Island Escape with Jenny Finkel

Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

22 reviews
Feb 10 - 16, 2019
Group size: 1 - 20
Island Escape with Jenny Finkel
Isla Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico

22 reviews

Feb 10 - 16, 2019
Group size: 1 - 20

About this trip

A private beach front luxury villa.  A swoon-worthy beach on a island less than 5 miles end to end.    A swimming pool shaded by palm fronds and views to the Caribbean Sea.   A gourmet menu, prepared fresh every day by our own, in-house chef.  Oh, and air conditioning!!  You really can have it all!!  Join me on our beautiful journey towards peace and wellness.  

About Me

    I began doing yoga in 7th grade after reading an article about it in Seventeen magazine.  I was an asthmatic, scoliotic teen who pretended to be sick to get out of playing kickball in Phys Ed class.  Seventeen touted yoga’s benefits for breathing and posture and described it as a non-competitive pursuit.  It sounded right up my alley, so I gave the postures in the magazine a try, and a new passion was formed.
     Through yoga, I discovered a sense of athleticism and coordination I never knew I had.  I tapped into an appreciation for my body and all that it was capable of, when I previously thought it was only good for feigning migraines.  Playing kickball still feels a little bit like punishment to me, but a day without yoga feels like a day unfinished now.
      Fast forward 15+ years, when I took a job as a retail sales girl at Life Yoga and Boutique in New Orleans, LA.  I had always considered yoga to be a solo pursuit, until I summoned up the courage to take my practice “public” by taking advantage of unlimited free yoga classes at Life--one of the perks of my retail job.  The self-consciousness that had lingered since my teenage years fell away as I learned to embrace the group-class mentality.  Shortly thereafter, with the support and encouragement of the wonderful teachers and staff at Life, I was inspired to pursue my teaching certificate.  I obtained my 200 Hour certificate from YogaWorks under the leadership of Jennie Cohen at Quiet Mind Yoga in Washington, DC in August 2010, and followed that up with a Yoga of Awareness for Cancer training at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC in April 2011.
      In May of 2011, I moved from New Orleans to Chicago, and have since had the pleasure of getting involved in the amazing yoga community in the Windy City.  In June 2014, I completed my barre and Core Fusion certifications through Exhale Spa, followed by my AFAA group fitness certification in February 2015.  I received my 500 hour yoga teaching certificate from Zuna Yoga in November 2016.  I named an ambassador for lululemon athletica’s 900 North Michigan Ave store in January 2013, and I currently represent Chicago as a Fitbit Ambassador and PUMA Team Faster Elite Trainer.  

About Isla Mujeres


Isla Mujeres is a small island, located conveniently off the shores of Cancun.  Just a short ferry ride away, Isla Mujeres feels much quieter and more relaxed then the hustle and bustle of the mainland.  Isla Mujeres is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, incredible snorkeling, and an abundance of Caribbean color and culture.

About Casa Coco

Refined bohemian speaks to Casa Coco's casual yet elegant decor.  With 9 total suites (6 ocean view) Casa Coco can host extended family or group vacations, weddings and corporate events, and is perfect for yoga retreats with roof top palapa built to accommodate yoga for 20.

Steps from the ocean front shade lounge are the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and an intimate cove for sunning on white sands or swimming.  Casa Coco has western and sunset views,  safe and calm swimming, and view all the way to Cancun.

Coco B Wellness Terms and Conditions


Coco B Wellness General Terms and Conditions


Coco B Wellness is a DBA of GO MX LLC. Coco B Wellness (CBW) is a retreat hosting and retreat facilitation company based in the USA and conducting business in Mexico. CBW hosts retreats in various properties of which the principals may or may not be affiliated as owners or partners and has independent contracts with such properties for hosting events and providing support services in the various locations. 

CBW rents such properties and facilitates retreats on the behalf of ¨hosts¨ in various forms of fitness, nutrition, or other areas and solely on behalf of the ¨Hosts¨.  A retreat ¨Host¨ or ¨Renter¨ is one who has or is marketing and is facilitating a retreat for the benefit of their ¨attendees¨ aka ¨guests¨ and/ or ¨participants¨.


¨Hosts¨ & ¨Guests¨ certify that there are no health-related reasons or problems that preclude or restrict their participation in the retreat and state that they are of reasonable physical fitness and able to participate without unreasonable restriction. Hosts and Guests assume all personal risks of participation in the retreat and on the property and other areas and locations related to the retreat. 

It is required that a retreat ¨Host(s)¨ maintain an active liability insurance policy for training and facilitating in their area of expertise or as intended area of instruction at said retreat. If a rider is available to cover them specifically outside the USA by the issuing company, such rider will be in place prior to the commencement of the retreat, and in addition to the standard liability policy protecting their participants in the event of injury or harm during the course of the retreat with respect to the training or activity conducted with the ¨host¨, or attending assistants or other attending ¨retreat facilitators¨


Guests acknowledge that the retreat is, or may be an extreme test of physical and mental limits and carries with it the potential for serious injury.  All Guests and retreat Attendees or Participants, as well as Hosts or anyone affiliated with the Host, agree to the following: All such participants shall hold harmless Go MX LLC, Coco B Wellness (CBW) and any and all other partners or related companies, or companies affiliated with their owners, partners, including but not limited to the hosting location, villas, hotels, hospitality provider, and any and all employees.

Further GO MX LLC /Coco B Wellness, along with its partners Coco b Isla, its partners employees etc., cannot be responsible or liable for any injury, illnesses, loss or damage of property, obligations derived from travel arrangements, or disruption of program due to circumstances beyond our control. It is recommended that guests purchase travel, medical, and cancellation insurance prior to travelling.

Hosts and Guests shall not use the property outside of permitted use and shall not use the property for any offensive, dangerous, illegal, or improper purposes. Additionally, guests agree to act in a respectful manner and not cause annoyance or disruption to other participants.

GO MX LLC and Coco B Wellness are not responsible for the loss or damage of personal belongings and 

we reserve the right to terminate use of the property or any of its facilities in the event of any breach of these terms and conditions. Any Host, Renter, Guest, or Attendee, or other will be required to vacate the property and GO MX LLC / Coco B Wellness shall not refund payment or accept any consequential liability damages or loss.

Signing of this contract or payment of a deposit (either by Host, Guest or Attendee) is deemed as full and final acceptance of the terms and conditions for Hosting or attending a retreat with GO MX LLC /Coco B Wellness (aka: Coco B Yoga & wellness, their properties, locations, or affiliate locations.  By Signing you agree to indemnify the owners, shareholders, contractors, agents, representatives, parent company, any/or any affiliated company (including employees of GO MX LLC /Coco B wellness, or any other related or affiliate company from and against any claim and all liability in the event of illness, injury, or death on or adjacent to the premises during the term of this agreement and stay at the property, or after, and resulting from any cause whatsoever.  

Additionally, Host, Guest, or Attendee, or Renter will indemnify the same for loss of personal property or belongings, resulting from your residence or your guests’ residence in any of the aforementioned properties or related excursions. 

Host, Guest, Attendee, Renter, etc., also acknowledges that third party contractors with respect to transport, events, excursions, food and beverage, etc., are third party contractors are independent of GO MX LLC /Coco B Wellness and any of its direct companies and/ or affiliates.   

Host, Guest, Attendee, Renter, etc., further agrees to indemnify the aforementioned from any harm, illness, death, or other circumstance that may result while at the property or other location when or in the care of any third party whether or not accompanied by a representative of Coco B Wellness or any of its affiliate companies.

Host, attendee, guest, renter, etc., further agrees that renter is responsible and liable for, and will pay upon request, any damages that occur to the premises due to renter and/ or renter’s guest misuse and or negligent use of the premise.

Standard safety precautions for renters apply for the pool and residence/complex.  Your acceptance of this agreement and its terms are inclusive of but not limited to following such practices for the term of your rental and stay, and specifically acknowledging that adults are responsible for under age members of the group. 

The following is a list of services provided by third parties on behalf of hosts, attendees, and guests and coordinated and paid for by guest or by Coco B Wellness or its affiliates on behalf of such ¨hosts¨, ¨guests¨, and ¨attendees¨:

A) All guest communications in advance of travel including shuttle coordination, room allocation, billing, payment plan schedule.

B) Airport transfers from Cancun Airport to Puerto Juarez or other locations as determined by the event/retreat 

C) All excursions are performed and operated by third party vendors and not Coco B Wellness nor any of its partners or affiliates 

D) Ferry transportation from Puerto Juarez to Isla Mujeres or from other ports and either by commercial line aka Ultramar, or other contracted private party are not performed by Coco B Wellness nor any of its partners or affiliates 

E) Taxi or Van transportation to Coco B Wellness location or any location on island or in transit related to such event or retreat, or any other outing or excursion initiated by an attendee or host.

F) Meals and beverages as noted in specific guest agreement outside of Coco B Wellness location, accommodation, or that of partners or affiliates 

G) Yoga, wellness, exercise classes and instruction as outlined in retreat profile or participated in by attendees or host 

H) Massage or spa treatments

I) Island snorkel & excursion with lunch (Cultural Excursion off Island subject to retreat length & contract) or any other excursion via land or boat to a multiple of locations on island, off island, or in the region

J) Meals out and prepared by a third party other than by Coco B Wellness or its partners of affiliates or related or affiliate locations.

K) Any and all third-party offerings.

As a result of such services provided by any of the aforementioned or other third parties, GO MX LLC, Coco B Wellness, and its partners or affiliates or affiliate locations will have no liability from any harm, death or other circumstance that may result from the service provided by said third parties. CBW will apply it best effort to coordinate and support any claim from the participants but will not be held liable in any case for accident, harm or death occurring from the above-mentioned services.


GO MX LLC /Coco B Wellness, the owners  and all affiliates  aforementioned are not responsible for inconvenience related to power or other utility outages. The hurricane season is from June 1 to November 30 every year.  In the event of a hurricane, bad weather conditions, or other acts of god, the GO MX LLC / Coco B Wellness / villas, locations, and owners: 

· At their discretion provide any refunds.

· Are not responsible for finding alternate lodging for the Renter, Host, or Guest

· Are not responsible for Renter, Host, or Guest financial losses related to transportation or alternate lodging.

· Recommend that Renter, Host, or Guest get trip cancellation insurance from one of the several companies that offer it, such as

· Are not required but will make best efforts to accommodate an alternate date for such event 



· Please turn off AC when the doors/windows are open or when you are out of the room.

· No paper or other products in the WC, please use the wastepaper basket.

· No glass by the pool.

· We are not licensed to have guests using the kitchen, please no food preparation.

· Please keep track of your beverages, also note that bar tabs are due in cash unless otherwise specified.

· We do not allow unregistered guests.

· All our properties are smoke-free, smoking inside will result in a $250 USD cleaning fee. If you smoke, please smoke outside and away from the entrances and common spaces.

· The cost of lost key is $40.00 USD.

· The use of paddle board and kayaks is free of charge. Please ask for assistance getting them in or out of the water (if needed) and do not leave equipment at the beach. Any loss or damage beyond normal wear and tear will be charged to your bill. Thank you in advance for helping us maintain the water equipment in good condition. 

· The island in generally is very safe, however there is petty theft. Coco B Wellness and Coco B Isla is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. Safe boxes are provided in every guest suite. Please use the safe boxes to insure the security of your valuables, including but not limited to cell phones, electronics, and other valuables, passports, and wallets. All such items should be kept away and out of plain sight.

· The properties are locked on behalf of the guests in the evening, It is required that hosts and guests lock up the villa after hours or if it is unattended by staff at any point during the day. 

· We have a security guard on the property from 10 PM – 7 AM.

· We are in a residential neighborhood which restricts loud music and noise past 11:30 pm.

· Check in time is at 3pm.

· Checkout time from the room is at 11:00.


Pertaining to:  Retreat Host, Attendee, Attendees booked by retreat host, Attendees booked by Coco B Wellness, and any and all other paying or non-paying guests.


· When Securing a booking with Coco b Wellness – Host /Attendee or others reservations are not confirmed until deposit payment is received. 

· Retreat host reservations are not confirmed until deposit payment is received as follows. 30% of minimum occupancy for STANDARD Package or as specified in separate Host contract terms.

· If you are a host or attendee your booking or reservation is not secured without a confirmation vie email from Coco B Wellness or a confirmed receipt of payment and a signed ¨HOST contract¨. (See ¨Host¨ contract)

· Host confirmations are done via email after receipt of deposit unless otherwise agreed in writing.

· Attendee confirmations are done via email after receipt of deposit

· Attendees booking directly with host shall be confirmed by the host and room placement is subject to host conditions.

· Host booking will include a terms of retreat addendum specific to the event and host including but not limited to dates, options for date moves, room pricing and retreat inclusions, payment policies for host and reservations payments, deposit policies, etc. 


• 30% due on reservation and confirmation

• 20% due within 180 days of arrival 

• Balance due within 60 days of arrival.

• Any alternatives to the aforementioned terms shall be outlined in specific host contract.


• 50% due on reservation and confirmation to secure room reservation. 

• Balance due within 60 days of arrival 

• Payment plans subject to other specified terms

NOTE: Payment plans are available to participants on an individual basis, with a 5% additional fee added on financed portion.


Depending on your specific retreat room allocation may occur in a number of manners subject to the retreat host or booking process. If attendees are given the option for a specific room choice the payment will be processed accordingly, and room assignment based on room preference. In the case of double, triple, or other occupancy request for a specific room, when occupancy is selected without designated roommate request, Coco B Wellness will make allocations of rooms as necessary in equal or better accommodations category at no additional expense to the attendee and reserve the right to alter a room request to accommodate additional attendees. In the case of a room selection change by Coco b Wellness a partial refund may be granted base on the requirement for a modified room selection. In any case best efforts will be made to insure the preferred and specified accommodation. Any such change will be confirmed in writing via email and prior to arrival whenever possible.

We reserve the right to process appropriate room allocations according to single, double, triple, and quadruple requirements, Coco B Wellness is acting on the behalf of host and is not responsible for the allocation of rooms except as directed by the retreat host. This policy may vary dependent on individual agreements. In the event that a room is selected via Coco B Wellness booking engine subject to specific occupancy restrictions or pricing, Coco B Wellness reserves the right to modify room placement to accommodate such situation. In the vent that 2 parties book double occupancy and one of the participants cancels, Coco B Wellness reserves the right to assign room placement accordingly or for participant to accept the cost of single occupancy at their discretion. Any such change will be confirmed in writing via email.

INCLUSION OF SERVICES (As per specific contract and in writing)

Coco B Wellness provides all-inclusive programs for hosts and attendees however each retreat is designed specifically to accommodate the host preferences. An addendum to these terms and conditions shall accompany all Host confirmations and Coco B Wellness will act in accordance with the terms outlined here or specific to the Host requirements. 


Coco B Wellness reserve the right to make necessary changes to various components of the itinerary or inclusions based on but not limited to weather, occupancy, availability, etc. and without notice or compensation considering fair and equal value. In the unlikely event of a change in teacher or host, Coco B Wellness will substitute a suitable replacement with as little impact to the program as possible. 

Coco B Wellness is not responsible for the costs associated with a mandatory change in ¨host¨ or retreat facilitator when the event is not hosted by Coco B Wellness. Any such change will be at the expense of the contracted Host, who will subsequently forfeit all previously agreed upon pay per student and any additional agreed upon bonus pay.

In the unlikely event that the contracted property is not available for any unforeseeable reason, Coco B Wellness reserves the right to amend the location provided equal or similar accommodations and amenities are provided and not requiring air transport revisions. If such accommodations and retrat itinerary is deemed not possible, then Coco B Wellness will accommodate the attendees according to the refunds in these terms and conditions.


We are not to be held responsible for changes in itinerary beyond our control, including those changes caused by weather or hurricanes, any inconvenience or complication caused by a hurricane’s direct hit, near miss, or significant threat of a hurricane strike. 

A retreat cancelled by a ¨host¨ will not incur any refund from Coco B Wellness. 

We do not provide any refunds associated with flight cancelations or changes, strikes, labor disputes, lockouts, threats or acts of terrorism, acts of war or declared war.

If a retreat is cancelled by Coco B Wellness for any circumstance, we will offer a total refund including $150 USD change fee credit against future booking to accommodate for airline ticket change fee. The participant may elect to apply their deposit and payments towards another Coco B Wellness retreat.


PAYMENT POLICIES FOR HOSTS (For hosts processing their own booking and their respective attendees)

Any attendee making a reservation, deposit, and payments to a designated host and not through the Coco B Wellness booking portal, acknowledges that the host has taken funds on behalf of the attendee and the attendee holds the ¨Host¨ responsible for making any and all payments required on the behalf of attendee to Coco B Wellness.  Also ¨HOSTS ¨ acknowledge that they have made their guests aware of the Coco B Wellness policies regarding weather and cancellations and all of Coco B Wellness policies and have recommended guests purcase trip insurance to cover any unforeseen situations and from a reputable company such as

· Student and Teacher Deposits are nonrefundable unless otherwise agreed by separate addendum

· It is the responsibility of the guest to ensure all appropriate travel documents are held and that all applicable entry requirements are met.

· Coco B Wellness LLC reserves the right to cancel or postpone any retreat that does not meet the contracted minimum number of participants. Such attendance requirements are agreed between the event ¨Host¨ and Coco B Wellness, or directly with Coco B Wellness in the event of hosting their own retreat. Please be aware of the minimum attendance requirements prior to booking your reservation.


In the event that a Host has not met minimum enrolment requirements for a given retreat, Coco B Wellness may elect to open spaces for the retreat in order to fill the requirements but in no case sooner than 90 days prior to the retreat date or unless otherwise agreed between the ¨Host and Coco B Wellness. In the event that Coco B Wellness sells additional spaces to attendees and provided the host attendance requirements are not met,  the host will not receive a ¨mark up¨ associated with the attendee, nor shall that attendee count towards the total enrolment for the purposes of calculating bonus payments. In the event that the Hosts enrolment meets the minimum requirement then each participants attendance will result in a payment to the host equal to the host mark up or as agreed in separate addendum.

Deadlines related and specific to bonus and payment structure: (Please see Host addendum) 





What’s included

  • Airport Transportation
  • Boat Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Massage or Spa Credit
  • Golf Cart
  • All Meals on Site
    All meals prepared by in house chef team
  • Private Chef
    Exclusive service provided by our excellent in house chef
  • Use of Yoga Mats / Props
  • Daily Yoga Sessions
    Daily yoga classes with Jenny Finkel.
  • Excursion to Isla Contoy
    Travel by private boat to see the breathtaking island of Isla Contoy. Snorkel along the way. Lunch is provided
  • Sunrise Yoga -Punta Sur
    Sunrise yoga class at Punta Sur energy center.
  • Use of CC's Water Toys
    Use of Kayaks and Paddle Boards
  • All Gratuities To Staff
    Tips are included in rates
  • Excursion to Ek Balam
    Excursion to the most recently discovered Mayan City, Ek Balam. Also, included in this excursion is a swimming adventure in an inland cenote. ( Underground river )
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    On site alcoholic beverages are included
  • VIP Swag Bag
    Filled with all the goodies!
  • Make-a-Mala Kit
  • Airfare
  • Travel Insurance

Available Packages

Triple Occupancy Room 8
Sold Out


Room 8 comes standard with three single beds for triple occupancy.  Including en suite bath, sitting area, and view terrace.

Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date.

Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options.

Deposit: $1200
Double Occupancy Rooms 1, 3, 9
Sold Out


Room 9 garden setting room comes standard with King or Queen & Double bed Including en suite bath and sitting area,. It is booked as a double occupancy room with first come first serve on the King/Queen.  Also may book with a shared king bed.

Spacious garden room with sitting area and en suite bath.

Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date.

Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options.


Room 1 comes standard with one or two beds.  including King & Double bed, en suite bath, and sitting area.   It is booked as a double occupancy room with first come first serve on the King bed.  Also may book with a shared king bed.

Ocean view suite with sitting area indoor and outside plus garden and ocean view.

Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date.

Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options.


Room 3 comes standard with one or two beds.  including King & Double bed. It is booked as a double occupancy room with first come first serve on the King bed.  Also may book with a shared king bed.  

Ocean view deluxe suite Including en suite bath, interior sitting area. terrace,  plus garden and ocean views,  Includes Luxury linens and organic bath products.

Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date. Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options.

Deposit: $1425
Single Occupancy Room 2
Sold Out


Room 2 comes standard with one king bed  Including en suite bath and sitting area. 

King garden & pool view suite with sitting area inside and direct pool lounging access.

Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date. Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options

Deposit: $1650
Single Occupancy Room 6
Sold Out


Room 6 comes standard with one king bed; double occupancy requires two guests to share a king bed.  Ocean view deluxe suite Including en suite bath, interior sitting area. terrace,  plus garden and ocean views,  Includes Luxury linens and organic bath products. 

 Payment plan available for 5% interest on balance split into monthly payments till arrival date. Please inquire after deposit for payment plan options. 

Deposit: $1850
Double Occupancy Rm 7
Sold Out


Room 7 comes standard with one king bed; double occupancy requires two guests to share a king bed.  

Ocean view deluxe suite Including en suite bath, interior sitting area. terrace,  plus garden and ocean views,  Includes Luxury linens and organic bath products

Take a look!

Deposit: $1425
Double Occupancy Room 6 - MKF
Sold Out


Retreat Itinerary
Sample Itinerary - Island Escape with Jenny Finkel


8:00am           - Light Breakfast

9-9:45am       - Barefoot Bootcamp in the Palapa

10-11:15am      - Vinyasa Flow Yoga in the Palapa

12pm               - Lunch at Casa Coco

1pm-5pm       - Free time to play on the property or explore the area.             

                           Transportation to Cancun/the mainland can be arranged upon  


5:30-6:30pm - Happy Hour Peak Pose Planning in the Lounge

7pm-8pm      - Dinner at Casa Coco

8:30-9:30pm - Evening Playtime!!  (Karaoke?  Talent show??  Yoga nidra???)

10pm              - Go to bed!!  We're doing it all again tomorrow!!

**Schedule subject to change.

***Schedule will be adjusted to accommodate Ek Balam day trip

Your Organizer

Coco B Wellness Isla·Mujeres
22 reviews
Our mission: Deliver inspirational whole health integrative wellness in a fun, relaxing, beautiful, and restorative environment. We thank you for joining us in building and sharing our amazing life and pursuit with others... BREATHE · NOURISH · FLOW


What a beautiful place! This was a business trip with part leisure. Casa Coco is very comfortable with impeccable service and a staff that went beyond what we expected! The included breakfast was delicious and healthy prepared at the time we wanted. Our cordinator Lisa was amazing paying attention to all of our needs in detail from arrival in Cancun to departure! The beds are perfectly soft and if we had a problem with anything in the room they would meet our needs right away. The only suggestion I would have is for the hotel is to install blackout curtains for customers that like to sleep in late as it gets very bright in the mornings. We highly recomendable Casa Coco and will stay there again!
By Ricardo A for Rick Antillon Trip { Mar 14 - 18 2021 } on 20 Mar, 2021
A wonderful opportunity to deepen my yoga practice in a gorgeous setting with a gifted and talented yoga teacher, Nina Yau. Nina knows her yoga and breaks down every movement into precise segments to make the poses accessible to everyone she teaches. Even better, she taught a variety of yoga styles, including a traditional Hatha sequence and mixed movement art of Budokon yoga. Coco B Wellness resort provided the perfect backdrop for our yoga retreat. We practiced on a rooftop Palupa with a view of the ocean and Isla Mujeres' natural beauty. The staff was very helpful, especially when it came to shielding our rooftop Palupa from ocean breezes. Kitchen staff prepared sumptuous food and every meal they served was spot-on. I couldn't have given myself a better birthday present as I enter my fifth decade of life!
By Vanessa S for Isla Mujeres Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Nina Yau on 18 Mar, 2020
We were beautifully greeted every step along the way. This facility is magnificent. Boutique in feeling, clean and contemporary in look and a staff to serve with kindness and desire. We were a small retreat yet we were treated as if the place was ours, we were home.
By peter g for Peter Goodman Retreat Deposit Page on 15 Mar, 2020
I had imagined the perfect yoga retreat – challenging yet accessible classes, a master teacher who gives great hands-on assists, a sense of community among attendees, fresh fruit & seafood, a tropical island, and chill boutique lodging. Nina’s retreat was this and more. Challenging yet accessible classes by a master teacher: Nina is a master teacher. Her classes will challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance. But, she doesn’t just call difficult poses, she gives you the steps and building blocks to get there. For example, she offered building blocks to getting to Crow which no teacher had shared with me before. These helped me get closer to the pose, but also helped more advanced practitioners build additional strength to accomplish the pose with more grace. She also pushes you to further deepen your practice and transitions between poses. For instance, instead of launching yourself into Half Moon using momentum, Nina guides the class through an intentional transition from Warrior II, to Triangle, to slowly lifting into Half Moon. A variety of yoga styles: Nina is a teacher who has dedicated extensive time and rigor to her own learning. At our retreat, we practiced traditional hatha, vinyasa flow, slow flow, yin flow, yin (which targets fascia, tendons, and tissues through long holds), yoga nidra (a deep relaxation meditation sometimes known as yogic sleep), zazen (seated meditation), and budokon (a moderately paced style with martial arts and animal locomotion influences). Nina teaches each of these styles with ease, deep knowledge, and great hands-on assists. Beyond asana: Nina told us at the opening of the retreat that “this is not just a yoga retreat; it is also a wellness retreat” – and she Thoughtfully planned & well communicated: Nina is intentional about building a full experience. Everything from the location, to the accommodations, to the meals, to the daily schedule, to the sequencing of classes was curated, arranged and communicated with clarity and great care. A positive community between attendees: Nina fosters an environment of joy, inclusion, fun, and loving kindness. I didn’t know any of the attendees going into the retreat, but we developed into fast friends. This is in large part thanks to Nina. She designed the retreat intentionally with some group meals, an opening circle to help people get to know each other in a meaningful way, and by selecting a semi-private boutique hotel with space for the group to relax and mingle. Prior to attending this retreat, I had occasionally taken Nina’s classes. I admired her intentional cohesive classes and her joyful energy. Nina is a teacher who does not distance herself from her students. Coming out of this retreat, I am honored to call her not just my teacher but also my friend.
By Christine V for Isla Mujeres Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Nina Yau on 15 Mar, 2020
My retreat yogi students and I had a fabulous experience as Casa Coco! Lisa, Jeffrey, and the Coco culinary team and staff were attentive and so welcoming. Anything we needed, we had taken care of. All of the restaurant recommendations on the island were absolutely delicious and fantastic. Wonderful spa and massage services anywhere on the property with flexible times. The food was incredibly fresh and beautiful. Definitely would come back again. Thank you Coco B team!!!
By Nina Y for Nina Yau ~ Retreat Deposit Page / Contract on 12 Mar, 2020
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