How Neon Signs are made - Neon Sign Maker

Mníchov, Germany

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
How Neon Signs are made - Neon Sign Maker
Mníchov, Germany

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

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The custom neon sign is ideal for lighting decoration, creating light messages or designing design lighting. 

When worked by an experienced craftsman, neon lighting offers excellent adaptability. It tracks and highlights shapes such as the angles of a room. Thanks to its uniform light, the neon provides excellent readability and can also be used in luminous texts to indicate a direction or the entry of a room.

Here is the process in a few steps how N


The visual of neon:

We start from a visual that can be in digital format or drawn freehand. From this visual, we create a silhouette that will fit the shape of your future neon. We then print the visual on paper at full size. This paper print will serve as the boss for the glassblower.

Creation of neon:

 The craftsman works from a tube of neon. These tubes, also called neon canes, are usually 3 meters. Using a blowtorch, the glassblower will heat the tube to make it flexible. He will then deform it according to the paper plan to give shape to neon. It is generally necessary to use several tubes for the same work. For example, it would take more than 5 m of tubes to write the word " Illuminated Sign " in 10 cm letters. When the neon creation is complete, electrodes welded on each side of the tube.

The Color of Neon:

There are two techniques to get neon colours:

- The tubes tinted in the mass: they often made in Crystal. It is the most elegant solution to achieve a neon colour, but also the most expensive.

- Powdered tubes: the tube is made of transparent glass and powdered on its inner edges. This powder is coloured when illuminated by neon.

Neon Lighting:

The last step is pumping. It consists of filling the glass tube with a gas. These gases make it possible to illuminate the neon then when an electric current passes through it.

There are two types of gas to illuminate

- Neon gas: this gas illuminates in red

- Argon gas: this gas illuminates in blue

Once the gas trapped in the glass tube, the neon sign is ready for operation. However, it is necessary to allow time for the gas to evenly distributed. For this, neon is put into operation for 24 to 48 hours to obtain an optimal colourimetric rendering.

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Customize your Neon Sign

 Create your own neon lights with our online neon sign maker tool. To design your own custom neon word, choose font, color and size. Try any number of combinations. You can even view the design on many backgrounds to give you a good idea of what looks like. When you are satisfied with the customization options, just add them to your shopping cart. In just a few weeks, you will get a handmade, personalized neon design.  

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