Healing Wisdom of a Celtic Druidess

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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Jun 1 - 9, 2023
Group size: 1 - 24
Healing Wisdom of a Celtic Druidess

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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1 review

Jun 1 - 9, 2023
Group size: 1 - 24

About this trip

Healing Wisdom of a Celtic Druidess tour to Ireland is an opportunity to connect with your inner being through Arts, Nature and Traditions. You will spend 9 Days, 8 Nights in beautiful Killarney where you will enjoy the beauty, culture, traditions and friendliness of the Irish People!

Co Kerry is in the South West of Ireland. We introduce you to our long time Druidess friend...Rachel Scoazec Lenihan and here Kilderry Healing Center:

Kilderry A.N.T. Center is focused on the wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and activation of people's best potential using Art, Nature and Traditions. 

Their core values are respect, integrity, self-responsibility, agency, inclusivity, Equality, Creativity, spiritual, historical, philosophical and moral self-knowledge.

You will have 5 workshops in healing using different systems. 

Healing sessions with our Druidess and our Ambassador

Walking trails on ancient and sacred grounds

Music sessions in Center

We have 2 half days where we explore the beautiful nearby landscape and we also have two full days of touring around both the famous Ring of Kerry and the Ring of Beara.

You will learn about the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air and the Ether, Celtic power animals, Ogham and learn about the sacred Tree Knowledge. Druidic rituals and the 8 points Wheel of the year will be explained. Healing through music using crystal bowls, metal bowls and chanting. Herbalism, land and tree healing properties will be incorporated in the workshops too!

Info on Druidess: Rachel Scoazec Lenihan

Rachel Scoazec Lenihan is our amazing Druidess and owner of Kilderry A.N.T Educational center in Milltown, Co Kerry. 

Her backround:

 Dr Rachel Scoazec Lenihan, holds a Phd in Irish studies, former lecturer in Intercultural studies, in DIT Hospitality Management and Tourism, in NUIG, in Saor Ollscoil ns hEireann, former consultant in Education with European Foundation along EU Commissioners ( the executive of European Union,) also Consultant with dept. of Education and Science, with Modern Educational Centre, and with the European Centre for International Studies in Dublin. she s is a qualified registered teacher of several subjects, English Irish History Geography Music and SPHE social personal health educationalist. She is a musician singer songwriter, multi instrumentalist, playing and teaching 14 instruments. She s been a death midwife for the last 28 years, also a 28 year experience in energy, spiritual and sound healing, medium, reiki master, Celtic shaman in several traditions, Irish Breton, Welsh and Scottish, and naturopath.

She teaches through Arts, Nature and Traditions. Her teachings and Ethos focuses on the wellbeing, knowledge, wisdom and activation of people's best potential. The center's core values are respect, integrity, inclusivity, equality, creativity, spiritual historical philosophical and moral self-knowledge, fostering self-confidence, independence of thoughts and actions! She teaches a wide range of subjects to all ages, but with regards to this tour she will teach the healing aspects of Music, Nature, and Traditions.

Music: Drumming, Crystal bowls, metal bowls, magical chanting and music of the Sidhe. 

Nature: Listening to Nature, opening portals of sound through sacred sounds, healing with the sound. Herbs and their uses, what can be used from land and trees around us. How to read the land and main functions, ley lines, geodesy, time and space clearing.

Traditions: Learning about Celtic power animals, using mythology and direct encounter also through Celtic shamanic journeys. 

We will learn about Ogham and sacred tree knowledge. We will learn the knowledge and wisdom of the four seasons Druidic rituals and the 8 points wheel of the year. We will also study the three main cauldrons of knowledge and how to invoke the Awen/Imbas or nature divine magical inspiration. This and so much more!

Info on Ambassador: Mary Jane Brigger

For over 15 years Mary Jane has provided empowered inspiration, intuition, and guidance to women experiencing transitional life crises with  spiritual awakenings that include awakening intuition and psychic awareness. 

Mary Jane has had extensive training and experience as; 

  • Celtic Women’s Spirituality Wisdom Teacher
  • Celtic Wise Woman
  • Sacred Wisdom and Intuitive Development
  • Psychic/Medium/Spirit Channeler/Trance Medium
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Spiritual Healer/Mystic
  • Certified Body Story Expert
  • Death Midwife
  • Former Hospice Reiki Master
  • Shamanic Practitioner
  • Sacred Circles for Women and Retreats
  • BA in Healthcare Management

Mary Jane is the owner of The Healing Cottage, within Amish country in West Salem, Ohio. With a strong focus on the Celtic Women’s Spirituality, Sacred Feminine Energy and the metaphysical. She provides private and group spiritual retreats for women to gently attune them to the power of their sacred feminine energy, which she calls The Inner Wise Woman. 

Mary Jane gently guides women towards shifting their minds to powerful healing thoughts, emotions and intuition to empower their own personal transformation, freedom, sacred feminine energy and spiritual awakening.        

Mary Jane's skills,  studies, and research into mysticism, metaphysics, energy, mind/body balance, meditation, end of life issues, different healing modalities and modern psychology advance daily, as she seeks to blend ancient spiritual knowledge with modern day lifestyles, belief systems, healthcare and careers. As a professional speaker, she has conducted numerous spiritually based presentations and retreats including professional award winning dental presentations in local, state and national conventions and publications.  

Mary Jane traveled with Mai Hernon and Secret Ireland Tours back in May of 2019 which proved to be a positive, life transforming event for her. It has been her dream to return to Ireland as an ambassador for Secret Ireland Tours and Mai Hernon, and especially with Druidess Rachel Scoazec Lenihan at her Healing Center in Co Kerry Ireland. 

24 people

This tour is based on 24 people going, we are not taking more than that, so first come, first served. 

We have interest free installment plans for your convenience. You can choose how many month you wish to pay over. 

We also have two Travel Insurance companies that we work with for your convenience too!

One is Trawick International and the other is Travelex International

Links to both are on our webpage for this tour.

Terms and Conditions

1  The company requires non-refundable deposits to be paid as per tour in a timely manner. By paying a deposit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Company.

2  Our tours are all based on double occupancy. There will be an additional supplement for single travelers which will depend on tour taken. 

3  Payment for deposit will hold your place, final balance  payment will be 45 days before the start of your choice of  tour. 

4  Installment plans are available for anyone who would like to avail of them.

5  Travel insurance is something that the company strongly suggests all clients purchase to protect their travel investment.

6  Due to limited capacity on coaches, there is a limit of one suitcase per passenger. 

7  Participants are responsible for all their property, luggage, backpacks, phone's, laptops etc. 

8  The company tour guide will give all participants phone no's of tour guides and driver at the start of the trip or in an email before the start of the trip, it is vital that you keep these in a safe place.

9  At the start of each day your tour guide will tell you what time you should be ready, or to be on the bus for the next day's journey, it is up to you to contact your guide if you missed announcements on times. 

10 There is a cancellation fee for participants who cancel within 90 days of the start of trip. Please see contract.

11  Some of our trips require walking over stony roads and pathways, it is advised to always bring strong waterproof walking shoes, and waterproof/windproof outer coats/jackets also.

12 We also advise all participants to let us know of food allergies they have.

13 Each participant is responsible for their baggage being brought from the Coach to their accommodation except in the case where the company have booked porterage. The group will be advised where porterage will take place.

14 Conditions, availability, or contractual obligations may warrant for dates, venues, lodging, talent/celebrity headliners/hosts/guests. Ambassadors, tour guides or transportation modes to be changed or cancelled. It is our intent and obligation, within the best of our ability, to substitute and /or accommodate equal or enhanced alternatives. We will not refund any deposits or payments towards the tour due to these conditions.

15. Conditions, availability, or contractual obligations may warrant for dates, venues, lodging,  talent/celebrity headliners/hosts/guests. Ambassadors, tour guides or transportation modes to be changed or cancelled. It is our intent and obligation, within the best of our ability, to substitute and /or accommodate equal or enhanced alternatives. We will not refund any deposits or payments towards the tour due to these conditions.

What’s included

  • Airport transfers
    We will pick you up from Shannon airport on the morning of June 1st. We will advise you on times to book flights closer to time
  • Accommodation
    You will stay in a 4 star hotel in Killarney town. Hotel to be announced soon
  • Breakfast
    8 hearty breakfasts
  • Lunch
    5 lunches at the center
  • Entry fees
    For any venues on the itinerary.
  • Coach
    We will have a 27 seater Motor coach
  • Driver
    Expert Driver
  • Guide
    Expert Secret Ireland Tours guide
  • workshops
    5 healing workshops
  • walking trails
    2 walking trails on ancient and sacred ground
  • Healing sessions
    2 healing sessions with Mary Jane Brigger and Rachel your Druidess
  • Touring
    You will have 2 half days and 2 full days touring
  • Ebook
    We will have an ebook available for you soon
  • taxes
    All taxes and charges for accommodation and bus
  • Music
    We will have 2 music sessions at the center, but you will also have opportunity to enjoy music in the pubs at night
  • flights
    We ask you when you are booking your flight to book it to come into Shannon airport before 12 noon on the first day, and leave after 1pm on the day of the 9th of June
  • Evening meals
    You will have a choice of amazing restaurants in Killarney to eat in each evening
  • Travel Insurance
    We have, for your convenience, two travel insurance companies that you can choose from on our website for this tour. Please go to SecretIrelandToursLLC.com and find the page for this tour.
  • Tips
    We appreciate any tips given to the Driver and guide.

Available Packages

Double room
Available until October 10, 202210 left
Deposit: $250
Twin Rooms
Available until October 10, 20226 left
Deposit: $250
Single room
Available until October 10, 20226 left
Deposit: $250


Day 1
Bunratty Castle and Folk Park

We pick you up from Shannon airport and bring you to the famous Bunratty Castle and Folk park. The site on which Bunratty Castle stands was in origin a Viking trading camp in 970. The present structure is the last of four castles to be built on the site. Take a tour of this iconic fortress; hear and see how the lords and ladies of this castle lived; hear stories of battles and bravery and enjoy stunning views across the idyllic Clare countryside.

We then bring you to the world renowned Killarney where we will stay for the duration. We will go each day to the healing center which is only about 20 mins away.

Your Organizer

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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My self & my husband Richard went on the our first trip around Ireland with Mai hernon . I don’t know where to start as we had such an amazing adventure & we met such wonderful new friends. Mai went above & beyond to make sure we had a wonderful time & experience while we traveled around all the different magical places. Our stay in our hotels was absolutely fantastic with amazing food to eat. We have enjoyed our holiday with secret Ireland tours that we have already started planning our next adventure with them. We can’t wait to experience more magical places with the secret Ireland tours!! But please don’t take our words for granted we would ask for you to book and have an amazing magical time with secret Ireland tours. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!! Thank you mai hernon for our fabulous holiday. From Donna & Richard Wilkie 😁☘️💚
By Donna W for Game of Thrones to Ireland with Patti Negri on 23 May, 2022
Donna it was a pleasure to have you and Richard with us on this tour. We had so much fun with you both. I hope you will come with us again next year.
By Secret Ireland Tours LLC on 24 May, 2022