Immersive 200hr Training in Bucerias

Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

Gerald Burmeister
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Jun 3 - 17, 2023
Group size: 5 - 12
Immersive 200hr Training in Bucerias
Bucerías, Nayarit, Mexico

Gerald Burmeister
  • Email address verified

Jun 3 - 17, 2023
Group size: 5 - 12

About this trip

A 360degree transformation to your life and practice with Ananda Trainings on peaceful Bucerias. By taking this course, you will have the support to gain the necessary skills and assertiveness to lead your own classes. We will help you find your authentic practice, and help you grow within a healthy community.

You will leave this 200hr immersive teacher training with practical knowledge of all the postures in the Primary Series, the knowledge to develop your own sequences and the confidence to  become an inspiration to others.

The time spent during our training will be filled with Yoga and Meditation practices, lectures and the application of the teachings into our daily lives.

"The very first 200 hr training I took transfomred my life, I designed this training to do the same"

What we will Cover

The course includes daily mysore practice, asana master classes and a variety of workshops to help you understand the yoga philosophy as a whole, and to learn the details of every single posture. The topics included:

- Asana Workshops

- Asana Master Sequences

-Moving Meditation

-History of Yoga

-Contemporary Yoga

-Ayurveda. Doshas, Nutrition







What´s special about our program

This program is special because it combines knowledge from various hard to reach Gurus.

It's designed to focus on developing your own practice so that you can teach from experience.

The days are filled with training activities, poolside seminars and incredible sunsets to truly enjoy the magic of the area.

Bucerias is recognized internationally for the small town friendliness of its peeps, our training center is located steps away from the beach and right on the center of the Golden Zone in Bucerias, a couple blocks away from galleries, restaurants and downtown.

It is a truly special location for a training such as this.

The accomodations we offer embrace Mexico 100% while maintaining the high standards of Luxury seasoned travelers are accostumed to enjoy. Private Luxury Rooms with kitchenette. Exceptional Service. 

What’s included

  • Accomodation
    14 Nights luxury accomodation on beautiful Bucerias. Guest will enjoy private luxury rooms in a private property, steps away from the beach!
  • Outdoor Pool
    Large stunning outdoor pool area for breaks, study time and lectures.
  • Fresh Nutritious Meals
    Our chefs will prepare for you three home cooked meals. Vegan Vegetarian and othere exceptions available. Regional and Seasonal best offerings available.
  • Manual
    Every student receives a comprehensive Manua printed in color for use during the program and as a future resource.
  • Daily Practice
    Daily physical practice in an outdoor private setting.
  • Meditation Technique
    We will have daily Meditation practice. Moving and otherwise.
  • Educational Lectures
    Daily lectures to cover beyond Yoga Alliance requirements, interactive.
  • Continuing Support
    A teacher is forever. keep in touch after your training for Continuing learning and support.
  • Wi-Fi
    Dont miss an important message. 24/7 internet access if needed.
  • Concierge Services
    Our team will provide concierge services to make your stay pleasant. We can help you get access to anything you may require thats not already provided.
  • Close access to beach
    Our property is located 2 minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean where our team of concierges can set you up for the best sunsets in the world.
  • Water and Beverages
    24 hr access to water and other non alcoholic beverages, such as tea, juices, etc.
  • airfare
  • Insurance
  • Snacks
  • Yoga Mats / props
  • Airport Transportation

Available options


Inmersive 200hr Training
Daily Routine

6:00-7:00am -  Moving Meditation Practice

7:00-9:00am - Asana Practice

9:00-10:00am - Breakfast by the Pool

10:00-12:00pm - Morning Lab - Theory

12:00-1:00pm - Lunch

1:00-2:00pm - Afternoon Lab - Wrap up

Rest of day - Homework, Sunset Meditation, Free Time, Rest

Your Organizer

Gerald Burmeister
Gerald's journey has been quite unique and he has a passion for sharing all his knowledge with you! Trained in the Ashtanga and Iyengar methods, he has developed a fusion style of teaching that combines the best from several lineages. E-500ryt with Yoga Alliance Over 10years training teachers and studio owners from all over the world! Now living in beautiful Bucerias where you can come learn knowledge he has obtained from very hard to reach Gurus. Grt ready for a new perspective!