Crescent City, FL, USA

Jeanette Rios Evans
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Oct 22 - 25, 2020
Group size: 13 - 15
Crescent City, FL, USA

Jeanette Rios Evans
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1 review

Oct 22 - 25, 2020
Group size: 13 - 15

About this trip

Are you ready to step into your power? Join us for an intimate women's retreat that will take you on a deep journey within yourself and Sacred Sisterhood. This life transforming retreat will allow you step into your true voice, access your true GODDESS power and begin to create the life your soul longs for. Right now more than ever we are being called to join and reunite with those who are called to similar missions on earth to help raise the consciousness of the planet. 

You'll leave with a clear understanding of what has been getting in the way of the life your heart desires. You will gain new skills, beliefs, practices and rituals that will allow you to continually grow and thrive. And, you'll have a support system of amazing sisters who see you at your highest, and hold you to it. 

We will share a gorgeous home for the retreat at a mystical center called, OLA OLU which means the gift from God. The land is set inside a pristine part of the Ocala National Forest where Maroon tribes lived off the land and lakes. The Mother’s of the forest surrounds you with nurturing energy and fills your soul with empowering thoughts. OLA OLU is saturated with the devotion of  love from Elder Seer-ess Vassa, tuning the frequencies to meet what each person truly needs.  

The land breaths powerful energy into your souls chakras, the wildlife and plants share the ancient wisdom and the portal in the center of the private lake opens you to Divine Feminine  Energy. There are many unique experiences available as you interact with each of the transformational portals. Begin your morning activating your chakras, stretching and chanting with the sacred plants, sipping your morning tea and opening into the endless possibilities of each day!  

Your hosts and teachers for the The Rising Goddess retreat will be:

Jeanette Rios Evans, Transformational Life Coach, Sacred Healer, Holistic Health Practitioner and Founder of I AM SACRED.

Jeanette's soul mission is to use all her gifts, knowledge and love to transform lives as a guide to greater self love and understanding so that we are all free to sing our own song from the depths of our soul. Jeanette has trained under some of the best teachers in the world with certifications in Shamanic Healing, Reiki Master Practioner, Angel Healing Practioner, Akashic Record Practioner, Quantum Level Healer Certified with SVH Mystery School and Certified Holistic Health Coach with IIN. Jeanette is currently attending INITIATIONIS -The School of Mysteries and The Healers Academy. Through her own personal Journey and training, she has come to lead 400+ woman to heal and assist them in living their best lives. 

It was only when Jeanette learned to accept and love herself, that she started to break free from the continual loops of negative thoughts, self-pity and distractions. This peace within created the space for a life far better than she could have imagined to manifest. She found her voice and began to sing again for the first time  in nearly 20 years. Through her newfound voice, she  found the courage to tell her story to other women, which resulted in the creation of I AM SACRED. Through I AM SACRED, Jeanette leads in person and virtual sister circles, group coaching programs and retreats. Jeanette has learned so much through her own Journey and her passion is to share it with as many woman as she can. 

Mother Messenger Vassa,, Elder Sacred Goddess, Seer-ess, Oracle...Iya Vassa, (EE-ah, mother of the secrets) creates transcendent experiences for proactive Truth Seekers ready to ground-in deeper, expand their sphere geometrically and elevate dimensionally with their sacred ancestral codes. Iya Vassa’s unique keys include, unlocking the portals inside the 10-acre-enchanted-forest nurtured by her for 22 years to create custom activations combining the ancient “Mother" energy of all the elements inside the gates of Ola Olu. Opening the road for each person to connect with the highest version of oneself.

Iya Vassa combines the unique energy of the sacred ground with her 33 + years of ceremonial wisdom experiences, and adds the strategy defined through a divination session with the Ancestors and the Oracle of the 256 Odu matrices that she will perform on your behalf. Iya Vassa opens you using unique nature-based techniques of frequency healing to release lineage patterning to prepare you for initiations of empowerment, and create spiritual tools for you to use.

Nurturing loving energy flows through each movement Iya Vassa so passionately engages with you on. As an elder, Iya Vassa walks with experience and wisdom, ready to meet you in whatever condition you arrive. Ground and elevate in loving yourself in a deeper way, preparing you to live your legacy. Iya Vassa walks with honesty and integrity and focuses on developing ones good character. This is #1 in her eyes. Vassa's legacy is to sing her song while here, clearly walking with what her ancestors brought her here to do. Know why you are here and develop the character to live it fully. Iya Vassa has the ability to bring you to this opening and empower you to step inside.




There will be three powerful days geared around Trust & Surrender, Love Yourself and Return to ONE. Each day we will dive deep into multiple modalities using ancient and modern wisdom to allow breakthroughs to happen on multiple levels. Your retreat includes:

DELICIOUS HEALTHY MEALS | Daily delicious, vegetarian meals + juices and snacks throughout the day

OPENING & CLOSING CEREMONIES | Powerful collective rituals to open and close our beautiful time together

ANCESTRAL WORK | Connect with your ancestral wisdom, learn who your guardian ancestor is and tap into guidance from those who came before you

PROTECTION, CLEARINGS & ENERGETIC CORD CUTTING  | You will learn how to keep your energy field shielded and cleansed from negative influences

BREATHWORK | Experience powerful breathwork sessions that allow you to access elevated levels of consciousness and access inner peace

QUANTUM LEVEL MEDITATION | align and balance the charts and the ethereal body

MIRROR AND SHADOW WORK | Gain a deeper understanding, connection and acceptance to all aspects of yourself to ignite self-love

SACRED FEMINE POWER | Connect with your sacred feminine and learn Womb Wisdom, Sex Is Your Birthright and so much more

SACRED MEDICINE CEREMONIES | We will work with fire, Cacao, Grandfather Tobacco and Hape' to open our hearts, minds and souls 

INCLUDED EXCURSIONS | Beach trip to visit Mother Yemoja

SURPRISES AND GIFTS | It wouldn't be an I AM SACRED Retreat without surprises and gifts from the heart

LIFELONG CONNECTIONS | Deeply connect with fellow inspirational sister soul family

Your journey extends far beyond the week we spend physically together in beautiful Florida. Your Journey includes the full 4-Week Program, all created to maximize the positive outcomes of your Journey. Including:


Pre-Retreat Prep - virtual Goddess circle where we will connect and begin our work together. We will do virtual exercises and provide you with some assignments that will get you fully ready for the transformation that awaits you. 


Post-retreat virtual Integration Goddess Circle call.  After the Journey is where the biggest opportunities for growth occurs. I AM SACRED has designed our integration program to allow you to best implement the breakthroughs and insights you experience on the Journey into your lives back home. You'll stay connected with your new Tribe via our PRIVATE WHATSAPP CHAT and have access to the monthly I AM SACRED SISTERS CIRCLE. You will leave the journey with a buddy who will help you stay on track in making powerful positive changes in your life.

**Applicants must be approved to attend. Once we receive your deposit and application, we will have a call with you to confirm acceptance. If you are not accepted, your deposit will be refunded. 

"Imagine a woman who embodies Spirituality. A woman who Honors her body as the Sacred Temple of the Spirit of Life. Who breathes deeply as a prayer of gratitude for life itself"

Covid Policy

We will have most activities outside and will have some safety protocols in place. We will also create a policy prior to the retreat that may include testing and/or quarantine time prior that we will ask all guests to follow. Given the nature of the retreat, we will not require masks and social distancing when on the property though anyone may opt to do so.  We will stay on the property for the full retreat so we will not be exposed to anyone outside of our group.  

We do not take on any liability for anyone should they get ill while on the retreat. All guests are joining at their own risk and will do any necessary research to understand their risk fully. By choosing to join this retreat, you also understand that we cannot responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are followed 100% by all guests and parties or that the protocols put in place can prevent the spread completely. responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are followed 100% by all guests and parties or that the protocols put in place can prevent the spread completely. be responsible for ensuring that all safety protocols are followed 100% by all guests and parties or that the protocols put in place can prevent the spread completely.

What’s included

  • 4 day/3 night Stay
    Shared accommodations at "Ola Olu" Orisha Gardens
  • 3 Healthy Meals / Day
    Delicious, freshly prepared vegan food, juices and snacks
  • 4 Week Program
    A comprehensive 4-week virtual program built around our 3-day retreat together
  • Sacred Toolbox (gift)
    Take home your own handpicked set of sacred tools to support in your daily rituals and practice
  • Transportation to/from
    We will do our best to help coordinate carpools from Miami (4-5 hour drive)

Available Packages

RISING GODDESS (on-site housing)
Sold Out

Shared room accommodations (single bed) with a shared bath in our on-site home. All meals and activities includes + special spiritual tool kit. 

*Upon booking we will schedule an interview call with you. All guests must be approved, if you are not approved your deposit will be refunded. 

Discounts available for shared queen size bed, email us for info at iamsacredsc@gmail.com 

Deposit: $333

Available options

6-weeks Coaching with Jeanette 25% OFF
12-weeks Coaching with Jeanette 40% OFF

Your Organizer

Jeanette Rios Evans
1 review
Sacred Healer | Holistic Health & Life Coach, and founder of I AM SACRED - Sister's Circle, Jeanette Rios Evans has created a safe sacred space for woman to unite in peace, in love and to empower one another worldwide. Jeanette also brings a mindful community together to experience yoga, meditation and healthy lifestyle talks that range from healthy eating to conscious living and feeling. Join the I AM SACRED community on Instagram @iamsacredsisters or email us at iamsacredsc@gmail.com Love & Light~ Jeanette Rios Evans


What an amazing experience this was. Everything was perfect. Everyone that was there was meant to be there. We were all in alignment. Jeannette and Vassa shared some much knowledge and genuinely cared for our personal growth . Barriers were broken down and so much was left there that did not serve me such as unlimiting beliefs . We were in a safe container at all times . Grateful for the experience
By Claudia M for I AM SACRED SISTERS - JOURNEY 1 on 29 Oct, 2020


I was blessed with the opportunity of attending the Rising Goddess retreat with the Sacred Sisters led by Jeanette and Vassa this October and it was a transformational experience. I am still integrating what I learned/experienced over that weekend on a daily basis and I feel so grateful for all the clarity I received. You can tell all the love that went into planning this retreat. I would recommend this retreat to anyone looking for connection and wanting to elevate on a soul level. Aho! - Isabel
By Isabel C on 17 Nov, 2020
What an amazing Retreat! So much healing & so much Gratitude for all the amazing sisters I got to meet...it’s so great to meet people that are on the same path as you, Also Grateful for Jeanett for making this happen, and for holding space so gracefully and for sharing so much wisdom..Best Retreat Ever! Can’t wait for many more...✨✨🌬🌿🌈🦅AHO!! Angie.
By Angelica A on 26 Oct, 2020