In Conversation with Kodo Nishimura | London | 29th March

London, UK

216 reviews
Mar 29, 2022
Group size: 1 - 30
In Conversation with Kodo Nishimura | London | 29th March
London, UK

216 reviews

Mar 29, 2022
Group size: 1 - 30

About this trip

A live talk with Kodo Nishimura - LGBTQIA+ Activist, make-up artist, and Buddhist Monk. Tash Thomas will be speaking to Kodo about the launch of their new book, This Monk Wears Heels. Join us at Locke Hotel in Bermondsey for an evening of inspiring conversation and networking. 

Date : Tuesday 29th March

Time : 18:30 - 20:00 UKT (GMT) 

Location : Bermonds Locke, Tower Bridge. 

Address: 157 Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 3LW

Audience : LGBTQIA+

Cost : We are offering a sliding scale donation for tickets, starting from £10.

We will be making a donation from this event to one of our charity partners. 

About Kodo Nishimura

Kodo Nishimura rose to fame following their appearance in Queer Eye: We're in Japan. Now this celebrity make-up artist and ordained Buddhist monk shares their unique and practical guide to positivity and self-acceptance. Guest will get to ask questions and learn from the author's path to self-love and resilience and modern take on Buddhist teachings.

Donations and Subsidies

This workshop is donation-based. We simply ask you pay what you can afford. 

Do we offer subsidies?

Yes! We understand that not everyone is in a position to afford this programme with everything going on right now. For this reason we do also welcome subsidy requests from those individuals who are not able to make a donation.

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What’s included

  • Medical Insurance
    Suitable and relevant medical insurance to be provided by participant.
  • Refreshments

Available Packages

Minimum Donation £10

Please pay what you can afford. We're asking for a minimum donation of £10.

We will be making a donation from this event to one of our charity partners. 


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216 reviews
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Incredibly welcoming atmosphere, guided with experience. Connections built with intent and longevity. Had an entirely positive impact on my life. Incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.
By Yujx S for Who am i? | 15+16 Apr 2023 | TQ+ on Apr 26, 2023
It felt really special to be in group exploring what Queer Leadership is, given I have only ever been in spaces which centred straight white men as leaders. The speakers were all excellent and each brought a unique perspective with lots of learning in each of the shares. Speakers were also so generous with how personally they shared their own stories and answered your questions. I feel very grateful to have been part of the weekend as it really has had a profound affect on the way I view myself as a queer leader. I'm also learning more now about how I can be anti-racist and a better ally to my queer siblings of colour. Thank you to Maylis and Michael for creating and holding such a powerful space, I feel my queer inspiration battery is full (!) and I am committed to keep learning and what Queer Leadership means.
By Louise B for Who am i? | 25+26 March 2023 | LBTQ on Apr 17, 2023
It was a lovely group of folks. I don't know if I learned much about myself, but I did learn a lot about how others are thinking about these themes and conversations. I enjoyed myself.
By 🏳‍🌈Leandra S for Who am i? | 25+26 March 2023 | LBTQ on Apr 04, 2023
I had a truly transformative experience. It provide a warm and safe place to consider and explore that I had and hadn’t considered previously. The facilitators were both gracious and generous.
By Calvin S for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on Mar 03, 2023
It was an amazing online event with great leaders from WCS (Michael, Maylis) and lot of interesting participants. Insightful retreat with a lot of learnings and also fun. Highly recommended for GBTQ men who want to find out who they are!
By Dirk F for Who am i? | 18+19 Feb 2023 | GBTQ on Mar 01, 2023
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I highly recommend We Create Space! I participated in a 2-day 'Who Am I?' Virtual Queer Leadership Retreat with other Queer leaders and it was truly transformational–I left forever changed. The intentional and purposeful programming by Michael and Maylis was so meaningful and well structured. The biggest draw for me was the community care and networking opportunity of being able to see and hear from other queer folx. This is what has been the hardest for me to find in my own personal journey.
By Luke L on 28 Jul, 2021
The workshop I attended literally created space in both my body and mind for exploration, curiosity and openness. It was wonderfully facilitated, inspired immensely by the speakers' talks and other queer participants sharings. It shifted the way I saw different aspects of my life and opened the room for more discovery. Definitely recommended to all queer people who want to learn more and increase their inner potential!
By Bers G on 09 Jul, 2021
I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
By Jamie M on 01 Sep, 2020
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