • Any added excursions
    anything not listed that you choose to do

Available Packages

Full Horseman's Haunting Camp

Full Camp Experience. Inclusive of all excursions. 

Deposit: $300

Available options


Camp Themed Rashguard, designed by Grappling Getaways. 

Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Headless Horseman Sleepy Hollow Grappling Getaways Sweatshirt. 

Camp T-Shirt

Grappling Getaways Camp Themed and uniquely designed T-Shirt. 


Friday Arrival
Meet and Greet - Icebreaker & Training

You will be welcomed at Masquerade Manor by light refreshments.  After assisted to your rooms, you will be given time to unpack and unwind.  Training session one will commence along with an icebreaker.  The evening will end with a pajama party, fire and some adult beverages if you so choose. 

Who’s Going

Your Organizer

Grappling Getaways
39 reviews
Grappling/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu travel business committed to bringing people high level instruction and invaluable memories/experiences through traveling the world! Everywhere we go, we make new family and friends.


This camp exceeded all of my expectations. The house was so comfortable and included so many amenities. The planned activities were so much fun, the training was absolutely amazing, and most of all meeting so many amazing and strong women who love jiu jitsu! I came away feeling so excited and motivated to keep learning, to go at my own pace, and to have fun and enjoy the journey!
By Julia R for Memorial Day Campfire Chronicles on Jun 11, 2024
Such a fun way to spend Memorial Day weekend! My favorite part was the Jiu Jitsu, nice intimate setting that made it easy to ask questions and given enough time to drill. Good vibes all around. Cool house, great people and well organized. April and Katie are the bomb.
By Chelsea d for Memorial Day Campfire Chronicles on May 30, 2024
Wow! What an incredible long weekend! I attended the Grappling Getaways Memorial Day Camp in the Poconos. What April Parks and Katie Hooven have built is truly special. While I was researching jiu jitsu camps, I stumbled upon GG. I loved that this camp was focused on women with a smaller group. April, Katie, Cat, and Nicole are amazing teachers and showed us some super useful techniques that can actually be applied in a real scenario. This weekend for me was filled with an extraordinary amount of self discovery, confidence, and growth. All of the women who attended were absolutely amazing. We had so much fun out on the boat, doing yoga by the pond, playing Olympic Games (Go team Italy 🇮🇹 for 3rd place 🥉!!!... also, I'm totally the pink shark in the video 🤣), the hot tub, making s'mores, singing karaoke, making wonderful connections and new friends, and just having the time of our lives! I can't wait for my next camp! Pinky promise I'll be back April and Katie! 😉❤️
By Kim J for Memorial Day Campfire Chronicles on May 29, 2024
This was my second Grappling Getaways Bahamas camp, and it's truly something special! The highlight for me is the quality of instruction and the amount and quality of training we get in over the days, somehow fitting this in with the epic adventures. The planned adventures are an icing on the cake which make it really feel like a holiday. I recommend this camp for people who are adventurous and love connecting with fun and playful people. Thank you April, Katie, and everyone who makes this a hit!
By Brooke R for Bahamas Camp on May 02, 2024
Was my first time participating at grappling getaways and i absolutely loved everyone’s energy and personalities on the trip from the attendees to the instructors! Would definitely attend more in the future!
By Alex E for Bahamas Camp on Apr 27, 2024
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This was my first getaway and it won’t be my last. This trip, these people and this experience was something my soul needed. I made lifelong friends, learned some killer techniques while vacationing in paradise. I got solid life advice for things I’m struggling w in my own business. Seeing such strong, powerful women be so down to earth and welcoming and loving just makes feel so grateful I made the trip….. next trip will be Mexico. See you soon Coaches!!!!
By Amanda M on 17 Apr, 2022
Highly recommend!! I've attended 3 amazing Grappling Getaway camps so far (and plan on attending many more) and each time is unique and awesome! April and Katie are exceptional women who truly love what they do! I appreciate so much the time and effort they take to connect with female struggles both on and off the mats, makes these camps unmatchable. Their attention to every detail, coupled with their incredible ability to just go with the flow, makes being in their presence an authentic jiu jitsu experience. They create such a welcoming, fun, and empowering experience, where friendships are seeded and your jiu jitsu grows! If you're wanting to feel empowered by strong women with great attitudes and open minds, you should DEFINITELY get to a Grappling Getaway ASAP!
By Sierra H on 11 Apr, 2022
April, and the other instructors with Grappling Getaways are THE BEST. Top notch human beings who are amazing at jiu jitsu and amazing at teaching. I’ve been to 3 Grappling Getaways events, and each has been so much fun, so inviting, encouraging, and appropriately challenging for what was advertised. I’ve met so many incredible female leaders and role models through Grappling Getaways. HIGHLY recommended :)
By Aimee P on 15 Nov, 2021