IGNITE - A journey of inspiration and transformation

San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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3 reviews
Nov 11 - 16, 2019
Group size: 11 - 22
IGNITE - A journey of inspiration and transformation
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala

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3 reviews

Deposit: $333
Nov 11 - 16, 2019
Group size: 11 - 22

About this trip


What would it mean to discover your full potential?

How would it feel to really explore yourself in somewhere far away?

When did you last feel sure that there's still so much more waiting for you?

IGNITE your ultimate potential on one of the most beautiful lakes in the world...

Welcome to a personal and spiritual development retreat like no other.  

Discover your right to IGNITE the fire inside of you, letting it light the way ahead and propel you into the future of your dreams. This powerful 6-day retreat is hosted in one of the most inspiring venues around the whole of the mystical Lake Atítlan in Guatemala, Central America. A true paradise in a land far far away.

Your facilitator, guide and mentor Hart Floe Poet will take you through a series of transformational life stories, live poetry performances, creative writing exercises, live life coaching tools, wealth creation techniques, dream drawings, hypnotherapy sessions and fate creation processes that will be the catalyst in your life for rapid transformation and elevation - fuelling the fire of your personal, spiritual and mental growth.

Using nothing but a pen and paper as our weapons, you will be guided to wielding these powerful tools to carve yourself into the person you've always wanted to become. 


The Eagle's Nest is a transformational retreat centre in the heart of San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It is a meticulously thought out awe-inspiring creation that was designed with soaring in-mind. It's pristine view over the lake instantly invites calm, tranquillity and peace to all those that are lucky enough to find themselves there. 

From this feeling of grounding and re-connection with nature as the foundation for the experience, the potential for true transformation and profound increases in clarity here have been experienced by all those that went through Hart's first writing workshop here -  'The Art of Writing from The Heart'.... 

'IGNITE' is the next evolution of that very workshop.  

With 6 full days and 5 nights at our disposal, we can take full advantage of an extended stay in this incredible space, to go much further into our learning and development of self and spirit. Together - We will unite as a tribe and embark on a magical journey that you'll remember for the rest of your life. The experience is beyond words - but below you can read on to get a small glimpse into what this venture of epic proportions entails for those that feel the call jump on board.

What to expect - 

Live Powerful Poetry Performances 

Your host and curator, Hart Floe Poet, has been writing and performing skilfully crafted spoken word and poetry pieces for 3 years. He is a passionate and transformational spoken word artist that is on a mission to make this world a better place. He wows his audiences with the passion and power that drives his performances, whilst simultaneously teaching people from all over the world about the healing power of poetry and writing. Fun, inspiring, energetic and endearing, his talks, performances and workshops are guaranteed to leave participants feeling elevated, inspired and equipped with new tools and methods for dealing with life's challenges as well as crafting their own futures. For this retreat, there will be more performances, written and saved especially for the content of this retreat alone. The poems are interwoven throughout the exercises each day along with stories and anecdotes that together with the writing and coaching exercises, build the true structure and flow of the event. Hart Floe shares his heart and his soul through his life stories and moving performances and has some very special pieces lined up for this one-off event. 

Creative Writing 

The exercises that have been created especially for this retreat are adaptations, modifications and evolutions of exercises that have previously proven to be fun, powerful and a great source of inspiration for all - whether you consider yourself to be a 'writer' or not. Regardless of whether you're already a writer facing a block, or you've always hated writing - these practical creative writing exercises will get you excited about writing.  The whole concept of the workshop it to introduce the participants to the idea of using the pen and paper as a tool for emotional release and self-therapy. The underlying concept is that we all know at least one language and we can all use a pen... so using a pen to express and release difficult emotions is something that anyone can do - no special skills or training required. We also look at what to do once we've cleared the way...How can we use the pan and paper to design a better day? What are our wildest dreams and ambitions... and how can the pen and paper help us to turn them in to reality? Well, to get a thought to go from the non-physical to the physical is really quick and easy using a pen. Using exercises that will get you to tap into your ideal dreams and future lifestyles, you'll soon find that the pen and paper is not only the perfect tool for sweeping up the debris still littering the path ahead from times gone by, but also a powerful paintbrush that you can use to paint new futures for yourself. 

Live Life Coaching 

Life coaching is the master key that can be used to unlock the fullest potential of ANY human being. Weaving coaching theory and techniques into the writing exercises, you will have the chance to develop a new way of experiencing the world and yourself. We will look at the importance of questions and how the questions we ask ourselves dictate the reality we experience. By coaching the group toward asking better, more empowering questions that ultimately serve them instead of hinder them, you will be equipped with ways of creating a better, more enjoyable experience of life under the very same circumstances.  You will not only receive life coaching, but also be given the chance to give coaching to other members of the group, equipped with some new, powerful tools that will enable you to help others create great changes in their lives, discover their ambitions and begin taking the steps and making the breakthroughs they need to make in order to turn their dreams into their realities. 


Each session will begin with a Cacao opening. Cacao - an ancient plant medicine revered for generations for its healing powers - will be used throughout each day of the retreat. Utilising this powerful heart-opener, these circles give us moments of inner-reflection and outer-connection. The drink itself is delicious, just like drinking a hot chocolate - except this is pure and powerful - and the effect it has is often very moving and profound. 

Through past experience, we know that this ancient and powerful medicine facilitates a 'loosening up' in the individual, an increase in creativity and the chance for greater clarity and release during creative writing and life coaching exercises. It increases the level of connection and understand between group members which is a great asset to the whole experience of personal development and transformation. 

Wealth Creation 

Why is money, wealth, health and happiness such a struggle for so many of us? 

When did you last feel truly at peace with your finances? 

What can we do to make it easier on ourselves? 

How can we start living the abundant life that we truly deserve?! 

These are good questions to ask. An integral part of the whole retreat revolves around wealth creation. This is not limited to but certainly focuses on the financial side of wealth. Living a truly wealthy life means a balance in ALL areas. This includes our careers, aspirations, income, health, relationships and so much more. We live in a world governed by money... yet most of us carry around deep-rooted subconscious beliefs around money that make the whole experience a true struggle to us. By figuring out and changing these beliefs, we can begin to attract more opportunities to create wealth, more inspired ways of giving our gifts and being of service to the world, and therefore create a better life on Earth for all of us.  

Hart Floe will guide you through this process so that you may too start flourishing in your finances by finding what you love to do most, excelling at it, and having the confidence to offer it to the world with passion - and knowing with confidence the true value of it's worth.

Fire Ceremony 

At night time we will close the evening with a connection circle around the fire. The fire represents both destruction and creation. Throughout each day we will have destroyed many of our old limiting beliefs and creative blocks, clearing the way for new creation to take place. Gathering around a fire as a tribe is a primal instinct that lies within all of us. With live music, singing, dancing, poetry and more, this celebration will bring the whole group together into a state of gratitude and peace. 

It will be a space where we can share our experiences of the day - the breakthroughs and realisations that we had, the things we learnt, and the challenges we faced. Tribes all over the world have spoken of the power of the element of fire - the visions, teachings, wisdom and clarity it brings to those that take time to sit with it - making these nightly circles the perfect place to find deeper reflections and understandings of one's experiences throughout each day.

Traditional Mayan Temazcal 

The perfect way to end a magical day - The Eagle’s Nest retreat centre is home to one of the most beautiful custom-built traditional Mayan saunas in the world. With several unique features, an infinity-dipping pool outside, and stocked with coarse sea-salt, fresh aloe vera leaves and locally sourced honey - this enriching re-birthing experience provides the ultimate way to release the stresses of the body and the mind after a whole day of personal reflection and development. 

Coming together to be enriched and enlivened by the powerful natural heat of the fire, the experience provides a mind, body and soul-nourishing way to bring the day to a close. The Temazcal can be used by each individual however they like, but there is a recommended procedure that will provide the most benefit and rejuvenation. 

The first round is just a warm-up to begin the process of toxin-release. Once hot enough, round 1 is followed by a 2-3 minute dip in the pool outside. In the second round, the coarse sea salt is used as an all over body scrub. It’s a natural exfoliant the softly removes dead skin, leaving you literally in a fresh new skin as a core part of the rebirthing experience. Once fully scrubbed and re-heated, it’s recommended to then dip again before re-entering for the final round. In the third round, you can apply fresh aloe vera leaves and locally produced honey to your body to finish the whole process. Aloe vera is a known natural skin moisturiser and hydrator, with healing properties that can aid the treatment of open wounds and scarring. It softens the skin and using fresh leaves as an all over body scrub is a true luxury that should be experienced. The locally produced honey not only makes you taste sweet, but also has anti-bacterial properties that are great for the treatment of spots and blemishes. It’s also full of anti-oxidants and so when applied to the skin it reduces the signs of aging. It’s also a great moisturiser, and due to it’s thick, smooth texture, it really causes your skin to glow with a golden hue, a physical representation of the new you that will emerge from the Sauna after a day of transformation and inspiration. Leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalised, the Temazcal will be the perfect preparation what's still to come each day. 

Live Music

Some nights we will be joined by some of the many talented musicians that the lake has become home to. Sat round a fire, the music will be medicine music - music to lift the soul, open the heart and soothe the body. These will be surprise guests that will grace us with their musical gifts - their angelic voices and soothing tones. What's a good retreat without some element of surprise! 

Guided Morning Meditations and Yoga

Each morning will start with a short practice of meditation and yoga guided by Hart Floe. These will not be gruelling, multi-hour practices. They are designed to get the day started in an empowering and inspiring way. By doing this, we are reminded that yoga and meditation do not need to be restricted to those times when we can spare an hour or more to do them... or only to be done during an organised class at a set time in a certain place - but with just 20 minutes we can integrate these powerful practices into our daily lives and feel their benefits without having to commit to dedicating hours of our days to them that is often unsustainable. 

Group-Hypnotherapy Sessions 

Using powerful 'Freemind' hypnotherapy techniques learnt from the hypnotherapy master Tom Fortes Mayer - developer of the entire Freemind system and phone app - there will be group hypnotherapy journeys that will be intuitively selected to aid the whole group in making massive breakthroughs and having transformational experiences that will lead you to break through barriers that may have been holding you back for years. 

Hart Floe's 'Hypnotic Ecstatic DJ Dance Extravaganza! 

'Hart Floe has been collecting, playing and making music for over 15 years. With his skills in hypnotherapy - he is bringing together the arts of DJing, Intuitive 'Heart Flow' Poetry Performance and group hypnotherapy to facilitate an ecstatic dance experience like no other. Be lead into a state of deep relaxation and trance, guided by a meticulously crafted sonic journey of beautiful soundscapes and music, and receive intuitive divine wisdom from the Universe itself as he opens himself up as a channel for the infinite intelligence to convey whatever messages it chooses to deliver in what will be a totally unique and one-off DJ set crafted just for you. 

Food Celebrations 

This event will be fully catered for with 3 meals for each day. But the experience will be much richer than just coming together to eat food. We will take the time to truly celebrate that which we so regularly take for granted - the food that we eat. We are lucky enough to live in a world of abundance, where our basic needs for food are met with ease every single day. But how often do we really reflect on everything that had to happen in order for us to be lucky enough to have a whole choice of different foods on our menus each day? Linked with the underlying theme of gratitude, the meal times at IGNITE  will be sure to be one of the most delicious and nutritious meals you have ever tasted! 

Through cultivating a true appreciation for the blessings we have in our lives each day, we can increase the enjoyment and pleasure that is to be gained from each experience. This makes us feel happier, increases our sense of well-being, and increases our awareness of all the magic that had to occur for the lives we live to be possible. We also offer the opening for all participants to bring an offering to the table. Giving is growing. Sharing is caring. We want to encourage the act of giving and open an opportunity for each member of the group to feel that unique type of warm feeling inside that you can only get by sharing selflessly with others. It’s especially enriching with food because you get to witness the pleasure gained from the things you share as your new fellow tribe members break-bread with you and gratefully tuck into the food you’ve given. 

From an apple, to a loaf of bread, to a home-made cake. There is no obligation to bring anything with you, but no offering is too small or unworthy, so if you like to share then please know you’re encouraged to do it there. 


As with all personal and spiritual development retreats or seminars, the underlying aim is to facilitate transformation in the attendees. Through a carefully structured schedule spanning 6 days and 5 nights, IGNITE will not only provide transformation in the moment, but will equip you with practical tools and new perspectives that will continue to provide inspiration, wisdom and continued development long after the seminar is over. 

Through countless stories, testimonials and messages of gratitude from participants of previous writing workshops, Hart Floe knows the power and lasting value of the tools and processes he is guiding people through. He understands that each ripple made in every person’s life expands endlessly, and the processes, poems and wisdom that create the structure of the whole event are making waves that will eventually build and clear the way for the creation of A New Earth. 

If we can all work on ourselves to create the best version of ourselves we can be, then the inner healing will be reflected in our outer world and together we can transform life on Earth into something even more incredible for us to pass on for our children and the future generations that follow. 

It’s never too late to make a change - 

The only time we have to do it is Right Now. 

About the Location

The location of the retreat centre is one of the main things that makes the retreat so incredibly special. Located in a small town by the name of San Marcos La Laguna, the Eagle’s Nest sits in the mountains, over-looking the whole town, with a stunning view of the lake and the surrounding mountains and volcanos.  

This tiny town may seem small at first, but there is so much to see, do and experience in San Marcos that it can almost be overwhelming. From yoga, to meditation, to ecstatic dance, sound healing, kirtans, drum circles, massage, ceremonies and so much more… It’s impossible to get bored in this inspiring little hub of personal and spiritual growth. Temporarily home to thousands of passing travellers each year, you’re guaranteed to meet a whole load of inspiring individuals, new friends and family members during your time in San Marcos. 

Lake Atítlan itself is a mysterious, mystical and noticeably magical ancient lake in the crater of a collapsed super volcano. Much speculation surrounds its history and origin, and many authors, poets, musicians and creatives of all types have produced work that was inspired in and by this little paradise in the heart of Guatemala.  Your journey here is likely to inspire you to stay a little while after the retreat is over. 

This is just one of many retreats and courses on offer here that promise wonderful and life-changing experiences. Community, support, sharing, loving and growing are strong pillars in the way of life for the people of San Marcos. Immersed in traditional Mayan culture, the town marries together the ancient and the new-age, and has become a hot-spot for those on a journey to explore themselves and do the work necessary to reach the next level in life.  

There’s countless other attractions and must-sees in this enchanting country. Its rich and lush jungle-covered mountainous landscapes transport you to a world that many of us have disconnected from in the western world. From ancient ruins, to stunning national parks, great lakes, rivers and waterfalls to beaches and huge expanses of jungle - we encourage all participants to take extra time to explore everything that this incredible country and people have to offer.  

Hart Floe and the team behind Eagle’s Retreats are all so excited and beyond grateful to be able to invite a special group of people to this breath-taking place on Earth to co-create what is going to be a powerful and life-changing experience for all participants that heed the calling to join us. 

About the Retreat Centre 

Eagle's Retreats is nestled atop of a traditional Mayan village of San Marcos La Laguna overlooking the majestic Lake Atitlán.  Dwellings are built using elements of traditional local building styles (such as adobe, stone, sticks&clay) and are set in lush edible/medicinal gardens.  Choose between cabins, dorms & tents - all with comfortable high quality mattresses.  Composting toilets and showers are set in the garden landscape. Our open air dining Lounge accommodates up to 50 with exquisite views. 

Features of the space - 

Eagle's Nest - a spectacular airborne platform built to inspire and nourish great souls - a platform from which we can soar above and beyond all previous limitations. 

Eagle's Sauna: traditional Mayan Temazcal Sauna - a unique chamber design & experience,  for recovery, rejuvenation, cleansing, ceremony, rebirth... Eagle's Retreats is about enabling greatness and inner freedom.  Sprinkling metaphors that infuse ideas and feelings that allow an unfolding with-in and with-out.  

• "The Nest" - Outdoor open space.

• "The Lounge" - Indoor enclosed yoga shala & lounge space.

• "The Terrace"- Roofed terrace dining area & kitchen. 

• "Eagle's Café" - Daytime café & chill space. 

• Lodging for up to 42 in different accommodation standards. 

• Freshly prepared nutritious, delicious meals. 

• Traditional Mayan Sauna & cold dipping pool. 

• Set in organic garden landscape 

• Pristine view of the whole of the mystical Lake Atítlan.  

Themes include: The Little Prince, The Pilgrimage (Camino de Santiago), honoring Mayan Traditions, re-connection with ancestral ways, heart based living, lifestyle design and exploration of movement arts. Sometimes perceived as healing, other times felt as a mystical feeling, maybe it's a sudden revelation or something more subtle.  THIS is part of the magic the space reveals -- watch the eagles soaring by, as you glide into this journey at Eagle's Retreats!!  

About your host - Hart Floe Poet 

Hart Floe is a young poet and writer from London, England. His captivating and enthralling spoken word and poetry performances - coupled with touching life stories that accompany each piece - have triggered transformation, inspiration and elevation in his audiences’ time and time again. His passion is infectious and leaves his listeners empowered to let more passion and creativity flow into their lives. He's run writing workshops at events and festivals all over that guide participants to using a simple yet powerful tool to help them deal with life's most challenging difficulties - as well as crafting new futures and sculpting their dream lives. He offers support and guidance, friendship and love to all those that attend his workshops and performances. His highest excitement is facilitating the personal and spiritual evolution of others - and he does so in a playful, endearing and entertaining way - reminding others that life is supposed to be fun and joyous - helping them to enjoy the rollercoaster of life a little bit more. 


All accommodation is on-site and custom built with mostly natural building techniques. 

Guiding principles are:

• Simple living 

• Inviting light and views into the spaces 

• Enabling of our digital lives (plugs located in abundance) 

• Wifi available throughout most of the property and according to our provider’s uptime (90% reliable and 5Mbps) 

• Focus on community and shared spaces and facilities for all dwellers. Some lodging options afford residents greater access to private spaces, balconies, private bathroom (in the case of the main house) - however the central tenet is to provide and experiment with the dance between community living shared spaces, our individual private space and the energies that guide us to transition from one to the other. 

Accommodation Options

Studio Apartment

• King bed + sofa - convertible to single bed, 

• Kitchen equipped with fridge, stove, basic cooking utensils 

• Private bathroom with hot shower 

• Private balcony 

• Safety deposit box. 

• This dwelling is the most private of all. 

Single Cabins (w/ partner upgrade option)

• Queen or King bed 

• One Queen shares washbasin others have private washbasin. 

• Private Terrace 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required) 

Twin Cabin

• Twin Cabin with two Single beds 

• Private Terrace 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required) 

Quad Cabins

• Two sets of bunk beds 

• Private washbasin. 

• Private terrace/balcony. 

• Shared bathrooms & hot showers (solar heated) 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required) 


• Sleeps 12 

• Shared bathrooms & cold showers. 

• Safety deposit box (padlocks required). 

Glamping bedded tents

• Mattress fitted tent. 

• One person per tent (3 man tent yields space for one mattress + equal space again for belongings) 

What’s Included

See below

What’s Not Included 

Flight if needed. 

Transportation to and from retreat centre. 

Translation - The retreat is taught in English - However during the creative writing exercises all participants should write in whatever language they feel most comfortable expressing themselves in. 

Accommodation for Sunday 10/11 and Saturday 16/11 (This can be booked additionally if you wish to stay at The Eagle’s Nest for these nights too)

What To Bring 

Pen and Paper (If you prefer to write with a phone, tablet or laptop then please bring that instead) 

Water Bottle - It’s very important to stay hydrated and we want to keep washing up to a minimum to preserve water.

Towel and appropriate swim-wear for the sauna.

Bug Spray.Flashlight / Headlamp - Always a highly recommended and very useful travel item! 

Sunscreen - Yes!! It is generally all out sunshine every day during this time of year on the lake! 

Blankets / Comfort items - It can get windy up on the deck and we don’t want you feeling chilly or feeling uncomfortable.

Warm clothes for night time - It can also get quite cold at night time so ensure you have enough to stay nice and warm. 

Getting There 

If you plan to fly to Guatemala City and go directly to the retreat centre for Monday 11/11, you would have to find a flight that arrives in Guatemala before 2PM on Sunday 10th November, so that you can get to San Marcos by the late afternoon. 

The Sunday night (10/11) is not part of the retreat price – however there is the option to stay at The Eagle’s Nest that night if required. Otherwise – there’s a whole hosts of other hostels, hotels and apartments to choose from in San Marcos for that night.

Find your own transportation 

We can provide transportation options. However, it’s extremely easy to get from Guatemala City airport to the retreat centre. We also encourage the sense of adventure and independence gained from traveling through public transport abroad. Once at the airport, there will be taxis waiting outside to take you to Antigua. Once in Antigua you can either stop over for a night and take a shuttle straight to either Panajachel or San Marcos in the morning. There are many many travels agents dotted all around town so it’s very easy to arrange for your ride from Antigua to the Lake. Panajachel is one of the main towns on Lake Atitlan and if you arrive in Antigua before 2pm it’s possible to take a shuttle without stopping over for the night in Antigua as this is when the last shuttle leaves each day. 

Once in Panajachel, there are regular boats that will take you across the lake to San Marcos - which is a beautiful way to arrive in San Marcos - the quaint, tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful home town of the Eagle’s Retreats. Once in San Marcos, there are tuk-tuks in the centre of town waiting to take you up the steep hill into Barrio 2. If you ask for the Eagle’s Nest, they will drop you off next to a small alley on your left that’s marked with a small wooden sign with the Eagle’s Nest emblem painted on it. From there it’s a 5 minute walk through a small dirt-path that will lead you directly to the retreat centre.  Prepare to be left speechless as you enter your new home and hub for transformation over the next 6 days.  

Why would you?

'IGNITE' is a truly unique, one-off experience held in one of the idyllic settings in the beautiful country of Guatemala. The healing tranquillity of the lake itself is enough to invite people to evolve and transform. Coming together in symbiosis with nature into a space that was designed to inspire people to soar way beyond everything that’s been stopping them from doing so. The retreat has been carefully designed and thought out so that the flow of exercises, stories and poetry performances will guide each attendee to finding the power within themselves to make great changes and advances in their lives. 

Deadline for ticket sales is August 11th 2019, and there are only 20 spaces. They are reserved only for those that seek to make real lasting change in their lives. For those that wish to find new ways to express themselves and discover new perspectives that allow them to see the world in a whole new way. 

Although the potential for personal transformation will be huge, the whole event will still be based on a foundation of joy and playfulness to ensure that all guests are treated to a totally enriching and entertaining experience - Guaranteed to inspire, enlighten, elevate and ignite new fires within you that will burn brightly ever on. 

Invest in you and your future - you deserve it and you've earned it. 

Treat yourself to a getaway in a sublime and surreal paradise - the magic of which will burn brightly within you and those you love most for the rest of your life.

To whichever lucky people feel the calling to book a space…


Thank you… 

And I look forward to seeing you there.

With Love Always

In All Ways

Hart Floe Poet


What’s included

  • Spoken Word Performances
    The exercises in the seminar will be interspersed with powerful live poetry and spoken word performances, along with relevant life stories and inspirational anecdotes - Guaranteed to Inspire
  • Creative Writing
    Unleash the poet within and learn how to use the pen effectively as a tool for self-therapy, emotional release, re-writing life stories and creating a new future for yourself.
  • Live Life Coaching
    You will feel the powerful simplicity of life coaching - being guided through the coaching process and given the chance to experience both being coached and coaching others throughout the seminar.
  • Wealth Creation
    Learn tools and techniques for increasing wealth in your life. De-program your negative beliefs around money and replace them with beliefs that attract wealth and prosperity into your life.
  • Group Hypnotherapy
    Be guided as a group on hypnotic journey's that will empower you and transform you in ways you hadn't even imagined were possible using nothing more than the power of words!
  • Cacao Opening Circles
    An opening introduction and connection circle will initiate each morning and afternoon - whereby we will use the heart-opener cacao to facilitate a more fulfilling and transformational experience.
  • Fire Ceremonies
    Enjoy a late night fire ceremony with live acoustic music where you'll have the chance to bond with your new-found tribe of like-minded explorers around the ancient powerful life element we of fire.
  • Temazcal
    Bring the whole experience to a refreshing and revitalising session in one of the most beautifully designed Mayan Saunas! Complete with sea-salt, honey and aloe vera scrub and infinity dipping pool.
  • Hypnotic Dance DJ Set
    Drift off and be guided by the infinite intelligence of the Universe as Hart Floe opens himself up as a channel for divine inspiration to come through as you move your body to tropical beats and bass.
  • Yoga and Meditation
    Begin each day the right way - if you can win the morning then the day is certain to be yours to command! These short but powerful sessions will set us up right for a day of pure delight!
  • Food Celebrations
    Enjoy enriching, fulfilling and wholesome food together in a celebration of that which we often take for granted - the fact that we have access to food. Lovingly prepared to be thoroughly enjoyed.
  • Live Music
    Expect to be graced with the presence of some of the lake's greatest musical talents, providing beautiful songs that will be sung in your heart forever more.
  • Lasting Transformations
    A lot of love and effort will go into making this one of the most transformational, fun, entertaining and inspiring retreats you have ever been to.
  • Hot Springs Day Trip
    Seal the deal by spending a day lushing out in the beautiful natural hot springs - bringing grounding, healing and the ultimate connection to Mother Nature.
  • Lake Tour
    See more of the lake than just the Nest and San Marcos - We will take a trip around the lake to immerse ourselves in the rich, ancient Mayan culture that is still buzzing and alive on the lake.
  • 5 Nights Accomodation
    Pick your perfect palace - be it humble and simple of private and profound - and know that you have a home with a loving tribe for 5 nights as you experience new levels of inspiration and elevation!
  • Magic Book of Guidance
    A signed hard-back copy of Hart Floe's debut poetry collection - The Magic Book of Guidance - A spiritual guide and mentor whose wisdom you can call upon for life!
  • Discovery Session
    Prior to the event each attendee will have a 30 minute personal video discovery call where Hart Floe can get to know you a little better and discover why you're coming and what you wish to receive!
  • Flights
  • Transport

Available Packages

IGNITE - Glamping
Available until Oct 10, 20194 left

See main itinerary for full accommodation details

Deposit: $333
IGNITE - Private Cabin (4 per cabin)
5 left

See main itinerary for full accommodation details

Deposit: $333
IGNITE - Private Cabin (2 per cabin)
only 2 left

See main itinerary for full accommodation details

Deposit: $333
IGNITE - Private Queen Cabin (Max 2 ppl)
only 1 left

See main itinerary for full accommodation details

Deposit: $555
IGNITE - Private Studio (Max 2 ppl)
Sold Out

See main itinerary for full accommodation details


Available options

Queen Cabin - Couples Add-Ononly 2 left
Deposit: $333

IGNITE - Private Cabin (4 per cabin)
Past Trip


Day 1 - Connection
A trip to the centre of the lake

This itinerary is going to be very brief and basic - because it's important to leave a lot of mystery and surprise. We don't want you to know exactly what's going to happen from 1 moment to the next. That's part of the magic. But read on for a very rough idea of what each day will entail -

The first day will be spent exploring the lake. We will take a trip to the centre of it... to surround ourselves in the powerful 4 elements that surround us... inviting in the energies of transformation - revelation and transformation - and there the ceremony will begin.

Your Organizer

3 reviews
I am a change-maker and a paradigm breaker. I live for the joy of love and love the joy of living. I write and perform spoken word and run transformational workshops and immersive retreats to help people break through the barriers that hold them back. Through a combination of life-coaching, hypnotherapy, writing, performing, DJing and talking – I’m here to act as a catalyst to trigger transformation and inspiration in all those whose lives I touch. My true intention is to live this life through love... To give my gifts fully – and to die knowing that I Inspired, Elevated and Empowered the Souls around me. With Love Always... In All Ways, Hart Floe


It changed my life! Immersing myself in this adventure was something beyong my expectations. Since day one the magical place of San Marcos captured me making me want to experience it to the fullest. The enviroment, people, colors, volcanos, food... a whole espectacle to my senses. The stay a the Eagles Nest was just the cherry on top, having the privilige of seeing the sunrise every morning from such a view was in itself a miracle. Although I didn't take part personally in many of the main activities arranged by Hart Floe Poet as I felt the inner call for experiencing the retreat in a more &quot;physical&quot; way, I can say the Cocoa Ceremony trip on the first day was really something else for me. The power of the pen and paper focused activities felt at that time a time-consuming task in a my own opinion, but I must admit that they played an essencial role for many other people at the retreat and they are actually very well placed as a trigger for self-exploration and activation of the goal-cocreator mind. I totally recommend this experience in this wonderful location to anyone who feels the need for changing their lifes from their coures and beyond, because even the smallest resistence to it that could bring from home will be swallowed by the healing power of San Marcos. Once more, IGNITE changed my life!
Massive thank you to Nial for facilitating such a magical week, everything was amazing, location and food were 10/10 and the work inspirational work that we under took has help give me clarity on my purpose in life. I can not express what a difference this makes to how you go about daily activities towards a goal. Look forward to attending the next event
Such a beautiful day, every effort had been made to make people feel as comfortable and as at ease as possible allowing us all to create, connect and share freely. Huge thanks to hosts Karima and Nial who went above and beyond everyone's expectations and facilitated a truly unique experience. Can't wait to do this again!