Human Design retreat - an awakening experience

Grass Valley, CA, USA

Pavaka Halel Katzir
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Apr 10 - 14, 2019
Group size: 10 - 25
Human Design retreat - an awakening experience
Grass Valley, CA, USA

Pavaka Halel Katzir
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Apr 10 - 14, 2019
Group size: 10 - 25

About this trip

Take a time out just for yourself in a serene and supportive environment, to meet yourself, immerse in truth, learn and experience a new way of BEING. Receive a practical key to YOU, and towards the life that you deserve.

Join a free class to understand the basics of Human Design and what it can give you + Introduction to the upcoming retreat.

April 9th 19:30

Inner Path, 200 Commercial St, Nevada City, CA 95959


  • Understand yourself and your life clearly.
  • Know your genetic structure, and how to work with it.
  • Learn to let go of false thoughts, and to accept and love yourself.
  • Learn to make decisions from your true self - will lead to satisfaction and peace.
  • Understand your relationships and how to fix, and perfect them.
  • Stop being run by your mind, and by influences that are not correct for you.
  • Understand what is the correct path to reach your true destiny.
  • Receive a tool to help others understand themselves and fix their life.

Come and receive a map to navigate in this confusing world. Understand and experience the energetic structure of the matrix we live in, and how people and things influence your body and mind and run your life. When you see it clearly you can reconnect to your nature and your inner authority.

The understanding of how things really work helps you in every aspect of your life. Relationships of all sorts, Communication, what you do in life, your work, your creativity, how you treat your body and mind; eat, sleep, move, talk. EVERYTHING.

Learn to deal with everything in you and in your life in a whole new way! All of your issues are in your Human Design unique genetic map, in the body – understanding them helps you deal with them, change and heal them:

  • Stress and the feeling there is never enough time.
  • Feeling a slave to life chores, and to people in your life.
  • The mental pressure to understand something, noisy mind.
  • Feeling imbalanced emotionally and avoiding confrontation and truth.
  • Always looking for direction and love, never being sure.
  • Feeling like you don't express yourself, or fulfill yourself.
  • Holding on to things, and fearing for your survival.
  • Living with frustration, anger, bitterness. Feeling stuck and confused.

When perspective changes even the way you see the past will change. All those psychological issues and trying to fix them – they disappear when you live correctly as your self, and make decisions in the right way.

This RETREAT is an experiential adventure into yourself and all that is in you. 

Retreat and Dive into your Design spend 5 days in a beautiful and tranquil setting just 15 minutes from downtown. Overnight accommodations available and lunch available. 

You can also take a sauna session during the 2hrs. lunch break :)

The retreat is 2 programs in 1:

1. Living Your Design (LYD) the official basic training from the International Human Design School (IHDS). The knowledge of Human Design. Learn to read the Human Design map, and to understand yourself and the world deeply through it. Understand your type, strategy and inner authority. Get all the Human Design tips for living correctly as YOURSELF. Including recordings and presentations of each class.

2. Immersion workshop - A living lab to practice and experience Human Design knowledge through unique group dynamics. Test your strategy, explore your aura, feel the interactions of types in the cellular level, in the special frequency of Human Design. Immersion is a radical, revolutionary process designed by Mary Ann Winiger, one of the senior Human Design teachers, a close student, and friend to Ra Uru Hu - Who brought this knowledge into the world.

About me (the facilitator):

Pavaka Halel Katzir 

A Human Design teacher from Israel. Certified professional by the international Human Design school (IHDS). She lives this knowledge for 6 years now. She has over 14 years of experience in healing and guiding people through different methods and techniques. Also a Chi Gong healer, Theta Healing Master, Nia instructor, and EMF practitioner.

Are you ready? Is this for you?

Then you are invited-

Join us for a life changing adventure

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

You can message me here

Email me at

Or WhatsApp me at + (972)508862726

Or Brittney at: +1(417)2943902

What’s included

  • Living Your Design
    The official basic course from IHDS (the int' school). the knowledge of Human Design system. Learn to read the HD map. Understand TYPE & strategy, Auras, the 9 centers, definitions, inner authorities.
  • Immersion workshop
    Sensing the Auras, the centers, the type. practicing energetically through group dynamics, to understand Human Design deeper, and immerse in our own unique design.
  • your map
    your unique Human Design map, printed in color.
  • the classes recordings
    all the knowledge given in class recorded + the classes presentations. that way you can always go back to the knowledge
    The LYD program thought by Mary Ann Winiger, my teacher and the creator of the Immersion workshop. In audio.
    You are welcome to take a sauna in the lubch break :)
  • accomodation & food
    Unless you pick an accomodation & food package

Available Packages

Human Design Retreat
20 left

A 6 day experience: all activity + classes recordings & presentations (via email) + your map.

No accommodations.

Catered lunch available for purchase.

Deposit: $190
HD retreat + B&B shared room
only 3 left

retreat + accomodations for 5 nights (10-15) in the house. 

A shared room, with one more person. 

Twin beds.

The bathroom is shared with the rest of the house.

Breakfast included.

Sauna included.

(possibility to add another night and stay the 15th) 

Deposit: $230
HD retreat + B&B shared space
4 left

Retreat + accomodations for 5 nights (10-15) in the house.  

A floor mattress in the space (living room), 4 people max.

Shared bathroom.

Breakfast uncluded.

Sauna included.

 (possibility to add another night and stay the 15th) 

Deposit: $200
HD retreat + B&B Private Room
Sold Out
Immersion workshop only
5 left
Deposit: $170

Available options

Daily Vegan Organic Lunch (Thurs-Sun)24 left

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Human Design Retreat
An awakening experience

Your Organizer

Pavaka Halel Katzir
Hi, I'm Pavaka I guide and inspire people to awaken to their true nature, and be who they are. I live my SELF, and Lead a happy, loving and harmonious family life, living the spirit on this earth and talking my walk ;) I have been walking the spiritual path since 1999, through many teachings and methods, and have been teaching and guiding people in different ways since 2005. My main calling, mission, occupation, and love is Human Design System. I have been living the experiment of HD radicaly since 2012, and it has transformed me and my life deeply (even after years of spirituality). I am a certified Human Design System teacher (LYD guide), holding retreats and courses and giving 1*1 map readings and sessions in Israel and internationally. I am also a healer in chinese chi gong healing. in my certification (and past workings) I am also a NIA teacher, Theta Healing master and science degree, and EMF balancing technique practitioner 1-8. If you want to JUST BE YOU I hope to meet you