Hiking Tour

Nashik, Maharashtra, India

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Jan 8, 2021 - Jan 11, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25
Hiking Tour
Nashik, Maharashtra, India

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Jan 8, 2021 - Jan 11, 2022
Group size: 1 - 25

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7 Must-Know Hiking Tips For Beginners

Summertime feels very distant at the moment at least in most parts of the world but hiking can be a great outdoor activity all year around. Fall and spring are especially good seasons for hiking as it's not too warm or too cold. While these may be the most popular seasons of the year to organize outdoor trips, trekking, and hiking, there is no reason to wait. Winter is mild in many parts of the world and actually the best season for hiking trips in the Middle East. You won't have to walk under the hottest sun rays and, at the same time, you'll be pleased to enjoy a renewal period in nature. Spring is the season where many flowers and plants begin to blossom again and hiking in the midst of it is an amazing experience.

Each season has its own advantage or disadvantage depending on the country. Most important for a successful day of hiking is to make sure the weather is stable and this is true for every season. Besides, the weather is still nicely sunny for walking for miles in a forest or the mountains. While traveling abroad currently is restricted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing is a new way of living, many people rediscover the joy of local hikes. Experienced or first time hiker, this article will get you ready in no time!

Hiking - Try It At Least Once

Differently than walking on a paved path or a treadmill, hiking can involve a larger number of muscles. The surface is irregular and unpredictable which is a perfect workout for your legs and body while you can enjoy the landscape all around yourself.

Another great benefit of hiking is that you are completely immersed in a natural landscape, far away from the noise of your neighborhood, even further away than any form of a hectic life, traffic jams, or polluted air. Nature is there with all its immense beauty and you can enjoy it all through hiking.

You'll experience a sudden feeling of freedom. And the best news is that you won't miss the typical city life with its many negative points. Hiking is like engaging a challenge with yourself. Many experience a new connection with themselves and those they are hiking with. With no distractions around us but nature, we tend to be more open to what's going on within us. 

The taste for the challenge is waiting for you, either you want to experience it in the form of a cool roulette game or as a hike with friends on a sunny Saturday morning.

Get These Tricks Straight Away!

If you are a beginner yet want to try hiking during the winter you must try your best to catch a day with good, stable weather. You don't want to be surprised by a sudden heavy rain or snowfall. The following tips have been carefully selected to give you a 360-degree vademecum about hiking. Take note of these points straight away:


Before you consider a hike to try, you'd better visit a dedicated blog to learn about the necessary equipment for hikers. Once you have a clue of what you should buy, go to a sporting goods store or buy online the clothes, shoes, backpacks, and anything else you may need for your first hike.

Select a hike

Now you have everything to try your first hiking experience, look around for a hike. Make sure it's a little shorter than the distance you can normally walk on a regular path. Consider that walking for 2-miles per hour is enough for a beginner. Avoid hikes with huge elevations - you still have plenty of time to train and experiment with them.


Make a map of your hike

Get a map of the area where you want to go hiking. Make a research on the web and get informed about reports and data about that area. Find all about the trail to be well prepared to face it all. Mark any relevant detail of the trail on your map, for example, the presence of wild animals or a lake.

Check the weather

It's useless to check the weather conditions a week ahead when you go for your hike. Wait until a few hours before you want to leave your home and see if it's good or you need to add a keyway or any other piece of equipment in case of bad weather. In case the weather forecast tells it's going to be awful, consider postponing your trip.


Stay connected but disconnected

To get the most of your hiking experience we recommend using your smartphone to stay connected with family or friends at home in case of an emergency but stay away from social updates etc. If you, like many others, have difficulties limiting the time you spend daily on your phone then this is time to try to cool down. This is especially important if you have issues with gambling and constantly search for ways to connect. In many countries, the government tries to block sites related to gaming due to the many negative side-effects. Even in the Arabic region where gambling is not allowed due to religious reasons,VPN are used by casino players to bypass IP restrictions. Bottom line, it's your own responsibility and there is no better time than during a hike to do some soul searching and reconsider what's important to spend time on, both online and offline. Connecting with nature will help you clean your mind so make a decision to use your phone for what it's intended for, communication.

Go with someone

If you have a friend who is an experienced hiker, you should think of joining him/her for your first time. Normally, all hikers organize small hiking groups because going alone into a wild landscape might be seriously dangerous. So, always ask someone to come with you.


Emergency device

Just in case you may need help, carry also an emergency device like the SPOT tracker. This device allows you to launch an SOS and get help by satellite. The bottom line is that you are always attentive and prudent when you venture for hiking.

Finally, don't forget to take your camera to catch wonderful pictures on your first day of hiking!

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