Immerse yourself: Yoga Non-Teacher Training

San Francisco, CA, United States

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6 reviews
Oct 5 - Nov 10, 2019
Group size: 6 - 8
Immerse yourself: Yoga Non-Teacher Training
San Francisco, CA, United States

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6 reviews

Deposit: $250
Oct 5 - Nov 10, 2019
Group size: 6 - 8

About this trip

Ready to deepen your practice through a training and not interested in becoming a teacher? Advance your practice tenfold for half the time and cost in this 4 weekend yoga immersion. 

In addition to expanding our alignment knowledge we will explore the spiritual science of yoga  with topics such as the yoga sutras, the 8 limbs, yogic philosophy, pranayama (breath work), mantra, chakras, Ayurveda, and more. Learn how to use the full system of yoga to potentate your practice and your life. 

Raise your relationship to reality to that you can live your dreams and your "dharma", your reason for existence. Discover the "union" that yoga was named for. 

Walk away empowered with knowledge and experience. Walk away inspired to practice. Walk away transformed. 


4  weekends 

October 5/6 & 19/20

November 2/3 & 9/10


12:30-5pm Asana Clinic + Subtle Body 


6-8pm Philosophy

*You are signing up for all 4 weekends* 

There will be work suggested between sessions.

This is for those: 

*Who have thought about a teacher training but don't want to teach

*Ready to make or are going though life changes

*Wanting tools to elimiate stress, worry, and anxiety

*Wanting to up-level their practice

*Seeking clarity and vision of their life 

*For those who understand Yoga is so much more than the physical practice and are ready to dive deep

*Expand in their Yoga knowledge

*More asana/alignment awareness

*Curious about the philosophy and texts

*Wanting to learn about the subtle and energetic body


SOMA, SF - 5th and Folsom. 

Address given upon sign up


Reading before/during Immersion 

* Tree of yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar 
* Light on yoga
* Yoga Sutras by Patanjali

What’s included


* Asana + Alignment
* Bhandas (Energy locks)
* Yoga Sutras
* Patanjalis 8 limbs (yamas and niyamas)
* Meditation
* Pranayama (Breath work)
* Mantra (chanting + Sanskrit)
* Vayus (Energetic Body)
* Koshas
* Kleshas
* Chakras
* Gunas 
* 8 Forms of Suffering
* 8 Obstacles 
* Auyrveda 
* History + Lineage

Not included


Your Organizer

6 reviews
My inclusive approach to yoga and life enables me to relate with and to hold space for students wherever they are in their practice and their lives. At the same time, my belief in the power of the practice and the potential of each practitioner challenges students to see where they are ready to evolve so that they too can access this transformational tradition as a tool to invoke radical consciousness, wild sovereignty, unwavering self-expression and untamable love. My passions for art, music, and travel lace my teachings with the freedom to create one’s own experience on the mat to embolden students to pioneer their own paths in life. As a Bay Area native, I ultimately promote yoga as a medium to build a thriving community that respects the truths of all.


This yoga immersion experience exceeded all my expectations. Robin is a gifted teacher on so many levels and mostly every student agreed this immersion has changed their life and relationship to yoga on a profound level. Many thanks to Robin!
What an amazing experience. Robin provided a true retreat environment by managing all the details that can contribute to travel stress - she secured a wonderful house within walking distance to the town of Sayulita but that was far enough away it felt restful, she found an amazing private chef who prepared nutritious and varied vegetarian breakfast and dinners. She even secured a driver so that when we arrived bleary eyed and out of it all we had to do was find the other participants and our driver awaited us to make the trip from the airport to Sayulita. She even helped me coordinate my return ride to the airport as I had to leave a day early. Robin is an intuitive, warm, confident, and smart as a whip yoga teacher. She also knows an immense about yoga philosophy AND body alignment and creates wonderful sequencing. I could not recommend more both how Robin is a teacher and a facilitator of a retreat.
We had an amazing time. Wonderful people delicious food. Amazing place to stay! Thank you for the incredible experience! ❤️
This was one of the most blissful experiences of my life. The people were wonderful. The yoga sessions were awesome. I learned about the various yoga poses in much more detail than I had been exposed to previously. The food was so nutritious and delicious. Our talks around the table was so insightful and rewarding. I highly recommend going on a yoga retreat with Robin. It will be an unforgettable experience for you for sure. Thank you Robin for putting this retreat together and for giving us such an amazing experience. I feel like a new person with so much energy and eagerness to get back into my daily life.
Amazing yoga and wellness retreat. Robin Duryea is the best - it was a pleasure to get to spend a week immersed in her knowledge and expertise. She really went above and beyond to make sure the retreat fulfilled what you would think a "Women's Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat" should. The house was beautiful, with a pool and rooftop perfect for yoga. The food was pure bliss-healthy and local and the company was spot on - a bunch of stellar women ready to learn, share, and have fun. I'd do this retreat again, for sure.
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Robin has been my favorite yoga teacher since meeting her. I joined her yoga immersion program and I am so glad and grateful that I did. I was able to deepen my practice of yoga, on and off the mat. I love Robin's teachings, as she teaches yoga way beyond the postures and practice on the mat or during a session. To be able to carry those teachings into the every day life is a blessing and a way to live that I will never forget. Highly recommended!
By Shirley Yang on Jun 12, 2019