Iboga Plant Medicine Healing Retreat Costa Rica

Puntarenas Province, Punta Arenas, Costa Rica

Jamie & Melinda Atherton
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Oct 4 - 8, 2021
Group size: 4 - 8
Iboga Plant Medicine Healing Retreat Costa Rica
Puntarenas Province, Punta Arenas, Costa Rica

Jamie & Melinda Atherton
  • Email address verified

Oct 4 - 8, 2021
Group size: 4 - 8

About this trip

Engage your soul with a true Iboga immersion experience. This 5 day 4 night experience follows African teachings with strong ancestral lineage. We come to Iboga to heal and this condensed experience that keeps our grouping together, follows the traditional way of administering iboga utilised in initiation in Africa.

This is all about the work, the truth, bridging the gap between soul and self without the distractions of the outside world. The waterfalls, beaches and activities can wait, these will happen and happen in new brilliance once you have immersed and met the soul to bring about the ultimate resolution. These are for the end of our retreat.

Makonza is a journeyman of Bwiti teaching and of the highest caliber both here and in Gabon. His tutelage is years in the making and his lifelong dedication to the art of Iboga and Bwiti teaching is unparalleled in the west. The spiritual strength of the Black Panther lineage is accessible through his spiritual connection and ensures the strongest of protection for all those seeking freedom and emancipation from the illusion of Dis ease.

Iboga knows of no discrimination in its healing capacity and Makonza´s conductivity of spirit and Iboga has alleviated hundreds of souls on their journey to realise the truth within all.

You come to Iboga for another chance, for redemption of self. It awaits and we feel more than ever that our immersion experience is the most accurate way of experiencing the self in its communication with the soul. 

We do not sell pretty images and ideas, this is not what you need. Healing by speaking with our souls is what we need and this exists through strong spirit, protection and guidance. Join us in becoming yourself. 



Experience the true creative nature of consciousness. Rewrite your programming. 5% of the time we exist within the conscious creative state and the other 95% of time we are replaying programs that we learnt earlier in life, of which maybe 70% are detrimental or in opposition to our current desires and outlook   (Bruce Lipton Biology of Belief). So, become aware of your conscious thoughts, capture the process of thinking that is thought in process because experience is the actualization of thought in this physical reality.

However, this is not easy if you are already so disconnected  that you can no longer control your thoughts let alone observe them and implement a conscious strategy of belief replacement in your life. 

Addictions, PTSD, OCD, repetitive thoughts, & manifested emotions such as anger, grief, shame, depression and anxiety, all exist now as a program of the subconscious mind.

Erase these programs with Iboga. 

Iboga enables you to wipe these programs and you need to know what new programs you wish to create instead. This neural plasticity that the Iboga world so often talks about can be likened to the theta programming that we went through from ages 2 to 7 yo. Maybe this is why so many tell you to search for your inner child in your Iboga experience, so you go back to that stage in your life where behaviours were programmed, some you can call traumas, if you wish. But there is never anything that exists that cannot change. And you don´t need to categorize your Iboga experience by searching for your inner child either. 

With Iboga you set up the conditions for theta state activity, where you can now program yourself, consciously, as an adult, with your wishes and desires. Your environment is always your petri dish, this time, more so than ever, thinking positive thoughts really works now. You have a chance now to create new structures for your life ahead. So magical this chance appears but life is magic and existence is creation. Bassé!!

What’s included

  • Iboga
    Two plant medicine ceremonies
  • Meals & Accommodation
    Vegetarian meals and private rooms
  • Access to Spirit
    Protected spiritual realm through Bwiti tradition
  • Fluff
    We do not offer whole lot of extras to sell you this retreat. This retreat is only about healing in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Where soul meets self
Iboga is a tool that can connect you to your soul so YOU can heal.

You do not need to convince yourself you are loved, healed and good. You are already these things. Convincing implies your distrust of self. You are already Iboga, it is you & it is your souls´ communicative tool calling you to safety, freeing you to yourself.

Negative thought is the illusory world, not the other way around. Just because millions express negativity does not affirm or justify its existence. It merely says millions live in illusion - the illusion we do not create reality with our thought. The truth is that we need only surrender to the opposite condition and use the tools left to us by spirit to reconvene with ourselves and realise the lessons here on this physical plane. When we get out of the way, when we surrender without aversion, we close the gap and we begin our training as Gods in the making. We begin our life through rebirth with Iboga.

So we ask ourselves what are we expecting Iboga to do, what do we anticipate or expect Iboga to be? To be sure, we will always gain that which we need with Iboga, not necessarily that which we want. Our states of dis-ease are generated by a distinct difference between what we are wanting and what we are not getting. At this point, there is an energetic collision and the subsequent pulling between these points. This opposition generates an emotional signal, a signal felt as an emotion to tell us that we are in opposition and that control must be relinquished. A message from soul to flesh that we must address this difference, look at what is causing the dis-ease. One will be what we want and one what we need. Behind dis-ease lies exactly what we need. The emotional tone and signal of disease and negativity is only existent to get us out of the way, to get us to listen to love, to the soul. It is not there to scare us, to break us, to destroy us. It is our lighthouse to love. stare through the light without attachment,  to its capture of negativity and we find the need of self in soul.

The soul is never wrong, it is all knowing.

After all, it is the one sending the signals. Who would go so far as to want to elevate you, to free you from dis-ease. Who would go so far? Who loves you if not you? Abandoning ourselves, to ourselves soul is the art. The art, being art, takes physical time and space yet the art already exists completed. 

We must accept the soul metering out of lessons over time with patience. Our patience is acceptance of time, which is learning in action, to sit with ourselves through any circumstance. Iboga and soul want us to sit in this time/action, to learn to be with ourselves, to feel all there is to feel with ourselves, so we may remap and experience that which is completed. For what is completed, to stay alive, it needs us to sing its thread, its journey, to accumulate and wind up energy, we are on the orbit of ourselves, our planet, of our souls. Our soul calls us to be and become what we are meant to be in our becoming. The soul knows of no roadblocks and when we find some we have all the help we need to navigate them. They are an intrinsic part of the plan, the road blocks are our illusory boundaries, ever moving willingly as we become inspired to be more of what we are through overcoming this particular design of obstacle. This is the soul's meaningful game play.

We must sit in and with ourselves to learn what it is that we must become. In the modern world today, one feels complete when escaping and running from the soul, on the run from the self so to speak. When do we sit with our problems as a friend would sit with another friend? The problem is not the problem, the time sitting us with and within the problem is not the problem, your reaction to these elements is your problem. How we react becomes the problem, we choose our reactions, we create our actions, the soul uses our Iboga phone to transmit knowledge of that which is divine choice. 

Our lives are pathways available for choosing, completed, ready to be engaged on an active experiential level. To be outside of time is to choose, to be free of time is the moment point of reaction and action. Then we experience a chosen event through time and space. We must sit with our choice to know what it is that we choose and to know what it is that we must develop. The active choice, the knowing choice, is our letting go to spirit, to soul, to merge with our greater personhood. 

In this training, we undertake the Bwiti and Iboga, we learn to abandon ourselves to that which sustains us, to free up the communication between the ego self and this deep framework of soul. With Iboga, we learn the dreamscape, its influences and interchanges with reality. We come to be suspended between worlds, this is Ibogas great injunction, our active participation in the dreamworld of symbols and our reciprocal influence from the physical world upon the assumed Iboga dreamscape whilst being awake in both.This is medicines nature, this is Ibogas gift, a training tool, that which suspends bodily reaction to the physical to allow the mind enough room to be within the Iboga dreamscape, to be equipped to deal with the messages of soul and actively integrate the material into physical actuality. Iboga´s purpose, universality and process, not so much that which is brings, but rather how it delivers, that which it brings, maybe the key to understanding which allows us to target our health of mind and body, our intents purposes and desires, and overall our lifes value fulfillment.

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