Inward In Indio | A Luxury Retreat For Women 50+

      Indio, CA, USA

      12 reviews
      Mar 7 - 10, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 16
      Inward In Indio | A Luxury Retreat For Women 50+
      Indio, CA, USA

      12 reviews

      Mar 7 - 10, 2024
      Group size: 1 - 16

      About this trip

      In the heart of the Indio desert, an invitation unfolds—a gentle call for you to join an intimate circle of extraordinary women for a luxury escape crafted just for you.

      Welcome to Inward in Indio 

      Hosted by The Escapism Retreat and tbg Events.

      We are so glad you’re here. 

      Life has a way of keeping us on autopilot, and so often we look up and realize we've been missing it - life, that is. This experience is about doing just the opposite of that. It's about not missing it. It's about bringing ourselves to the present moment and savoring it. 

      We cordially invite you to take a pause with us, a deep and intentional inhale. And exhale. 

      We invite you to reconnect with the essence of who you really are. This retreat is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the desert, surrounded by the warmth and understanding of kindred spirits who can understand, appreciate and lovingly relate to your journey.

      We have curated four days that will cause you to arrive one way and leave forever changed. The beauty and tranquility of this space leaves enough room ands stillness for us to do a necessary work within ourselves, which is to open up and lean into the now. 

      Join a lovely group of women, ages 50+ in beautiful Indio, California - not too far from Joshua Tree. Come and practice mindfulness with us. Get your necessary dose of healing as the new year begins. Allow us to cater to you for an extended weekend. You won't even have to think if you don't choose to. We’ve thought of everything for you. 

      The Escapism Retreat operates just as its name suggests. It is a true escape from the daily norms and concerns of life. We operate in flow. We leave behind all inhibition, and we open ourselves WIDE to the beautiful unknown. The outcome is always beautiful. 

      Inward in Indio is an Escapism Retreat that is a first of its kind. It will likely go down in our books as one of the most special experiences we've had as we host this retreat alongside Tammy Dickerson, Founder of tbg Events. As a vibrant fifty-something herself, Tammy recognizes the importance of experiences like this and desires to create spaces for her peers to escape with her. 

      Together we plan to make this an unforgettable moment in time, and we certainly hope you will join in.

      What’s included

      • Accomodations
        4 Days/3 Nights in a Luxury Private Retreat House
      • Nourishment
        All Breakfasts, Lunch and Dinners are included and curated to feed your body, mind and spirit.
      • Curated Experiences
        These sweet surprises will cater to your inner adventurer. Experience something beautiful and wonder-full with us.
      • Joshua Tree Adventure
        Experience the stillness and magic of Joshua Tree on this half-day excursion. There is something deeply special about this place. Explore with us.
      • Movement and Breathwork
        Begin and/or end your day with gentle movement, intentional breathing and guided meditation.
      • Private Portrait Session
        Make this moment last. Capture yourself in all your 50 something beauty with our private photographer.
      • Signature Fireside Chats
        These heartfelt conversations are the heart of our retreats. Come to the table and leave it all there.
      • Journaling Prompts
        Daily writing topics can guide you inward during your leisure time.
      • Built in Leisure Time
      • Pool
        Heated / 24 Hours
      • Hot Tub
        24 Hour Access
      • Outdoor Movie Theater
        Curated Movies and Fun

      What’s not included

      • Airfare
      • Ground Transportation
        Ground Transportation from LA to Indio is NOT included, but can be added on as an additional service and fee at a later date.
      • Refund Policy
        50% Refund Up To 45 Days Prior to Retreat

      Available Packages

      Double Occupancy

      Beautiful and spacious room with two private, queen beds. 

      *This package is priced per person. 

      Deposit: $350
      Single Occupancy Room

      Beautiful and spacious private room with queen bed. 

      Deposit: $350

      Available options

      Round Trip Ground Transportation - LAX

      This add on secures your round trip ground transportation from LAX to Indio on Thursday and then back to LAX on Sunday. 

      Your Organizer

      12 reviews
      Escapism is a Well-Living Retreat designed for women who are interested in lightness, ease and beauty. The Escapism Retreat is about carving out a moment of time to just be. To breathe. To rest. To find peace. Clarity. To relate with like minds. To let go. To unravel. And be put back together again. To feel. To connect. To find your center far away from it all, lost in nature and surrounded by beauty. This retreat is about going inward; it's about the transformative power of stillness.


      This was literally the best trip I’ve ever taken in my life. “What will you take with you? What will you keep?” Those questions have lingered in my mind since Brandie, our divine host, asked them of us at the end of our experience. This was not my first Escapism. Each retreat has left its own indelible mark on my soul. So what was coming back to stay with me this time? Was it the countless core memories we made? Was it a new taste for freshly prepared + healthy cuisine? Was it a well-regulated nervous system courtesy of the magic of Bali? It was all of those things, yes. But those weren’t THE thing. At my big age, I finally learned to surrender fully. To the process. To redirection. To unknowing. To qualified leaders. To it all. I finally laid it all down, stopped trying to control outcomes and just let it be. And what I picked up was beautiful. Brandie Freely taught me that, and it’s mine to keep. Thank you, Escapism Team. Thank you, God.
      By Sharde C for ESCAPISM RETREAT | BALI on Jul 16, 2024
      This was the trip I needed at this time in my life. I haven't traveled to such a distance (Bali), and definitely haven't been away son on sooooo many years. So, it was high time for me to be out and on retreat. My soul needed this trip, as did my mind and body. I was one with myself, which I've struggled with before. I am so grateful for the love and care we were shown from the minute we stepped onto the Villa. We were treated like Queens. I felt so special every day. Every detail was SO intentional. We lacked nothing. I am so grateful for your dream, Brandie, and I am equally grateful for The Dream Team! You all did that!
      By LaTeisha C for ESCAPISM RETREAT | BALI on Jul 15, 2024
      Very magical. The property was like a dream. Lush greens as we were surronded by the jungle. Also the planned excursions were such a treat as it was an unexpected adventure. The group journal sessions and free time allowed me to go inward and discover more of myself. Loved every moment and soaked it all in. It still feels like a dream.
      By Francella J for ESCAPISM RETREAT | BALI WEEK TWO on Jul 15, 2024
      I don’t know if words will ever be able to describe my Escapism experience. It’s one of those things that you just have to experience. I recently attended the retreat in Bali and had a life changing experience. I cannot stop talking about it to friends and family. The openness of the host and other participants was unmatched. I cannot wait to attend the next one. I came back home with a new outlook on life, a new outlook on me. Thank you, Escapism for curating such a unique and positive experience!
      By Tierra L for ESCAPISM RETREAT | BALI WEEK TWO on Jul 14, 2024
      Escapism was everything and more than I could have asked for. I am blessed to have been able to have this life changing experience with the Escapism Team. Everything was well organized and 5 stars. It was my home away from home while learning to let go and just be. I met an amazing group of sisters lifetime friends. Tears laughs and great memories. I can’t recommend these trips more… you will not be disappointed. Take the leap and discover so much about yourself. Can’t wait to go on another. Thank you team and ladies.
      By Christeen R for ESCAPISM RETREAT | BALI WEEK TWO on Jul 14, 2024
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      I let many Escapism retreats pass me by until my husband gifted me with one this year. I’m not fully sure of what I expected, but it exceeded everything I could’ve imagined! From our stay, to the thoughtful yet flexible itinerary down to the ladies, it just felt right. It’s one thing to travel to a destination, and another to travel via Escapism. It’s an experience I’ll never forget as it is actively shaping me and the life I want to create. Till next time.
      By Chans T on 14 Jul, 2024