Iceland 2024: Magic Yarn Knitting & Northern Lights

      Reykjavík, Iceland

      Green Edventures Ecotours & Expeditions
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      172 reviews
      Sep 8 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 8 - 12
      Iceland 2024: Magic Yarn Knitting & Northern Lights
      Reykjavík, Iceland

      Green Edventures Ecotours & Expeditions
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      172 reviews

      Sep 8 - 16, 2024
      Group size: 8 - 12

      About this trip

      When women gather, magic happens. Join us for a knitting tour in Iceland! Embark on a learning journey through rural north west Iceland that stitches together  knitting workshops, cultural experiences, and opportunities to see the northern lights! 

      During the knitting tour, you will have daily knitting workshops led by your instructor Bergrós Kjartansdóttir. Bergrós is known all over Iceland for her beautiful knitting designs and we are excited to share a week learning from her while we knit and explore north west Iceland. 

      Bergrós will give you her beautiful knitting book, Shawls of Myth & Magic that is an ode to Icelandic wool, Icelandic nature and Norse mythology. From that book you will knit the shawl called SEIÐUR*, or the sorcerer. In Norse mythology, women weavers were sorcerers called seeress, and through magic could obtain knowledge of the future of natural phenomena, and the fates of people. Bergrós will help you create your own beautiful SEIÐUR shawl, and between stitches entertain you with stories from her book, and personal journey as designer, artist, and author.

      When not under the guiding eye of Bergrós in our knitting circle, she and your local guide Inga will lead you on fun and informative field trips to in the countryside. Where visits to local farms, museums, and interactions with inspiring local women will give participants insight about Icelandic sheep, sheep farms, and wool production. Through Informal discussions with inspiring Icelandic women, and educational exhibits, participants will learn how women have been the foundation of Icelandic culture, and instrumental to the survival the nation through their contributions in sheep farming and textile production for more than a century.

      In the evenings we have time to sit around, enjoy each other's company, look at the sky for dancing northern lights, and knit.

      The timing of this retreat is no coincidence. September brings réttir—the nationwide roundup where people on foot, ATVs, and horses retrieve their flocks from the mountains and valleys, aided by eager sheepdogs. It is a huge community event, and a countrywide party that you can be part of!

      This retreat is in partnership with our friends at Becoming an Outdoors-Woman. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) is a non-profit, educational program offering hands-on workshops to adult women. BOW encourages a supportive environment conducive to learning, making friends, and having fun. No experience is necessary and BOW is for women of all ages and fitness levels.

      *Crocheters will knit a different pattern called Sunneva.

      Zoom Info Session Recorded Feb 9, 204

      Join us online to learn more about this tour and to ask questions from the team. Pre-register using the link below. If you cannot make the live event, a link to the recording will be emailed to you.

      When: Feb 9, 2024

      Time: 12PM CST

      Location: Zoom

      Click here to watch a recording of the live info session on YouTube.


      • Daily workshops and guided field trips throughout the retreat led by renowned Icelandic knitting designer & author Bergrós Kjartansdóttiron.
      • Receive a gift set that includes Icelandic wool to make your shawl and a copy of Bergrós Kjartansdóttiron beautiful knitting book Shawls of Myth & Magic  
      • Learn to knit the shawl SEIÐUR from Bergrós book.
      • Learn how to knit a doll-sized sample of the iconic Icelandic Lopapesya sweater. 
      • Ample opportunities for shopping for wool handcrafts.
      • Enjoy sightseeing and informative walks with Ingibjörg G. Guðjónsdóttir, your expert Icelandic guide who will teach you about Iceland history, nature, and culture through stories and informative walks.
      • Explore a woman-owned and operated farm to learn about Icelandic sheep and learn what makes this breed so special. 
      • Meet the champion of Icelandic goats and learn how she saved the breed from extinction.
      • Take part in Iceland's réttir, the sheep round up and countrywide party.
      • Welcome and introduction to the  Icelandic textile center in Blöndsós and then we meander through the center in and see textile tools, and national costumes that can only be found there.
      • Take a hike at Thingvellir National Park for an Icelandic history and geology lesson. 
      • Visit with Guðrún at Hespuhúsið and learn how she uses plants to naturally dye yarn.
      • Presentations by women from Ullarsel about the Icelandic Drop Spindel Halasnælda
      • Presentation by  Helga Thoroddsen an Icelandic textiles experts. 
      • Opportunities to eat a variety of delicious Icelandic foods at restaurants and at family farms.
      • Look up! There is a very good chance you will see northern lights dancing across the sky.
      • Experience the healing waters of Iceland's geothermal energy and soak in hot tubs.


      Ages: Women 18-88 and beyond.

      Basic skills knitting using the garter stitch. Crocheters are welcome, too. 

      Any women who is interested in:

      • Learning to knit a lace shawl
      • Group learning and the camaraderie of a shared learning experience.
      • Visiting farms and homes of Icelandic rural residents to learn about modern farms, livestock, and textile production.
      • Getting out in nature on short walks for sightseeing and light exercise. 
      • Hearing stories about mythology, paganism, and folklore.
      • Discussing women’s issues historically and in the present day as part of cultural exchange and fellowship. 
      • Participating in the sheep round up at the sheep corrals either as a spectator or on-the-ground participant.


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      Deposit $750 USD

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      Minium 8 / Maximum 12  

      To facilitate the most intimate and authentic experience of our adventure together, the group size is limited to no more than 12 participants. 


      Environment: Rural, countryside. Variable Icelandic weather.

      Physical Activity Level: Easy

      Lodging: Comfort

      Skill Level: Beginner

      This adventure is suitable for any healthy person that can walk at least 1-2 hours unassisted. With that said, the more active you are before this trip, the more you will enjoy the overall experience including walks in Reykjavik, the countryside and at farms. 

      For those who have mobility issues, contact us to discuss. There are many ways to adapt this program for those need it. Email 


      Required Supplies: 

      1) Knitting needles (regular and double-pointed). 4.5mm or 5mm circular needle, 80cm. 

      Gauge 14 its = 10cm.

      2) Usual knitting supplies, including sharp-pointed sewing (chenille) needle with eye large enough for yarn.

      A detailed packing list will be provided.


      What’s included

      • Knitting Instructor
        Workshops by Bergrós Kjartansdóttir
      • Driver Guide
        Local guide Inga, Day 2-8
      • Trip Leader
        Day 1-9
      • Materials
        Signed copy of Bergrós Kjartansdóttiron knitting book Shawls of Myth & Magic, and up to 5000 isk to shop for yarn for your project.
      • Farm Visits
        Various throughout
      • 2 Dinners
        Nights 2 & 8
      • 2 Lunches
        Soup & bread
      • Sightseeing
        private transportation
      • Guided Walks
      • Return Airport Transfer
        Group airport transfer from hotel to KEF.
      • 8 Nights Lodging
        3-star hotels, double rooms, private bath.

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
        to Reykjavik
      • Airport transfer
        from Keflavik to Reykjavik day 1 approximately $40 USD
      • Most meals
        6 dinners, 6 lunches $350-500 USD approximately
      • Optional excursions
        not listed in the itinerary
      • Gratuities
        $100 per person
      • Personal spending money
      • Travel Insurance
      • Medical Insurance
        International medical and emergency evacuation. This is included in a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

      Available Packages

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      Package Price $5565

      Deposit $750 USD

      Deposit: $750

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      Meet The Instructor
      Bergrós Kjartansdóttir

      Bergrós Kjartansdóttir will be your knitting instructor and will guide you in making a lace shawl from one of her designs, and a Lopapeysa sweater.

      Bergrós an acclaimed, but down to earth, knitting designer and poet from the West Fjords of Iceland. She is also a published author, goldsmith, and scholar of old Icelandic Literature. 

      The program package includes Icelandic yarn for your shawl, and a copy (in English) of Bergrós beautiful knitting book, Shawls of Myth & Magic  an ode to Icelandic wool, Icelandic nature and Norse mythology. 

      Inspired by her mother, who is also a talented knitter, Bergrós has been knitting since she was in primary school. Her passion for the tradition continued into adulthood where she has weaved together her love of art, nature, and mythology into a profession aligned with two centuries old Scandinavia traditions of knitting and storytelling. 

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      172 reviews
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      The March 2024 Hot Springs and Wellness Retreat to Iceland was amazing. GreenEdventures ran this winter trip; it was a quieter and cozy side of Iceland with a mix of small local lodging and restaurants and larger places as well. The volcanic landscape and the sea and fjords were beautiful. We swam outside natural pools and spas every day while we experienced the winter serenity, and sometimes her fury. The spa time also gave us a chance to interact with Icelanders. And our daily meditation and reflection provided personal insights. The pre-trip information, including gear, was complete and timely and GreenEdventures readily answered any question. This was my second GreenEdventures trip and I would not hesitate to book another. Trips are varied: women only like this one, mixed group, school age, and private tours. Tara Short (the owner/trip leader) researches the local guide(s) and has excellent relationships with them. That is one of the outstanding aspects of her trips and her company. She also gets to know each of the travelers on her trips. Most of the women on this trip had traveled with GreenEdventures previously.
      By MaryAnn A for Iceland 2024: Hot Springs & Mindfulness Retreat on Apr 04, 2024
      MaryAnn thank you so much for taking the time to write this review!! It was my pleasure and an honor to have you join me, Inga, Svava, and Olof in Iceland! I wish we could do this trip together every year!!
      I had a wonderful time, trip of a life time for me! While I was the youngest guest, I felt so welcomed by all the women and the team! I am a little biased as my cousin (Kristen) assisted in leading the trip but Chabelo and Michelle were great! I enjoyed getting to know them and learn from them! Overall, a trip I would 100% do again!
      By Catalina M for Baja 2024 (B): Women's Snorkeling Adventure + Gray Whales Tour on Mar 29, 2024
      I’ve been on multiple trips with GE and this one was something special! If you are looking for mindfulness and magic with the backdrop of stunning Iceland, put this one your list! In addition to snowshoeing, and exploring towns and beaches, with the support of Tara and our fabulous local guide, Inga, we were even able to take a swim in the Artic ocean!
      By Allison D for Iceland 2024: Hot Springs & Mindfulness Retreat on Mar 26, 2024
      This was an amazing trip! I could not have known how much I needed the mindfulness, spas, and relaxation! This retreat was the most amazing thing and so needed!!! Thank you Tara Short and Green Edventures!!!
      By Anne R for Iceland 2024: Hot Springs & Mindfulness Retreat on Mar 26, 2024
      The Baja trip was amazing in every aspect! The guides impressed me with their dept of knowledge, attention to detail, and kindness. Snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks is an experience I will never forget. My co-adventurers were enthusiastic and I made some life longfriends. I will sign up for this trip again!
      By Lori P for Baja 2024 (A): Women's Snorkeling Adventure + Gray Whales Tour on Mar 12, 2024
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      I went on an amazing trip with Tara to Baja, Mexico in 2020. This was a dream trip for me being a wildlife lover. It was incredible to be able to swim with whale sharks and sea lions and get up close with gray whales. Camping on the beach was amazing. We had a great group of women and everyone vibed well and all of the tour guides including Tara, Alex and Chabello were so fun, friendly and helpful every step of the way. The food was great at the campsite and at the restaurants we got to try. When our trip plans initially got derailed waiting on a negative Covid test and we had to get a different flight, Tara did everything in her power to accommodate us and make sure we got to enjoy every part of the trip, including setting us up with another whale shark swimming tour after we had missed the initial one with the group, and she spent time waiting for us to finish before leaving for the airport. I definitely recommend Green Edventures, especially the Baja Mexico trip!
      By Katie M on 14 Feb, 2022
      I just returned from the Wisconsin Women's Tour and couldn't have asked for a better trip! For me, the amount and type of activity were perfect. Who know there was so much to discover practically in my own backyard?
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