Immersion: Yoga Non-Teacher Training

San Francisco, CA, United States

12 reviews
May 4 - 25, 2019
Group size: 5 - 10
Immersion: Yoga Non-Teacher Training
San Francisco, CA, United States

12 reviews

Deposit: $250
May 4 - 25, 2019
Group size: 5 - 10

About this trip

For those ready to IMMERSE - Deepen your practice, expand your knowledge and study, Align and Awaken to life. With the tools and technology of Yoga one can turn the impossible into the possible. 

Many have shared, 'I'm thinking of doing a teacher training but I don't want to teach'. In response, I've created a 4 weekend immersion program for those wanting to deepen their practice without having to commit to the time and financials of a teacher training program. We cover all the same material without the 'learning how to be a teacher' part. 

Who this is for: 

*Those who have thought about a teacher training but don't want to teach

*For those ready to make or are going though life changes

*For those wanting tools to elimiate stress, worry, and anxiety

*For those wanting to up-level their practice

*For those seeking clarity and vision of their life 

*For those who understand Yoga is so much more than the physical practice and are ready to dive deep

*Those wanting to expand in their Yoga knowledge

*Those wanting more asana/alignment awareness

*For those curious about the philosophy and texts

*For those wanting to learn about the subtle and energetic body


*4 consecutive weekends (Saturdays 1-4:30pm Sundays 6-8pm)


12-4:30pm Asana Clinic + Subtle Body


6-8pm Philosophy

*May 4, 11, 18, 25 - Saturdays

*May 5, 12, 19, 26  -Sundays


SOMA, SF - 5th and Folsom. 

Address given upon sign up


Reading before/during Immersion 

* Tree of yoga - B.K.S. Iyengar 
* Light on yoga (read first 30 pages) 
* Yoga and the path of the Urban Mystic by Darren Main 

Bring these books as reading will be assigned during training

* The Living Gita by Sri Swami Satchidananda

What’s included


* Asana/Alignment
* Bandhas/Energy locks
* Yoga Sutras
* Patanjalis 8 limbs (yamas and niyamas)
* Meditation
* Pranayama (Breath work)
* Mantra (chanting + Sanskrit)
* Vayus (Energetic Body)
* Koshas
* Kleshas
* Chakras
* Gunas 
* 8 Forms of Suffering
* 8 Obstacles 
* Auyrveda 
* History/Lineage

Not included


Your Organizer

12 reviews
My inclusive approach to yoga and life enables me to relate with and to hold space for students wherever they are in their practice and their lives. At the same time, my belief in the power of the practice and the potential of each practitioner challenges students to see where they are ready to evolve so that they too can access this transformational tradition as a tool to invoke radical consciousness, wild sovereignty, unwavering self-expression and untamable love. My passions for art, music, and travel lace my teachings with the freedom to create one’s own experience on the mat to embolden students to pioneer their own paths in life. As a Bay Area native, I ultimately promote yoga as a medium to build a thriving community that respects the truths of all.


I had a wonderful time at the Grace and Gratitude trip, and I hope to attend next year as well. I loved the classes. I was pleasantly surprised that I left the retreat with sore muscles. It felt great! I also liked that the yoga classes were long and extended, rather than just taking up a few hours or so each day. It truly felt like a yoga immersion, which is exactly what I wanted. The food that was served was delicious- just one of many things I enjoyed about the Ratna Ling Retreat Center. It was very luxurious and peaceful. I did not mind the rain at all, because it was nice to be cozy inside. I was so glad that we got chant during the retreat- I wasn't sure we would, and my expectations were definitely fulfilled. I love chanting, and it was beautiful to hear all our voices together. Finally, the pranic breathing workshop was an incredibly interesting experience that I will remember for a long time. It definitely was unique, and I'm so glad that I participated. Thank you, Robin, for an amazing retreat! Can't wait for next year
This was marvelous retreat. Perhaps the best of the 5 yoga retreats I have attended. Robin sets a very welcoming tone, paces the moving yoga beautifully and enables a highly spiritual, contemplative atmosphere. The members of the group were uniformly lovely.
This was my first Yoga retreat, and it won’t be my last! The accommodations and food exceeded my expectation, and Robin is an incredible teacher. Thank you!
This was such an amazing experience. The retreat is in a secluded area surrounded by nature and wild life. It's so peaceful and serene. Robin is an amazing yoga instructor and everything she planned went super smoothly. I love going on retreats with Robin because it's not just about the yoga it's a full experience from her amazing energy to her beautiful voice, singing, chanting, relaxing, eating well. I feel so nourished from head to toe and from inside and outside. Words won't do her justice. Next year I hope to take my Mother with me on this retreat. Thank you Robin for all that you do for us. I feel like a brand new person after this retreat.
Robin curates a perfect zen, experiential retreat. She's a gifted teacher, beautiful chanter and musician. She both encourages open/reflective time yet manages to bring the group together with warmth. If you are looking for a transformative weekend, I highly recommend this retreat.
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Robin has been my favorite yoga teacher since meeting her. I joined her yoga immersion program and I am so glad and grateful that I did. I was able to deepen my practice of yoga, on and off the mat. I love Robin's teachings, as she teaches yoga way beyond the postures and practice on the mat or during a session. To be able to carry those teachings into the every day life is a blessing and a way to live that I will never forget. Highly recommended!
By Shirley Yang on Jun 12, 2019