Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

The Healing Tribe Mexico
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Cancún, Quintana Roo, México

The Healing Tribe Mexico
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Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip


Our program includes detox food and drinks. Temazcal ceremonies to prepare our body at the beggining of the retreat and at the end as a farewell. During the week we have  psycocorporael therapy session and a birth chart consultation, it helps us to understand behaivors or ways of being our selves that until now we had not realized that we had or simply had not be able to interpret.  Ayahuasca ceremonies are  part of  the program and   fire ceremonies.  A relaxing time it is neccesary  thats why  you will have a relaxing massage and a visit to a cenote so you can swim and enjoy .  

MI encuentro con Ayahuasca


Wow la verdad es que no se por donde empezar ; solo puedo decir que todo llega a su momento y estar ahí fue en el momento que debía ser .... 

antes solía tener mucha ansiedad y mucha dependencia emocional entre otras cosas y ahora solo siento paz y tranquilidad ; dije que no lo haría de vuelta , pero pasados los días he tomado la decisión de volver a hacerlo para seguir avanzando .... 

No vayas con expectativas , solo ábrete y escucha el mensaje en definitiva estarás en buenas manos y te guiarán siempre ..... no tuve la oportunidad de dar las gracias a todos , pero muchas gracias por la luz y sabiduría 

Vanessa Bolio, Holbox, México

Dreamers getting together

 the healing tribe, wow, what an experience, everything was perfect from the venue, the faciltators, the participants and the whole ceromony...These lovely people really made us feel welcome, very down to earth, grounded people,., The ceromony was everything, ups and downs, dark and light, a real journey, a warriors journey was the vibration i felt. My particular experience was very intense, very powerfull, kinda hard to put into words but all i can say is the medicine certainly does give you what your soul needs not what your ego wants.  Since the ceromony i feel a new sense of positivity for getting through it and im feeling a lot more grattitude in general for the simple things in life which is a really good feeling ....thanks to everyone involved, keep playing those beautifull songs, keep healing . peace x 

John James, England 

encontré lo que no sabia que buscaba

 Fue una gran experiencial la cual recomiendo mucho!!  Me ayudo mucho a encontrar paz interna  a sanar por dentro. El lugar es hermoso 

Santiago Márquez , Cancún,  México 

What’s included

  • Vegeterian food
    food and drinks are included, the menu is based on a detox program to clean the body before the ceremonies
  • trasnportation
    round transportation from the airport to the retreat center
  • Pool and relaxing area
    our guest canuse the facilities like pool, realxing area, living room in the main house, the meditation zone
  • Double shared room
    the rooms a re designed for two people,. It has two double bed, private bath, A/C, a work desk,
  • Ayahuasca ceremony
    During the there is two Ayahuasca ceremonies , Rapay me
  • Temazcal
    There is two Temazcal (sweat lodge) where your body, this is an ancestral therapy to detox your body
  • Birth chart consultation
    this will help you to clorify your porpuse duirng the retreat, the work will be deeper
  • Fire Ceremony
    this is an esoteric ceremony, combined with different medicine pmats and elements you will clean your energy in diffferent levels
  • Cenote Visit
    we will take to swin in a beautiful cenote . this is a moment to relax
  • Amenities
    WIFI, bath amenities, towels,
  • Kambo
    Known in Portuguese as the “vaccine of the forest,” Kambo gained a lot of traction outside of the Amazon and has been used by indigenous people across South America for centuries to heal and cleanse
  • Quartz Therapy
    Quartz crystal healing may promote release of negativity and stimulate positive thoughts and feelings.

Available options

Kambo, healing and detoxing medecine


Ayahuasca Retreat
Ayahuasca Retreat

This transformative journey begs with a Temazcal where it’s heat will shelter you. Thus, allowing you to start connecting with your emotions. The next day we have yoga and a reading of your birth chart. These are a preparation for a deeper undertaking at night, during the ayahuasca ceremony. 

Since the ceremonies last all night, you will have most of the following day to rest and allow the energy to settle. In the afternoon, we have the integration circle and the fire ceremony. During the week there is a visit to a clear freshwater cenote. The week of the retreat will consist of 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, 2 temazcales, psychocorporeal therapy, cosmobiology consultation,  fire ceremonies, a visit to the cenote, and a relaxing massage. In addition, the support and containment of all of us who are part of The Healing Tribe will be present during your process

Your Organizer

The Healing Tribe Mexico
We believe in a inclusive power of different ancestral therapies and medicines is more beneficial during the process of finding ourselfs and the inner peace . That's why we have medicines like Ayahuasca, temazcal and Kambo and hand movement therapies and a cosmobiology consultation to make the journey and process clearer💕


I did this wonderful experience and can't wait to do it again. Crew was amazing, specially Ana, she is very kind and professional. Thanks for everything!!! Highly recomended!!! Liz
By Liz C on 19 Dec, 2020