Ireland's Quaint Towns and Villages

Sligo, Ireland

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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Nov 7 - 15, 2021
Group size: 1 - 24
Ireland's Quaint Towns and Villages
Sligo, Ireland

Secret Ireland Tours LLC
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Nov 7 - 15, 2021
Group size: 1 - 24

About this trip

Quaint Towns and Villages is a 9 Day, 8 night tour in November, 2021/22. It is centered around a famous event that happens only once a year, a traditional event in South Sligo. That event is called "The Brown Bread and Jam Club" 

We visit all the quaint towns and villages in the North West of the country and we also go to see some scenic area's too!

We visit Sligo Town where we can explore the town and its shopping malls, its art galleries, many craft and music shops and we will also take in Yeats Buildings which houses an art gallery. 

We will go to Foxford Woolen mills, Knock Shrine, Kylemore Abbey, Westport. We watch a crystal glass cutting craftsman working in Carrick-on-Shannon. We visit an Island, and a forest Park too! So there will be lots to see on this trip, but the main event is the Brown Bread and jam Club!

Brown Bread and Jam Club

Each year this event is held in a small, rural, Family run hotel in South Sligo called Tubbercurry.  This is actually the hotel that we stay in for the majority of our visit. The Brown Bread and Jam club was started about 10 years ago by a local man who is renowned for his gift of  story telling.  He, like many other story-tellers wanted to have at least one event to that would showcase the talents of storytellers from around the country and like the gatherings of long ago in the rural houses, there was always the cup of tea with the brown bread and jam of offer, so he created this event and now people come to Cawley's Hotel in Tubbercurry for one night in Nov every year and tell stories, have a cup of tea and eat Brown bread and Jam. The stories are always very funny and the talented story tellers are amazing in their delivery of the story! It is indeed an event not to be missed.


Secret Ireland Tours are committed to doing everything possible to keep our clients safe while on tour with us in Ireland. As many know we rescheduled all of our 2020 tours to 2021 and we are keeping in close contact with the health Department in Ireland. All of the venue's and hotels we use have completed a Safety Charter course which allowed them to open to the public. We will not visit any site or stay in any hotel that has not completed this course. It was created by the tourist board in Ireland. We will do everything in our power to keep everybody safe. 

We believe that this tour that was rescheduled will go ahead but we will keep a close eye on the conditions and if we need to reschedule again, we will do so in consultation with you our clients.

What’s included

  • Airport Transfers
    We pick you up at 9am the first morning of the tour and leave you back for your afternoon flight the last day of your trip
  • Accommodation
    7 nights in a small, family run, country 3 star hotel, and 1 night in Fitzpatricks Castle 4 Star Hotel Dublin
  • Breakfasts
    8 hearty breakfasts that will keep you going all day.
  • Transport
    We have a very good bus company that supplies us with a very comfortable motor coach.
  • Driver
    Our Driver is an expert and knows the highways and byways like the back of his hand. He is also great fun
  • Guide
    You will have a expert Secret Ireland Tours guide with you through out the trip.
  • Entry fee's
    Entry fee's to all venue's on itinerary
  • Food
    Snacks and soft drinks on bus
  • Taxes
    All taxes and charges associated with hotels and bus are covered
  • airfare
    We do not deal with flights
  • Food
    We do not cover lunches or evening meals
  • Travel Insurance
    We strongly suggest you purchase travel insurance to protect your travel investment., Here is a link.
  • Tips
    If you feel so inclined, please tip your driver and tour guide.

Available Packages

Double Occupancy/1 room, double bed
24 left

For those wishing to share a bed.

Deposit: $150
Single Occupancy
10 left
Deposit: $150
Double occupancy/1 room, two beds
8 left
Deposit: $150


Day 1
Belvedere House, Lough Key Forest Park

We pick you up at terminal 2 in Dublin airport on the morning of the 7th at 9am. We bring you towards the North West but on the way we stop in a few places. Our first stop is a very interesting Grand house called Belvedere House. This dates back to the 13th century and it has a sad and terrible history. It also has a Jealous wall. We don't want to spoil the story of this house for you, it is better heard from one of the brilliant tour guides there. 

We then visit Lough Key Forest Park, This is a beautiful place even in the winter. There is a short drive into the park and when there you can see from the Shores of Lough Key, the ruins of an 11th century Castle sitting on its own Island. Again rich in history with tales of love and loss. There are many walks, magical trees, wishing chairs, faery bridges, zip lines and so much more.  We then go to our Hotel in South Sligo and relax,  Calweys Hotel

Itinerary:  All venue's on itinerary are subject to change because of weather or availability.

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