In-depth Exploration of Prague & The Bohemian Region

Prague, Czechia

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999
In-depth Exploration of Prague & The Bohemian Region
Prague, Czechia

Duration: 7 days
Group size: 1 - 999

About this trip

Welcome to Prague: Visit the Castle, walk over Charles bridge (or try at least), squeeze in the Old Town Square and photograph the Astronomical Clock, taste “Trdelnik” (a non-Czech pastry) and end with an overpriced beer. Post the same pictures as everyone else and oversimplify one of Europe’s cultural, political and economic centres; birthplace of artists & thinkers, capital of an Empire and home of revolutions.

Now, welcome to Praha: Visit the 10th-century Vysehrad fort (the first seat of Czech dukes), walk-in neighbourhoods like Karlín or Vinohrady where you will find traces of a communist past and an image of a modern present, discover the church basement where the members of Operation Anthropoid hid during WWII or go hiking in the beautiful Bohemian countryside, before ending your day with delicious Hermelin cheese and a řezапé (mix of light and dark lagers) in an authentic Czech pub in Žižkov, Prague’s lively student quarter. Write your memories down, and tell your friends what has shaped one of Europe's most forward-thinking cities. Join us, and we will show you all that makes this city, fascinating - Vítejte v Praze!

What’s included

  • Local host
    Friendly, Knowledgeable and Local Host. Your first point of contact with the local culture and your guide throughout your adventure
  • Accommodation
    7 nights of comfy, fully equipped and conveniently located accommodation. You will be able to cook and do your laundry in our selected flats and houses (shared and private rooming options available).
  • Escapades & Wander about
    That's what we call our included activities. More info available - Keep reading!
  • Meals
    1 Welcome dinner, 1 lunch & 1 Farewell dinner + Coffee & tea, fruit and toasts at your accommodation to start your days.
  • Transport
    A public transport pass for you to move around like a local + private transportation for escapades that require it.
  • Tailor-made digital maps
    Have all the info you need at your fingertips to make the most of your free time.
  • Events in town guide
    Stay on top of what is going on so you can enjoy what you like!
  • Advice
    Advice on your “pre and post-experience” arrangements Just hit us and we will help you as much as we can!
  • Flights
    We can help you find out the best options but the tickets are not on us!
  • Travel insurance
    We can also tell you what we think is best but you have to buy it.
  • Activities
    Any activities which are not mentioned as included in the itinerary are not included. Easy.
  • Meals
    Any meals not mentioned in the itinerary as included are not included. Even easier!
  • Tips
    Tips are not included. If you believe your host and local guides did a great job show them your gratitude.

Available Packages

Shared room

Price per person - 2 people of the same gender sharing one bedroom in single beds

Private room

Single person in a private bedroom


Price per couple - Sharing a double bed in a private room



Day 1
Vítejte v praze!

Today our grand adventure begins. This afternoon you will meet your localhost, your fellow explorers and settle into your new home. We choose comfortable flats/private houses in convenient locations (away from the lively crowds), as we cherish you to enjoy the time you spend home, we desire you to be able to move freely through the city whilst uncovering fewer known quarters. After freshening up, we will go for some drinks to one of our hidden spots, before heading for an included welcome dinner at one of our favourite local restaurants. There you will get to know your new friends (yes, we already call them friends — that is how we roll.) a bit better and indulge yourself with some Czech delicacies! Tonight is all about breaking the ice, sharing, having fun and experiencing your initial encounter with the local cuisine. Our culinary journey will naturally begin with traditional Czech food (We hope you are hungry and thirsty.). Czechia is popularly known for its excellent beer (some of the very best in the world), but don't be naive there is still a lot more to discover. Your first Czech lesson begins today — Vítejte v praze! 

Your Organizer

Be Local Explorers
We are a group of nomads that have lived in 12 countries and has visited over 85. We speak 9 different languages and we are always on the move. We all have different backgrounds, from design and PR to tourism management and sustainability. We have vast experience organizing and running adventure tours all over Europe, the north of Africa and Asia. We all embrace new cultures, ways of thinking and we find meaning and stay productive by connecting with the right people. Most importantly, we are curious by nature and tireless explorers!