Machupicchu, Perú

Adrian Gutiérrez llanos
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Duration: 4 days
Group size: 2 - 100
Machupicchu, Perú

Adrian Gutiérrez llanos
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Duration: 4 days
Group size: 2 - 100

About this trip

Walking on the mountains of the Incas where they extracted the stones for the construction of different places in Cusco is incredible and mystical, makes you go back many years ago. This hike takes you to unexplored and almost virgin places where silence prevails throughout the hike. The locals say that on this route there were many occurrences of apparitions of pumas, condors and strange animals not endemic to the place, this place certainly has a very unique charm, it is part of the network of Inca trails that existed many years ago. The landscapes are incredible surrounded by snow-capped mountains and a great valley. If you are looking to explore and learn more about the Incas and want to know how they elaborated all the material for their constructions, this route is definitely made for you. And not only that; there are great stories from locals that will keep you entertained.

Want to feel the true essence of the Andes join us to explore this place full of mystery and mysticism?

Difficulty: Moderate

Considerations: Permit Required

Tour Type: History, adventure,Hiking

Good For: Moderate physical fitness 

Student discount ALTITUDX30

using coupon: ALTITUDX30

The student discount applies only for people who present a valid UNIVERSITY CARD. Minors 17 years old or younger. To grant the discount we need you to send us a copy of your university ID. For children 17 years old and under, we need a copy of passport for the reservation. 

Vistadome Train

Vistadome Train: All our services include the regular train service, expeditions or Voyager. The vistadome train or panoramic train is an upgraded train that  


Huaynapicchu: This mountain is a 50 minute walk to the top and another 50 minutes return. If you are planning to do this hike on your own, your guide will give you all the indications. For this hike an additional ticket is required and we can reserve it for you. 

The entrance is purchased according to the start of the trip, the entrances are at 10 a.m., have time to enjoy Machupicchu.


 # Immigration card 

# Backpack ( small) 

# water bottles 

# mountain shoes ( light on recommendation)

# passport # student card ( if you booked as a student)

For you Duffel:

# absorbent shirts 

# pants for walks 

# warm jacket preferably feather 

# sun hat 

# flashlight for personal use 

# waterproof jacket 

#Garbage bag ( for trash) 

# sleeping bag preferably feather


# repellents 

# hand sanitizer 

# toilet paper

# personal medication 

# sunscreen

What’s included

  • Professional Guides
    Highly trained guides for high mountain and Incas History
  • Briefing
    We will have an information session, you will receive a travel bag, the bag must not exceed 13 lbs and must include a sleeping bag and air mattress
  • Permits
    All permits Are guaranteed according to availability, As soon as we receive your details and deposit, we will purchase your permits.
  • Transportation
    Transportation is included in the entire journey, both bus and train, from the point of departure to the point of return.
  • Food
    Our staff cook so delicious, our meals are typical and traditional, we respect all food restrictions, if you have any restrictions let me know.
  • Hotel
    We have a selection of hotels, great service and accommodation (if you have any suggestions let us know).
  • Water
    From your first day you will be provided with water, for your walks, this water is boiled, it is necessary to bring personal water bottles.
  • First Aid
    Our team is trained in first aid, in case of emergency we manage an emergency plan if necessary for the promptest and fastest possible attention
  • Extras
    We believe that personalized attention is a plus for us, so small details for us is very important. For them we are committed to creating the real experience towards machupicchu.
  • Taxes and Fees
    All taxes and permit fees associated with this trek are included in the listed price.
  • Satellite Phones
    Our team has a satellite phone.
  • Huayna Picchu
    The mountain that is next to machupicchu, has a duration of about 50 minutes, is quite enpina The walk, has a cost of 75 usd.
  • Rentals
    every traveler needs a sleeping bag when camping. Inflatable air mattresses and walking sticks are recommended. If you do not wish to bring any of the above, all are available for rent
  • Inflatable air mattress
  • Walking sticks
    $ 10
  • Sleeping bag
    $ 20
  • Backpacks for the Day
    the agency does not provide backpacks, so you must bring your own. Note; Machupicchu does not allow backpacks over 25 lb.
  • Flashlights (lamps)
    it is recommended to bring flashlights for the campsites or headlamps.
  • Flights
    it is recommended to arrive one day before to Cusco or 2 days before, flight delays are common in Cusco due to the change of weather that is generated, therefore we recommend to be days before.
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance
    Travel insurance is recommended, but not mandatory, normally many people get sick with altitude sickness, so we recommend adapting 1 day or 2 days.

Available options

Tren Vistadome (Panoramico)


Day 1: Cusco - Waterfall
Day 1: Cusco - Waterfall - Korimarca

The first day will start with the pick up from the hotel in the city of Cusco at approximately 7 am in our bus, we will go to the community of Soqma, the duration of the trip in our bus is 1: 40 hours to the point where we will begin our hike, visiting Ñaupa Church an Inca religious center where many rituals were practiced in veneration of their gods, continuing with the tour we will arrive at our starting point of the hike the community of soqma, there we will get ready to start the hike, visiting as first place the waterfall of perolniyoq, imposing and beautiful waterfall. Almost halfway through the first day you will have a delicious lunch prepared by the specialized travel team, the rest will be brief and you will have the opportunity to recharge your water bottles. After lunch you will continue with the hike to the second stop point, during the hike you will appreciate an archaeological center at the foot of the mountain where you will have the opportunity to take pictures and a brief explanation from your guide. Arriving at the camp site you will have the opportunity to explore the place freely and recharge yourself with lots of positive energy.

Elevation: 3,667mts/11,753ft

Distance: 6 km

Difficulty: Moderate

Your Organizer

Adrian Gutiérrez llanos
we organize and plan cultural Adventure programs, nature, eco-tourism, birt watching, luxury and experiental to national and regional levels, combined with the inka Trail.