Inside Reggae

Kingston, Jamaica

5 reviews
Jan 31 - Feb 10, 2020
Group size: 10 - 15
Inside Reggae
Kingston, Jamaica

5 reviews

Jan 31 - Feb 10, 2020
Group size: 10 - 15

About this trip

 If reggae music has crawled inside your bloodstream with its earth shattering drum and bass riddim, its politically and spiritually driving messages of revolution and liberation, and its power to jettison you to a higher state of consciousness, then this cultural-musical immersion trip will satisfy your yearning for an even deeper, visceral understanding of Afro-Jamaican reggae music.  This trip is part academic musicological study, part socio-political discussion group, part transcendental drum circle and part jam session/dance party.

Ideally suited for musicians (professional and non professional)  and non musicians who have a deep affinity for the study of music from the perspective of a musician and humble/witness participant in the culture from which the music originated.




You are responsible for booking your flights to and from Kingston, however if assistance is needed please contact us at 832-819-0467 or email us at 

Please be sure to book your flight early enough on Friday Jan 31 to arrive for our welcome dinner which starts at 7p.  When booking your return flight please do not book departure flights earlier than noon on Monday Feb 10 as we will be traveling in from the Portland Coast which is a 3 1/2 hour drive to Kingston.  



We have some fantastic dining experiences scheduled. including mid to high end dining,  farm to table and street foods.  Daily Breakfast and most dinners will be included except for Feb 6, when we will be at the all day/all night Marley birthday celebration where you can enjoy lunch and dinner while there.



Centrally located accommodations will consist of continental or full breakfast daily.  

Our options will include the following;


-  3 star Bed and Breakfast

-  3.5 star Hotel Accommodations


-  Eco Lodge

-  3.5 star

Miscellaneous Runnings

Miscellaneous Runnings and Flexibility
As you browse through the itinerary you will see that on some days the activity says Miscellaneous Runnings.  The term Runnings is Jamaican slang for "things going on."  The Kingston music scene is often fluid and has very little exact timing or scheduling.  We never know who may be in town until the last minute.  We leave these times on the itinerary open and rely on your  

What’s included

  • 10 nites accommodations
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Most Dinners
  • Admissions to all tours
  • TTDG donation
  • Tips for Misc Runnings
  • Round tip airfare
  • Airline Baggage Fees
  • Personal Expenses
  • Some lunches

Available Packages

Inside Reggae - Bed and Breakfast Packag
Available until August 31, 2019

Beautiful  and comfy Accommodations in Kingston and Portland

Continental Breakfast Daily

Deposit: $650


Day 1 -Fri Jan 31
Inside Reggae Welcome Dinner and Orientation

 For early arrivals we will have optional afternoon activities including a Beach outing or Devon House Tour.  

The evening will include a group Welcome Dinner and Meet and Greet with Maroghini, Matt and other IR travelers. 

The dinner will include opening presentations by Maroghini on the Connection between Reggae Music and Traditional Sacred Jamaican Drumming; and by Matt on Jamaican Musical-Socio-Political History. 
Q&A discussion to follow

Dinner Included

Overnight:  Kingston

Your Organizer

Affinity Travel Group/Travel to do Good
5 reviews
Powered by the Affinity Travel Group, our Travel to do good experiences connect participants to the life, history, and culture of their chosen destination through cultural immersion, learning journeys, social entrepreneurship and volunteerism.


This trip was absolutely incredible. I am not the most travelled person (yet), but I know that this was a very unique opportunity and first-time experience of Jamaica. You are so often told not to leave the resort because of danger when visiting this beautiful country, but with Roslyn, Matt and Maroghini I felt completely safe and in the best possible hands the whole week. The lodging was great at the Marley Manor and I heard the same about the Inn at 6, I did hear complaints about Widcombe House but I can’t speak to that personally. I did think it served as an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place to use as our launch point/rehearsal space. I know that some of the travel was rough on various people in the group, ie bumpy roads and long bus rides, but I think that comes with the territory and was a price people were more than willing to pay for the experiences we had. We were consistently very well-fed! The food everywhere was terrific, especially the vegan spots we went to, Sista P’s SooSoomBa and Cheffing Don’s. Great Huts was INCREDIBLE and definitely a major highlight of the trip for me, such a tropical experience and peaceful vibe. I will definitely be taking my mother there as soon as possible. That’s speaking to the travel logistics, as far as the value of the experiences themselves, I can’t even put into words the impact this trip has had on me. Through the amazingly immersive and authentic cultural experiences we had with Rastafari and the reggae community, including a short Kumina ceremony, a Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Nyabinghi rehearsal, and visiting Sizzla's studio at Judgement Yard, I feel not only a whole new sense of appreciation for Reggae music and its messages, but also a much deeper understanding of the human story, where we’re at now on this planet and perhaps where we should aim ourselves. I have never met so many wise, visionary people in my life. I want to give a huge BIG UPS and thanks to Matt Jenson and Maroghini, for sharing their vast knowledge and amazing connections with us. This was an incredibly unique and valuable view of Jamaica and it was thanks to Matt’s motivation and Maroghini’s deep roots in and knowledge of the community that we could have such a thoroughly meaningful experience. HUGE big ups and THANK YOU to Roslyn Parker and her company Travel to Do Good, who made this entire trip a possibility and then a reality!! With her impeccable organization and strength of leadership, combined with the “patient and flexible” attitude that’s necessary for travel in Jamaica, she made this trip feel incredibly safe, organized and relaxing despite how busy we were, and she made our group feel like a little family for nine days. It felt like so much more, in a really good way – I would have happily stayed longer much. I hope to travel with Roslyn again in the future. She is a true professional and has the perfect strong and warm disposition for what she does. I heard talk of a potential trip to Ethiopia, in a similar style to this one, and I would be very, very interested in that. I would suggest that it be two full weeks, and involve more community involvement like we did at Jessie Ripoll - this was definitely one of my biggest highlights from the trip, and I think one of the most valuable cultural experiences we had there. We could maybe spend a week at a school and then a week of historical site-seeing and musical cultural education? Or alternate day trips with community activities? That goes for Ethiopia or any repeat trips to Jamaica. Again, I can’t really even put into words the significance of this trip. I think I speak for everyone in the group when I say it was life-changing, and deeply enlightening. I can’t thank the three amazing group leaders and the amazing travel company, Travel to Do Good, enough, and I also have huge gratitude for every single person in the group for making it such a special experience. This was a great success and I hope it inspires similar trips to come! Thanks again!!!
By Leila G for Inside Reggae Music Experience on 21 Feb, 2019
It was the best trip i have ever been on. Meeting the most incredible people with with love in their hearts and incredible knowledge. Our tour guide Roslyn Parker was super always there to help and guide with love. Driving around Kingston was so exciting seeing and hearing the vibrations of reggae music throughout the various communities, schools and universities. I loved every minute of this wonderful adventure.
By Michael M for Inside Reggae Music Experience on 20 Feb, 2019
Well planned, great hotels, great tour guides, comfortable transportation. Highly Recommend
By Diane G for Best of Peaceful Peru on 16 Oct, 2018
Great trip. Very well organized. Great guides and accommodations. Enjoyable in every way.
By Vincent Paul C for Best of Peaceful Peru on 16 Oct, 2018
I have to admit that my family was nervous about the experience in the beginning because we've never used a travel agent before and therefore we were a bit skeptical but Roslyn made everything seamless. She checked in on us every step of the way to ensure that everything was going according to plan and when there were changes we were notified in advance. The food was great the excursions, the tour guides were great and the accommodations were great as well. Thank you for making this truly a memorable experience and we will be using you guys again.
By Michael C for Caple Family Wakonda Forever Experience on 03 Sep, 2018