Hike, Reflect & Relax on the Camino Santiago

  • Valença, Portugal
  • May 7 - 14, 2016
  • Trip Size: 1 - 12 people



Many people have experienced the positive effects of hiking. You start to feel relaxed, healthy, clear of mind, satisfied and, well, happy!

Now imagine what it will feel like if you'd embark on a 7-day camino hike all the way up from the Portuguese border to Santiago de Compostela. Walk the ancient Roman paths, take every step at a time and enjoy the way...

The Knapsack Collective travels part of the age-old Camino the Santiago. Once a Christian pilgrim route merely for rather serious people, it has now become an immensely populair trail for people from all walks of life.

The fact that this trail has become such a considerable institute makes the Camino one of the most comfortable routes in the world. It's rather difficult to get lost, you can buy food and drinks along the way and there are guesthouses all over the place. As a result, you can travel incredibly light which will definitely contribute to your hiking pleasure! Additionaly, you will be awarded a certificate of completion (your "compestela").

What's Included

Overnight stays (shared rooms)
Travel guidance
(peer)coaching sessions (group and individual)

Not Included

Travel costs (flight ticket, hotels prior and after the trip, etc.) are not part of this estimation. Good to know: you can get to Porto with low cost airlines, e.g. Ryanair, and from there take a 1,5-2-hour direct train or bus to Valença.

Meals are not included. For the food you can expect to arrive at something around €20-25 a day. That includes breakfast (€4), lunch (€6) and dinner (€12). Prices rise a bit if you're interested in better-than-basic food and local winery ;) - or if you want to stay in a private room every now and then.

Before You Go

Check out: www.knapsackcollective.com for more information.

The facilities along the trail are basic, be prepared to sleep in dorms and share facilities. The contents of your Knapsack will also be basic - at least, that's what we recommend. See it as something positive, you don't have to think about what you will be wearing each day! What to put in your Knapsack? Check out a packaging list on: http://knapsack-santiago.strikingly.com/

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