Hot-Air-Balloon Ride - Private Ride - 2 pax - Vuelo Libre Privado

Lago San Pablo

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
Hot-Air-Balloon Ride - Private Ride - 2 pax - Vuelo Libre Privado
Lago San Pablo

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

 We start our activities at 5 am, with the assembly of the aircraft, starting at 6 am together with sunrise, we take off from the shores of Lake San Pablo, where we will admire all the splendor of the lake, we will also have a panoramic view of the Taita Imbabura and Mama Cotacachi, the experience lasts 20-30 minutes where we will achieve an elevation of 260-320 ft to be able to admire the majesty of the Andean Region from the Imbabura Province. 

After our experience in the air, we will carry out a world renowned tradition such as the toast and the gratitude of reaching the arms of Mother Earth. 

  We will have time to have the typical breakfast.

  In our experience 2 people can go or 2 adults and 1 child. Confirming the weight of the passengers. 

 The experience begins 6:00 am.

It is the time when the wind allows the hot air balloon to fly anywhere in the world.


• Passengers must attend 20 minutes before their scheduled flight time.

• Any person who can stand for about 20-30 minutes and has the ability to climb into the basket can fly.

• People who have any affectation, disease or clinical or surgical history that prevents them from doing adventure activities, extreme sports, or high impact activities cannot fly. These affections or illnesses may be known or unknown by the passenger or they may or may not have been diagnosed by a health professional.

• Children over 5 years of age with the ability to understand the provisions of their adult representative or pilot in command.

• Pregnant women cannot fly.

• Passengers in an ethyl state or under the influence of psychotropic substances or narcotic drugs are not allowed.

• No smoking

• No big backpacks

• The flight can be canceled due to winds with a speed higher than 4 km / h, rain, fog, wind instability.

• Objects that exceed the limit set by the basket, such as selfie sticks, are not allowed to use, because they can fall and cause damage to people or property.

• No pets

• The passenger must remain standing inside the basket during boarding, taking off, flight, landing and landing. All of your limbs and your body must remain in the basket all the time.

• If the passenger requires to leave their small children, pets, luggage, large backpacks or belongings that cannot be carried on board, KAWSAY BALLOONS ground staff are available for that purpose.

What’s included

  • Typical breakfast
    Hot chocolate, biscuits, cheese, juice
  • Traditional Toast
    Delicious sparkling wine
  • Flight Certificate
    Certificate that endorses the experience of flying in a hot air balloon
  • Aeronautical Insurance
    Each flight have a insurance policy for passengers and pilot.
  • Transport
    Transfers to Lake San Pablo, Imbabura Province. We have a transport service. check rates
  • Accommodation
    We have agreements with hotels, hostels

Available options

Child flight rate
Private boat ride on Lake San Pablo
Transfers to Lake San Pablo
Standard Accomodation for couple
Roomx2 Puerto Lago or Cabañas del Lago
Drone video
Drone video + photoshoot
Full Day Van Service - 8 people



 The KAWSAY BALLOONS staff welcomes to passengers

 Our experience starts at 6:00 am 

The hot air balloon  takes off at 6:15 am. 

 After our experience in the air, we will carry out a world renowned tradition such as the toast. 

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