Helicopter to Namche

Namche, Nepal

Helicopter to Namche
Namche, Nepal

About this trip


Everest region in Nepal is popular among tourists all over the world.  Everest region offers different outdoor activities including trekking,  climbing, expeditions, helicopter tours, and many others. Furthermore,  the Everest region is equally popular for the Sherpa culture,  traditions, the simpler way of life, and warm hospitalities of the  Himalayan Sherpas.

Namche Bazar is the heart of the Everest region. It is the major  trading hub in Khumbu. Namche is a busy place where you will see  clustered houses with colorful rooftops. If you want to fly to Namche  Bazar from Kathmandu, our Helicopter to Namche Bazar is a perfect one for you.

This helicopter flight rewards you with the best aerial views of  clustered houses in Kathmandu. Flying northwards, you will see the white  Himalayas getting closer and closer. You can enjoy the aerial views of  the rivers, bare mountains, green hills, lush jungles, tiny settlements,  and many others. On getting closer to the Everest region, you will see  the white range of glistening Himalayas getting closer.

What’s included

  • One Helicopter Flight
    Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Namche
  • Pickup Drop
    Hotel-Airport pick and drop facility
  • Food and Beverage
    All food and beverages are not included

Your Organizer

Everest Experience and Assistance
Everest Experience and Assistance is a well-known company in Nepal for providing a complete assistance for trips to Nepal's Himalayan regions, conveys a resolute pledge to your safety and security in the air as well as on the ground. Working safely and economically by using B2, B3, B3+ helicopters that are specially designed to meet the specific needs of each of our customer all around Nepal and its Himalayas.

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