Insieme - A YOGA journey in Italy

56048 Volterra, Province of Pisa, Italy

Yogando Retreats
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Sep 17 - 24, 2022
Group size: 14 - 18
Insieme - A YOGA journey in Italy
56048 Volterra, Province of Pisa, Italy

Yogando Retreats
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1 review

Sep 17 - 24, 2022
Group size: 14 - 18

About this trip

After so much time spent apart and isolated from social connections, this is your unique possibility to cultivate relationships, and to bond with a community of like-minded people in the spectacular environment of Italy.

Insieme means together in Italian. Insieme we will learn how to disconnect to reconnect, in a journey to the self, from the self and for the self. Yoga will be your tool to reconnect with your inner world and tap into your emotions.

So how do you feel to the idea of being insieme?

Before you answer, consider what it means to feel “together” and to feel really “well”. Health is something that goes beyond the physical. True health is a balance of mind, body, and spirit.

The yoga classes guided by Eleonora Zampatti will guide you to a deeper mind-body connection through intuitive and intentional sequencing. In addition to your yoga classes, Eleonora will offer refined workshops, uniquely designed to open a different area of your body and to engage your full awareness. Let her take you through heart-healing backbends, deep hip and hamstring stretches, core strengtheners, and calming folds.

By creating physical space in your body, you will create clarity and equanimity in your mind, so at the end of the retreat you will feel more empowered, grounded, and present.

Take a life-changing, well-rounded approach to your well-being that will last long after the retreat is over.

The key to true flexibility lies in your strength — the stronger you become in body and mind, the easier it will be to access deeper poses.


Why we chose Tuscany?

Tuscany teaches us to savor each moment and live inspired by the details that might have otherwise passed us by.

Tuscany has the best of both worlds, rolling countryside of cypress trees and olive groves, wineries, and world class cities like Florence, Siena and Volterra. It is a center of farm to table food, wine and the best world’s art. Living the Tuscan life means quality and simplicity, and therefore when we believe Tuscany means Italy at its finest. You will slow down to enjoy each breath, each sip of this Italian life, each taste of Italian food, finding yourself at home: the home of your heart. And life will never be the same after this experience.

What can you expect from this retreat?

We believe that yoga can be experienced both on and off the mat, and that it is a practice that can improve our lives and lead us into the present moment. Travel itself is a mindfulness practice, that helps you stay connected to the present.

Retreating to a new place and experiencing a new culture also leads us to the present moment by expanding your senses and redefining your awareness of your presence in the world.

Whether it’s strolling through a town, taking in the details of the architecture, or savoring a handmade pasta dish, anything can be a wellness ritual if it’s done with presence. The pace and lifestyle in Tuscany will only reinforce that.

Our Instructor

Eleonora Zampatti

Yoga Teacher

Eleonora is a native of Milan, Italy now living in NJ, USA. Body movement specialist, Author, fitness model, and cover girl, Eleonora began her career as a varsity synchronized swimmer. Her love for movement and fluidity easily transferred from the water to the dance floor when she moved to NYC and enrolled at Peridance International School of Dance. Convinced that yoga is much more than just asana, Eleonora encourages her students to accept their vulnerabilities. She feels that without weakness there can be no strength and without acceptance there can be no healing.

The Location Where we will staying at

Tuscany, Italy

“Discover the harmony of the soul within nature.”

The Tuscan villa was established as an official organic farm and agriturismo in 1991. The traditional Tuscan architecture and abundance of natural beauty have always been an inviting place of peace and tranquility, offering guests recovery and refreshment. Their fields and plantation were redeveloped to form a healthy, living, agricultural organism. The radical change to being genuinely harmonious with nature took place gradually. Currently, it cultivates 300 hectares of land according to Biodynamic certification and allocated its two finest buildings to accommodation rooms and apartments. Later the natural swimming pool, the organic produce shop and the restaurant “Nell’Orto”, were created, rounding up the organic experience. It is an honor and pleasure to share our philosophy of living with all our visitors and guests. Our aim is to provide each guest with a fulfilled vacation that enlightens the senses and sincerely satisfies the soul.



Unlock your body:

This workshop will help you break those mental and physical barriers that may come with flexibility poses. You will be practicing drills, dynamic movement, and slow flows, increasing your range of motion, strengthening your core, and achieving an overall mind body balance.

In this workshop you will learn and focus on the following skills:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility

Ode to the moon:

This workshop is an emotional journey into hip openers. Inspired by the cycle of the moon, this uniquely designed flowing sequence weaves in hip and heart openers like King Pigeon to encourage opening, self-reflection, and healing for the body and soul.

Rock your soul:

AKA backbends! Learn how to safely open your lower back, and the posterior chain of your body with holds and a focus on breathing. This workshop will help you bring awareness, relieve tension and improve mobility in some of the most commonly tight areas in the upper back, with an emphasis on shoulder strength and stability.

Dance on your fears:

Learn how to safely get into inversions and arm balancing. From crow pose and forearm stand through a flow that targets your core, wrists, arms, shoulders, and hamstrings.

In this workshop you will learn and focus on the following skills:

  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Focus

Journey into splits:

Explore dynamic, intuitive sequences to release tension and tap into your emotions. Get into splits that help you with releasing positive energy and relieving stress.

Vinyasa classes
– twists and release (detoxing Flow)
– anatomy of your soul (stretch class)
– Mind, Body and Soul vinyasa flow
– creating space (yin class)
– Balance and grace (vinyasa class to achieve Dancer pose)


Yoga studio built in our soundproof studio, surrounded by blissful greenery and natural landscape
Cultural and philosophical exchange in an inspirational environment
Use of in-house bicycles to explore the majestic routes and paths of the surrounding areas 


The food produced from the earth are gifts coming from unpolluted pristine land, cherished, and protected by that very same land. As well as the capable hands of our staff which are now an integral part of the farm. 


Our elegant clear blue natural swimming pool offers a mirror of fresh chlorine free water that is filtered by stones, zeolites and water lilies. Whether you want to relax, have fun, or simply cool off under the Tuscan sun, the surrounding meadows and flower beds make for an exceptional experience. Lounge chairs adorn the tranquil pool side settings, as the concert of crickets and frogs at dusk make for the perfect way to end a day. 


The bio-dynamic gardens and fields are cultivated according to the fundamental principles of the lunar phases as documented by Rudolf Steiner. This guarantee of respect for our land and its produce secures the health of the source of our supply, for the cuisine we serve from breakfast through to dinner. 

What’s included

  • YOGA
    Daily yoga (twice a day, except for those days where we will go sightseeing)
  • Room and Board
    Room and board, with breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 nights and 8 days
  • A goodie bag
    Sponsored by ALO YOGA
  • Pool access
    Unlimited access pool
  • Wi Fi
    Wi-fi connection in guest rooms and public spaces • Complimentary self-parking
  • Room cleaning
    Bathroom and bed linen. Towels and complimentary toiletries 100% organic
  • Snacks
    Tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits available all day
  • Yoga shala
    Private Yoga studio
  • Flight
  • Alcohol and wine
    Alcohol and any extra food outside of the agreed menu
  • Trip insurance
  • Housekeeping gratuity
  • Porterage/ Bell stand gr
  • Shipping or handling
    Any shipping and handling fees (if applicable)
  • Incidentals
    guests will be asked to provide a valid credit or debit card information at the time of check in
  • Taxi
    Taxi from and to the airport (we will organize a single pick up and drop off)
  • Day trips
    We will organize 3 day trips and add on the trip costs once the group is formed

Available Packages

Single room, private bathroom
Available until July 30, 2022only 2 left

Twin bed, single occupancy, private bathroom

Deposit: $500
Single room, shared bathroom
Available until July 30, 20225 left

Twin bed, single occupancy, shared bathroom

Deposit: $500
Double room, queen
Available until July 30, 2022only 2 left

Queen bed, double occupancy, separate beds, shared bathroom

Deposit: $500
Suite, King
Available until July 30, 2022only 1 left

King bed, for single occupancy or couple who share the same bed, private bathroom

Deposit: $500

Your Organizer

Yogando Retreats
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Travel Italian Style Yogando Retreats is an expert designer of boutique wellbeing experiences, aiming to disconnect you from the everyday life routine, and restore you in authentic and luxurious environments.


It was a unique experience: challenging and super enriching; with a group created entirely by wonderful people, each in their own unique way. I sincerely thank all the staff and people who helped making this event possible. I hope to attend other retreats soon, and have the chance to experience this magic again. Sincerely Charity
By Charity T for Anima e Corpo on 01 Aug, 2021