Holistic Cancer Healing Retreat

Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
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3 reviews
Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Holistic Cancer Healing Retreat
Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
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3 reviews

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Our medically supervised holistic cancer healing clinic offer science tested, effective and safe alternative, holistic treatments to support healing all stages of cancer.

The program treatments and modalities supports all essential Body Defense Systems:

  • Immune 
  • Detoxification 
  • Inhibition of Angiogenesis 
  • Support of Apoptosis of Cancer Cells, Circulating Tumor Cells, Circulating Cancer Stem Cells 
  • Activation of NK Killer Cells 
  • Mobilization of Stem Cells 
  • Healthy Microbiome 
  • Cancer Cells Starvation
  • DNA Protection
  • Body Regeneration

In our approach, we don't practice a “war on cancer”. We treat cancer as a call for a deeper healing and transformation on all levels; Mental, Physical, Spiritual. We also address the Shadow Work; subconscious mind patterns leading to stress and negative emotions.

  • This retreat 7 night retreat will be in response to a recent health event in which the client needs to enhance their immune system quickly and safely in a pristine environment with supportive food options.

This retreat includes:

  • Premium private room with private bath room and ocean view
  • 3 individualized (mostly organic ) meals daily - different diet options available include Detoxification Juicing, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Pescatarian, Vegan and Vegetarian options
  • Morning Yoga/Movement class
  • Evening Meditation Class
  • Analysis and recommendations based on your current blood work to customize your retreat
  • Nutritional Consultation and Evaluation
  • 4 Ozone Therapies
  • A 25 g Vitamin C IV Infusion with Glutathione
  • A 50 g Vitamin C IV infusion with Glutathione
  • A 75 g Vitamin C IV infusion with Glutathione (increasing to 100 g for longer than one week.)
  • IV infusion of essential Vitamins A, B complex, D3, K2 and Zinc
  • Stem Cell Activation Therapy
  • 3 Mistletoe Injections
  • 2 Hyperthermia Therapy
  • Coffee enemas
  • 2 lymphatic drainage massages
  • 2 Swedish tissue detoxification massages
  • 2 Aquatic Bodywork session
  • 2 Reiki Energy Work session
  • 2 Thalassotherapy-soak and Seaweed wrap

Price of $3,950 is for one week.

The following discounts are available.

10% for a 2 week retreat

15% for a 3 week retreat

20% for 4 weeks or more

Your Organizer

Pura Vida Wellness Retreat
3 reviews
Pura vida in Spanish means pure life. It became our mantra and our intention. Aligning our way of living with what we see is true, so the conscious spirit can thrive and live it’s full potential. Pura Vida is a non-denominational, spiritual, health-focused eco-retreat center in a tropical paradise in Mexico. Our beautiful accommodations are right by the ocean, for those seeking connection with nature and themselves. We offer a combination of a spiritual retreat, spa by the ocean and alternative, holistic healing therapies. Our peaceful, secluded ocean front resort is located in Yelapa, Mexico, a small bay within Puerto Vallarta Bay, accessible only by boat. It’s only 2 hour direct flight from Los Angeles or 3 hour flight from San Francisco. We have been successfully supporting thousands of people over last 15 years by integrating many modalities in our Holistic Healing and Personal Transformation programs. We are happy that most people report lasting changes in their lives.


The retreat was a huge disappointment. The leader (Chris) and session providers showed up late... they had a hard time sticking to the schedule. It was unorganized. Only 3 yoga sessions the whole week when it was supposed to be daily.
By Mindy Leigh for Holistic Healing Retreat on Dec 19, 2022
Wonderful retreat! Nature, spectacular views, waterfalls, sacred ceremony, yoga, meditation, music, massage, spiritual renewal. All things I love. Best of all I felt a deep love and connection to the people I met. The other retreat members were diverse. We all opened up. The the staff really love one another. They are committed to the vision and purpose of the center and it showed. I will be going back again! It was magic. ❤️
By Karen Miller for Holistic Healing Retreat on May 23, 2022
We ( Husband and Wife) had an amazing experience. This retreat is very spiritual. emotional, and full of healing. We had no idea what to expect- we showed up with an open mind and loved every minute. Our retreat was a very scheduled event with very little down time- we enjoyed all the events, workshops, and personal sessions. The food was 5 start amazing!!! The staff was also 5 star amazing!! The retreat is very rustic and LOTS of stairs to climb to go anywhere on the resort. Better communication is required regarding the schedule, workshops, excursions such as; length of time of events, specific details, what to bring, content, and physical requirements would have been helpful to prepare prior to arrival. This location is very beautiful and peaceful. The beds were comfortable. Tips are not included in the price and expect to be tipping quite a few people. Bring small enough bills as they do not have the ability to make change. We would attend this retreat again and will look into booking the next spring retreat offered in 2023.
By Lisa Moroz for Holistic Healing Retreat on Apr 04, 2022