Health is a wealth! Easter regenerative retreat!

Apr 23, 2022
Group size: 4 - 12
Health is a wealth! Easter regenerative retreat!

Apr 23, 2022
Group size: 4 - 12

About this trip

Spring time is great season to raise energy level and start with personal change!  Learn how to crate and cook delicious macrobiotic meals, move your Prana/KI/Chi energy in body. Take opportunity to immerse yourself in Mediterranean goodies in beautiful Istra  peninsula- biggest Croatian peninsula  famous by culture, geography wine, olive oil, medicine plants and truffles.  Quality of food, breathing and emotions affects all aspects of our life.  Good news is that’ we can change our destiny and  health,  by changing our life habits and patterns. Living consciously  according natural rhythms that we almost forgot in modern society. Join me at beautiful Croatian coast at regenerative retreat for body, mind and spirt regeneration. We will crate atmosphere of support and self empowerment.  We will learn to cook delicious plant based macrobiotic meals for each season and personal need in harmony of Universe and 5Elements principles. We will raise energy flow in our meridians and body with  gentle body movement daily hatha/ yin yoga. You will experience power of therapeutic touch trough shiatsu and arama massage. Learn more about Mediterranean medicine plants.  Enjoy trip in Istria region, beautiful towns at crystal clear coast and picturesque inland villages. 

Mediterranean as it was

Lets begins with Mediterranean scents  of them the scent of the sea itself. Sea salt, seaweed , lavender, rosemary ,immortelle, fresh olive oil. oleander, sage, citrus ore truffle in lush Istrian forest. Enjoy testing of local wine, cheese oil, fig jam. Feel therapeutic touch thought aroma massage and shiatsu bodywork. 

What’s included

  • Cooking course
    Macrobiotic cooking course daily (all we cook we eat) starting from 2nd day, total 40h
  • Daily yoga class
    Hatha ore yin yoga class 75 min daily
  • Shiatsu tretament
    One shiatsu session per person (60min)
  • Aromatherapy massage
    Back, neck and shoulder massage per person (45min)
  • Trip in Istria region
    Full day trip in Istria region
  • Oil/vine/chease testing
    Testing of local olive oil, vine and cheese in island Krk
  • Trip to near island 2-3
    Trip and toru to local island Krk, Cres, Lošinj depends on weather and condition at sea
  • Medicine plant intro
    Class about properties of Mediterranean plants with opportunity to buy handmade products
  • Guided tours
    Guided historical/cultural tour
  • Transport, personal expe
  • Health insurance
  • Privat exprences
  • Meals on trip
    full day trip/island tour/

Available Packages

Standard accommodation

Accommodation in duble bed room with bathroom

Deposit: €200
Single suplement

Accommodation in one bed room with bathroom


Your Organizer

Artha retreats
We are specialized in holistic healing, yoga primary classical hatha, restorative and yin yoga, shiatsu complementary therapy, ayurvedic pancha karma procedures, macrobiotic cooking style, holistic bodywork, medicine herbs, tourism related with forests and natural environment. Trekking torus and Adriatic sailings tours . Our mission is to promote healthy life style and personal change of each individual. toward health and happiness. Our leaders are educated and certified by respective institutions.