Heart and Soul Healing Retreat

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Mar 30 - Apr 4, 2020
Group size: 12 - 15
Heart and Soul Healing Retreat
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Mar 30 - Apr 4, 2020
Group size: 12 - 15

About this trip

Awaken your Heart and Soul on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala! Join us for a 5 night and 4 days women's healing retreat with Shakti Amor as we connect to the essence of  who we are. During this retreat we are going to focus on spiritual purification through sacred ceremonies. You can expect many soul healing and culturally inspired events during your stay. We will be staying in a private home on Lake Atitlan which is a mystical lake surrounded by active and nonactive volcanoes and Mayan ruins.

Our greatest wish is that The Heart and Soul Retreat guides you into the deep inner healing that you’ve been searching for.

Ceremonies and Workshops Included:

Opening and Closing Mayan Fire Ceremony
This will be led by two local Mayan shaman who will open up the weekend with a flyer ceremony and cacao invoking the spirit of the land to bless our heart & soul healing journey

Daily Sacred Cacao Ceremonies
Cacao is a rich heart medicine that grows wildly throughout Guatemala. When used ceremonially it increases the futility of energy between the heart and the brain to sustain creativity, inner healing, and activating passion. This will be our core medicine for our Heart & Soul retreat as it will help us reach new depths in our spiritual journey.

Newal + Mayan Astrology Readings

Daily Yoga
During our retreat we will practice Yin Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, and Hatha Yoga.
We will begin each day with yoga varying between these three practices. This is show you the specific techniques between yoga styles and how they work for you personally. Depending on what we have planned for the day we will choose a practice that supports the highest level strength for that day.

Excursion to Local Sound Healer across the Lake
This sound healing will be truly magical as we are bathe in the healing sound of instruments and tools used by our sound healer Maria. We will also take a boat excursion to get to this beautiful location on the other side of Lake Atitlan

Temazcal Ceremony
This will be led by one of the shamans from someone who originates from Mexico and has a passion for sharing others. Temazcal is a confronting and deeply healing sweat lodge ceremony.

Womb Healing Workshop
Our womb is a sacred creatrix- a center that brings creativity and passion into our life. Often times this center can because traumatized or blocked. In this workshop you will learn how to tune in with this center and feel it’s unique energy. We will do a womb massage, a sacred dance movement to release stagnation in the womb center, as well as an activation for creating a sacred womb space.

Heart and Soul Healing + Integration Workshops
Sacred BreathWork Workshop
When we engage with the breath in a dynamic way we can reach new depths of our meditation practice. In this workshop you will learn three breathing techniques to clear your energy, activate your intuition, and strength your spiritual capacity.

Included Accommodations:

Your shared or private room at our retreat home on Lake Atitlan
Daily Vegan Food - Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Daily yoga practice
Your transportation from Antigua, Guatemala to Lake Atitlan and Back (RECOMMENDED)
All ceremonies or workshops led by local shamans or Shakti Amor
Transportation to offsite Workshop
Mayan Astrology Reading

What's not included:

Yoga mats or props
Rides from Guatemala City or Air Fair
Any extra touring fees during exploration time
Travel insurance

What we recommend to bring:

Yoga Mat
Tennie shoes
Bug Spray
Swim Suit
Extra Travel Cash in Local Currency
Extra Room in Luggage for any Purchases
Sacred items for the Alter
Anything you think you need to make your stay more comfortable

To view accommodations for your stay please visit www.shaktiamor.com

If you would like to set up a payment plan for your stay there is a non-refundable deposit of 200.00 which can be chosen at check out for any accommodation. The payments will be split into 3 payments and need to be paid in full before the retreat. Payment Dates: January 28th, February 28th, March 28th, 2020.

There is a 50.00 Late fee on all payments.

What’s included

  • Your Room
    Guest will stay on a twin bed in a shared room. You are welcome to request a shared room with a friend or family member.
  • Daily Vegan Food
    Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. First day is only dinner and last day is only breakfast.
  • Transportation
    Your transportation from Antigua to the retreat home.
  • Daily Yoga
    Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini Yoga Practices
  • All Ceremonies/Workshops
    Led by Local Shamans or Shakit Amor
  • Mayan Astrology Reading
  • Yoga Mats/Materials
  • Air Fair
  • Ride from Airports
  • Any Extra travel fees
  • Travel insurance

Your Organizer

Shakti Amor
Joined in January 2020
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