Heal and reconnect in the Sacred Valley of Peru -DECEMBER 2018

Ollantaytambo, Peru, South America

Mary Bombardier
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Dec 9 - 22, 2018
Group size: 3-10
Heal and reconnect in the Sacred Valley of Peru -DECEMBER 2018
Ollantaytambo, Peru, South America

Mary Bombardier
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Deposit: $250
Dec 9 - 22, 2018
Group size: 3-10

About this trip

Heal, rejuvenate and reconnect in the magical Sacred Valley of Peru! 

Join us for a two week spiritual journey of heart opening and reconnection with yourself, others and Pachamama!

Ollantaytambo is our main destination on this journey and remains a hidden sacred gem in Peru with very powerful, special energy and we want to share it with YOU! No worries... we leave plenty of time for a visit to Machu Picchu and other tours!

We believe now more than ever we all are in major need of healing and reconnection to our true authentic selves, Mother Earth and one another. Huachuma (San Pedro) is a great tool for that. We are including 2 Huachuma ceremonies in this journey. Please take a peek at this description of Huachuma to learn more....

Huachuma/San Pedro is a teacher of great compassion and understanding. It shows us how to live in balance and harmony; how to love, respect, and honor all living beings. It shows us we are children of light, by being able to perceive this light within us. Each person's experience will be unique, as we are all individual beings. Drinking Huachuma/San Pedro is a personal journey of discovery, of the self and the universe. 

The word huachuma translates to “removing the head” (wach- meaning “remove” and -uma meaning “head”) which metaphorically might mean the death of the ego. The word comes from Quechua, the language of the indigenous culture of the same name in the central Andes. The name San Pedro was an adaptation that came as a result of Catholic contact via Spanish conquistadors.  It seems that part of the Andean adaptation to missionary influence was to rename this sacred plant after Saint Peter, implying that the entheogenic cactus holds the keys to the gates of heaven just as its new namesake, Saint Peter, is said to do.

The chemistry underlying this cactus is intriguing as well. The central psychoactive element in San Pedro is mescaline, an entheogenic compound found in another, much smaller psychedelic cactus, peyote. Maxwell described the chemical effects of mescaline as a slower experience than what you find with other psychedelic substances:

“Mescaline is a serotonin and dopamine-binding psychedelic with a slow metabolism compared to many other psychedelic compounds. The experience begins roughly 30 minutes after ingestion and is found to have highest concentrations in the blood between 2 and 4 hours after ingestion.”

Wow's Flying Tour

Blow your mind and fill your heart with Wow's Flying tour!!! 


Get ready for an exciting, life changing full day+ experience!

Prior to ceremony a Spiritual Dieta is required a day or two in advance.

You are probably wondering what the heck a Spiritual Dieta is? 

Roberto (Wow), a native from Ollantaytambo with Incan lineage, will be your Huachumero for the day and he shares with you his wisdom and knowledge passed down from his beloved Grandfather. He will introduce you to the mountain Apus (Gods)!

The evening prior to ceremony all participants have the privilege of helping prepare the Huachuma and connect with the plant medicine. 

Ceremony Day

Typically we have a light breakfast in the morning and then journey to 3 different ancient temples throughout the day and evening with ceremony at each site (Temple of the Serpent, Temple of the Puma and Temple of the Condor) These are very special locations with some of the most beautiful vistas in the world! We will share a nice meal together near the end of our day. 

No words can really express this experience in its fullest. However, I can tell you it is one of the most impactful, healing and eye (and heart) opening experiences I have ever had!

NOTE: there is some "hiking/climbing" involved. Although not a lot of hiking, we do climb up some ancient Incan terraces and a bit of a mountain hill climb. Most people do just fine however if you have any health issues you think might hinder you make sure you let us know.

* There is no specific diet or restrictions prior to ceremony but we do have some recommendations that will make your experience the best it can be!

What’s included

  • Lodging
  • Daily hot breakfast
  • 2 Huachuma Ceremonies
    2 full day tours, includes transport and dinner
  • Transportation
    transport to and from airport
  • Machu Picchu/other tours
    We will assist you organize your Machu Picchu experience and other tours in the Sacred Valley for those who wish to do more exploring
  • All other meals
    You will want to experience the tasty Peruvian Cuisine offered at the local restaurants and/or cook some of your own meals with fresh food items from the local market!
  • Flights
    you are responsible for all flights; international and domestic but will receive guidance and assistance booking these if needed
  • Peruvian Cooking Class
    Wow will teach you how to prepare some wonderful Peruvian cuisine. 2 classes offered w/different meals $20 per person per class

Available Packages

Single shared room/shared bathroom
Available until Nov 15th10 left

This package includes lodging in a shared room and shared bathroom. 

Deposit: $250
Double bed with private bathroom
Available until Nov 15th4 left

this is the price per person if it is a shared double occupancy (couples etc) We would like to have the doubles available for 2 however a single can rent at additional cost.

Deposit: $250

Available options

Sacred Valley tour10 left
Peruvian cooking class w/Wow (2 offered)10 left
Tour to Pisac Market10 left
Deposit: $250

Single shared room/shared bathroom


Day 1
Arrival in Lima, stay in Barranco Art District

First night stay in Lima, Baranco District. 

Rest, relax and enjoy a good meal and entertainment in Baranco's Art district

Your Organizer

Mary Bombardier
I was called to Peru in 2009 and ignored the call until 2016 when I finally made a choice to change my life. My first trip to Peru was January - April of 2017. I went for healing for my RA, Fibromyalgia and Thyroid issues. Traditional medicine just gives a band aid or cure. (True healing includes the whole person not just the physical!) I had an incredible experience and received some healing! I worked with Ayahuasca in the jungle at a month long retreat and have had many Huachuma ceremonies with Wow! I am very happy to say I no longer take any medication! I continue working with plant medicine for healing. When I first arrived in Ollantaytambo it felt to me like coming home! It is my Heaven on Earth and I am excited to share the magic of this incredible place with you!