Healing Waters Yoga Retreat

Truckee, CA 96161, USA

Body-Mind Freedom
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7 reviews
Oct 27 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 16
Healing Waters Yoga Retreat
Truckee, CA 96161, USA

Body-Mind Freedom
  • Facebook verified
7 reviews

Oct 27 - 30, 2022
Group size: 1 - 16

About this trip

Let go, refill your cup and joyfully (over)flow on this intimate weekend in Tahoe’s nature wonderland. Embody the healing power of water with yoga, dance, qigong, hiking to a waterfall, soaking in ancient healing springs, savoring delicious and lovingly crafted foods... 

  • Decompress with daily healing yoga and meditation for all bodies and levels of experience  
  • Unplug + relax in nourishing hot springs surrounded by the beauty of forest wilderness
  • Savor delicious, lovingly crafted and cleansing meals prepared as pleasure medicine
  • Build a collective ancestor altar and share in a sacred circle of open hearts that is non-judgmental and supportive of your authenticity
  • Awaken to the beauty and healing powers of local trees, plants and waters on a reflective nature hike 
  • Liberate the energetic and emotional currents of your body - mind - heart with breathwork, journalling, chanting, global water mythology and practices of water reverence
  • Open your heart to deep gratitude singing and dancing in cacao ceremony.

In addition to enlivening our inner+ outer temple with healing movement, breathwork, journalling and chanting, we'll explore water mythology and practices that spark joy and gratitude to open, cleanse and liberate the energetic and emotional currents of our body - mind - heart.

Water is ancient, wise, ancestral. Water is the body of life. Like us - she needs to move, change and shapeshift or she grows stagnant. Moving our bodies like water draws us out of our shell, out of our head and into our heart, making our movement more graceful and infusing our life with a deeper sense of connection. 

Late October, or Samhain, is known as both the end and the beginning of the year in the Celtic calendar. This is a time to cleanse and liberate our heart by honoring the past year, how we've grown and what what we've lost. We'll collectively create an ancestor altar to connect to our roots and call on support for this time of personal and collective transformation on Earth.


Unfortunately, if you cancel, we lose money, potentially a lot of money.  While the deposit is non-refundable, if you've paid in full and cancel between 60-120 days prior to departure, we'll process your refund minus a $200 fee. If you cancel 60-0 days before departure your full payment is non-refundable. Thanks for supporting our small business!

What’s included

  • 3 daily meals
    We are blessed to have professional Chef Ashley Ann who creates food as pleasurable medicine using seasonal local ingredients inspired by her world travels and life in Hawaii.
  • 1-2 daily yoga practices
    With Hayley as our guide and water as our inspiration we'll explore shapeshifting our bodies and minds through creative and joyful movement and meditation.
  • 1 Day Sierra Hot Springs
    After morning yoga we'll journey to these world renowned healing waters, hot tub, sauna and cold plunges nestled epic fall forest. Soak, hike, rejeuvenate, sip cocoa by a wood fire stove.
  • Guided Nature Hike
    Deeply commune with nature as you're guided on a reflective nature hike to open your senses and your eyes to the healing powers of local trees, plants and waters.
  • Intro to Qigong
    Kelli Lewis guides a journey inward using ancient Chinese energy healing movements to calm and align our mental and emotional body to the fluidity of the water element.
  • Breath, Meditate,Journal
    Daily Breathwork, Water Meditation + Journal Reflection to unearth old patterns and stories and realign to our highest self
  • Loving Community
    Come as you are with an open heart to laugh, cry, leave with amazing new, high vibe friends. The community element is always the highlight of Body-Mind Freedom retreats.
  • Cocoa + Dance Ceremony
    Ceremonial cocoa is an ancient indigenous medicine that activates the heart chakra. Explore medicine ceremony by singing, dancing and opening your heart to deep gratitude.
  • Healing Herbal Teas
    We'll bring a variety of locally grown and gathered healing herbs to brew before yoga sessions and to enjoy around the fire place. Wee'll share knowledge of these plant's healing qualities.
  • Travel to Truckee, CA
  • Optional Massage

Available Packages

Shared Suite w/Private Bath

Shared suite with an en-suite bathroom and three beds. A maximum of three people will occupy these rooms.

Deposit: $333
King Suite w/ Double Occupancy

King Suite with view, private en-suite bathroom.

Deposit: $450
King Suite Single Occupancy

Private King Suite with view, en-suite bathroom.

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Body-Mind Freedom
7 reviews
Part scientist, part alchemist, full devotee of the life force, Hayley offers a path to strength, self-confidence and awe for the miraculous mechanics of the human body. As a passionate body nerd, she is committed to intelligent movement, radical self care and living in harmony with the cycles of the natural world. As a wisdom collector, mystic and philosophy student, her life is a laboratory for experimenting with technologies of human liberation and translating those with an attitude of compassion, curiosity and playfulness,


Hayley & Kelli organized an amazing Mountain top yoga retreat. Our group enjoyed a large and luxurious home as our base camp. The views and facilities were incredible, inspiring and complemented the yoga classes which were thoughtfully curated for us. We had delicious meals 3x day to keep us nourished. The last day of summer-like weather in the Sierra's we took a long hike through the trails near Donner Summit. We witnessed the first snow storm of the season the following evening. The next day we enjoyed soaking in the nearby hot springs as the winter weather set in. I would highly recommend attending one of Hayley's yoga retreats. Greg
By Gregory W for Healing Waters Yoga Retreat on Nov 19, 2022
I desperately needed to get away from the daily grind. I was so grateful when a friend reached out and invited me to a yoga retreat at Mt. Shasta. Words cannot express how amazing the yoga retreat was from beginning to end. Everyone was so welcoming I felt relaxed the moment I arrived. Hayley is an excellent yoga instructor and what makes her unique beyond her knowledge of yoga is her passion and the holistic approach she takes towards teaching, incorporating the earth elements with the mind, body and spirit. She has an innate ability to simultaneously connect with a group and individuals, tailoring her instruction to fit the various skill level of each unique person. The food was beyond amazing! Kelli and her team of chefs did a phenomenal job, the food harmonized nicely with the retreat and the natural beauty of Mt. Shasta. It was the most delicious food I’ve eaten in my entire life. I’m 100% serious! No joke! I’m am truly grateful for the experience and look forward to a future retreat with Hayley.
By Renee S for Somatic Sanctuary: Yoga and Earth Wisdom Retreat on Oct 02, 2020
I am not a "retreat" person and really only barely a yoga person. So, I approached this long weekend with some trepidation. Hayley didn't merely make this experience enjoyable, she made it extraordinary. Every single detail - from the exquisite farm fresh meals to the varieties of movement (yoga, body work, qi gong, etc.) - was thoroughly considered to curate three and half days of rejuvenation. Participants ranged from professional yoga instructors to total novices and everyone was able to fully participate and enjoy. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
By Anat S for Somatic Sanctuary: Yoga and Earth Wisdom Retreat on Sep 03, 2020
Words can not express how wonderful this retreat was. It was clearly planned with love and attention at evey level - from the yoga, to the food, to the opportunities for personal connection, free time, massage, adventure, and overall covid consciousness. The experience was much needed medicine of mind, body and spirit. I especally loved how Hayley varied the yoga she led us through twice a day to bring something new to every experience. I was blown away by the quality and taste of the food that Kelli and Ashley brought to every meal. I wish I could eat it all again. Finally, the cacao ceremony on the last night brought deep connection and awareness to our group, and to a delicious drink. I recommend a retreat with Hayley and Kelli to everyone!
By Janet N for Somatic Sanctuary: Yoga and Earth Wisdom Retreat on Aug 26, 2020
What an amazing experience!!!! It was so nice to unplug from technology and a busy schedule. Hayley is an amazingly talented yoga teacher, and seamlessly integrates yoga with meditation and a connectedness to nature. The rest of the group was so kind, and the food was really awesome. I can't wait for the next one:)
By Vinnie E for Somatic Sanctuary: Yoga and Earth Wisdom Retreat on Aug 26, 2020
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