Hearts Alive Yoga

El Sobrante, CA, USA

Suzanna Mannion
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Jan 29, 2023
Group size: 10 - 20
Hearts Alive Yoga
El Sobrante, CA, USA

Suzanna Mannion
  • Email address verified

Jan 29, 2023
Group size: 10 - 20

About this trip

Want to relax, connect with yourself and get clear on your intentions to make the most of 2023?

More  than ever, claiming time to tend to yourself without the demands of the  external world is a precious gift. Sign up for this intimate retreat  focused on connection with yourself and others, self-care and intention  setting. Across the spaciousness of a day, you will be gently guided  through a series of activities to support you in becoming more relaxed,  centered and experience greater clarity on what is important to you. Via  intentional community, find resonance with others and gain insights  through the group's wisdom. Prior to the retreat you will be presented  with thought provoking resources. Additionally, you will have the  opportunity to speak your intentions for the new year and be deeply  heard.

You deserve this!

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Date: Sunday, January 29, 2023
Time: 9 am - 3:30 pm
Cost:  $215 - 250 sliding scale.
Location: Wildcat Canyon Community School, 3800 Clark Road, El Sobrante, CA 94803

Yoga (asana), guided self-compassion meditation, chanting, nature walk, discussions on intention setting, a sound bath by Planted Energy.

Eats and Drinks:
Vegan lunch catered by Brezo Restaurant and hot water / tea selections will be available throughout the day. Healthy snacks provided by Mamma Chia (our snack sponsor) as well! 

Nathan Solomon of Kundalinicoach.net is the repetition of words or phrases  which can be used in a harmony or tune and is as old as the spoken word.  All words hold vibration, some more powerful than others. When someone chants, and the words are repeated, a vibratory, circular tone and pattern are established inducing a meditative state of mind. Chanting when coupled with directed awareness of the spine can assist in raising the Kundalini energy.

Founder  of Hearts Alive Yoga, Suzanna Mannion, will lead all-levels yoga asana  during the retreat. Instructions for the poses will include variations  and modifications to help meet the needs of all students. The class will  end in a generous savasana preceded by a guided  meditation/visualization.

Nature Walk:
Weather  permitting we will enjoy a mile (or less) low-key nature walk on campus  or just off campus into the Wildcat Canyon Regional Park. More  information is provided in the FAQs linked button below. 

Sound Bath:
A sound bath is a deeply-immersive, full  body listening experience that intentionally uses sound to ignite gentle  yet powerful therapeutic and restorative processes to nurture your  mind, body, spirit and soul. The experience begins with each person  lying down or seated in a comfortable position, often with a blanket,  mat, small pillow and an eye mask. It involves singing bowls, which  create an echoing sound that feels like it fills the room. For many,  sound baths have the ability to relieve tension, anxiety and negative  moods. 

Discussions on Intention Setting:
During the retreat we will engage in discussions on intention setting and prior to the retreat date, registrants will be engaged with interesting optional exercises that support them in getting clearer on their New Year intentions, and "lock them in." 

What’s included

  • Yoga
    90 minute practice
  • Chanting
    30 minutes
  • Mindful Self Compassion
    30 minutes
  • Lunch
    Vegan catered soup, salad and a sweet
  • Beverage
    Tea selections
  • Snacks
    Fresh Fruit and Mamma Chia pouches
  • Music
    1-Hour Singing Bowl Sound Bath
  • Connection
    A day being with intentional community
  • Nature Walk
    30 minute mindful nature walk under a mile
  • LOVE!
    Warm, inclusive and friendly vibe
  • Pre-Retreat Engagement
    Invitation for optional insight-generating exercies to help you optimize your retreat experience

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $50

Your Organizer

Suzanna Mannion
YOGA | RETREATS | LIFE COACHING Hearts Alive Yoga offers yoga classes and retreats focused on mindfulness, meditation, yoga and self-care. Classes are held in downtown Pinole in a beautiful Victorian-era home with cheerful energy. This space features a state-of-the-art dance studio replete with doors that open to a back patio, street parking and even a disco ball. Attending a Hearts Alive Yoga class is a perfect way to be held in community, while escaping life's hustle and finding stillness in your mind through movement. Hearts Alive Y