Israel Solidarity Tour w/ Ron Cantor, Robby Dawkins & Troy Brewer

Jerusalem, Israel

10 reviews
Jan 23 - Feb 1, 2024
Group size: 20 - 50
Israel Solidarity Tour w/ Ron Cantor, Robby Dawkins & Troy Brewer
Jerusalem, Israel

10 reviews

Jan 23 - Feb 1, 2024
Group size: 20 - 50

About this trip

Stand with Israel!

The people of Israel are devastated. In her 75-year history, she has never suffered more loss and destruction in one day. There are still 100 Israelis being held captive. Israel needs to know that Jesus' followers love her. "While taking my friend, Robby Dawkins, around Israel just to love on Israelis in shock from the Hamas attack on October 7th," says Ron Cantor, "we thought, 'Why not host a solidarity tour of believers from all of the world, where they can come and love on Israelis.'" 

Join Ron and Elana Cantor, Robby and Tatyana Dawkins, and Troy and Leanna Brewer for an unforgettable experience where we will let Israel know that the Christian world loves her. We will tour the Holy Land for four days and serve Israelis on the other days. We plan to host a cookout for IDF soldiers and spend time with those who have had to be evacuated from their homes. 

Because Israel is empty of tourists, we have been upgraded to David's Citadel Hotel, the second most prestigious hotel in Jerusalem. We have not raised our normal price at all, but the accommodations are going to be amazing. 

There will be on-site teaching from Ron Cantor, an expert in Israel's history and Jewish Roots of the New Testament, as well as equipping ministry time from Robbie Dawkins and Troy Brewer. 

  • Learn about growing up in Israel from Elana (and her family!).
  • Worship with local Israeli believers and hear their testimonies. 
  • See some of the hidden gems that most tourists never see.
  • Learn about the history of modern and ancient Israel.
  • Serve Israeli soldiers and others impacted by the attack and war.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show Israelis that we love them. It's something you will tell your family about for generations—in Israel's most difficult moment, you were there for her.

Trip Information

What’s included

  • Excellent hotels
    Stay in a Jerusalem's prestigious David's Citadel Hotel, next to the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • Breakfast and Dinner
    Delicious Mediterranean cuisine!
  • Entrance fees
    Enjoy amazing sites in Israel from ancient ruins to national parks.
  • Bus and Guide
    We will have a brilliant tour guide, air conditioned bus and wifi to share pics and thoughts in real time with your friends and family.
  • Stand with Israel
    We are still putting together the projects, whereby we will serve Israelis. But we can tell you that we are planning something special for both survivors and soldiers.

What’s not included

  • Air travel
    Book your own flight and arrive on January 24. The bus will leave from there late in the afternoon for the see f Galilee. We will coordinate with you to make sure you have a soft landing in the holy land.
  • Lunch
    Be prepared to spend between $10-$15 a day. Many skip lunch as the breakfast and dinner buffets are bountiful.
  • Travel Med. Insurance
    Medical insurance is required! If you need medical attention, you will need a credit card. Medical Travel Insurance is cheap and very smart!
  • Tips and Gratuities
    $120 per person and will be collected on the very first night. When you eat in a restaurant, a tip of 10-15% is sufficient. You do not need to tip hotel staff, as we do that for you.
  • Anything not mentioned

Available Packages

Israel Experience double occupancy

You will be sharing a room with your companion. If you were coming by yourself, you'll be paired up with someone of the same gender. 

Deposit: $500
Israel Experience single occupancy

You will have a room to yourself.



Day 1 Departure
Depart for Israel January 23

Your Organizer

10 reviews
Twice a year, Ron & Elana Cantor lead their Israel tour. This handcrafted tour is unique from nearly all other Israel tours. In addition to touring all the major sites like Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee, you will come face to face with the rebirthed Messianic movement. You will see where Jesus walked, and where he is walking in Israel today. As natives, Elana and Ron know where the secret places are. You'll see things on this tour that you are unlikely to see on any other. Hear stories from Elana's childhood and teaching from Ron.


This trip was beyond my expectations! Ron and Eli were exceptional guides. Great communicators, so much knowledge about Israel and the holy land and so compassionate. Elana is a native of Israel and taught us some fun Israel dances. She brought so much love, personal insight and compassion to this tour. The trip was well planned and the hotels we stayed at were very good. I came back with a new respect for Israel and the people. I highly recommend touring Israel with Ron and Elana and Eli, local Messianic believers who provided a unique and personal perspective. Thank you Ron, Elana and Eli for making this tour a life time experience, a journey I will never forgot. I pray I will have the opportunity to tour Israel again with the three of you. Shalom
By Jacqueline V for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 20, 2023
Trip of a lifetime! We enjoyed everyday with our group. Fun filled, packed with tons of information. We visited many biblical sites that Ron & Eli were fully knowledgeable of. Thank you to Ron, Elena & Eli for a memorable tour. The taste of Israel is amazing.
By Carolyn D for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 19, 2023
This tour was eye-opening for us! We learned so much about Israel, the land, history and people. Ron and Elana are such wonderful guides and intentional about helping people connect with the Promised Land through God's word. Amazing food, amazing sights and incredible people! Definitely want to come back again!
By Laura S for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 17, 2023
The country of Israel is wonderful. The tour was well organized and the tour guides were very knowledgeable. The were able to answer all our questions and they had many personal stores to tell. The hotels, bus, and food were great. They were flexible when things went wrong and used wisdom to make the trip successful.
By Diane B for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 16, 2023
The Israel Tour with Ron and Elana Cantor exceeded my expectations. The combination of Ron's Biblical insights and inspirational messages, Elana's love for her country and passion for dance, and tour guide Eli's explanations of the historical, cultural and political realities of Israel provided layers upon layers of experiential memories that were profound. Though each day's schedule was jampacked, I did not feel overwhelmed or exhausted. I would highly recommend touring Israel with local Messianic believers such as Ron, Elana and Eli who provide a unique perspective. One highlight of the tour was the opportunity to visit and worship with a Messianic congregation in Jerusalem. I am forever changed.
By Barbara E for March 3-10 2023 ISRAEL TOUR w/ Ron & Elana Cantor on Mar 16, 2023
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I wish to show my love with Israel to shared my faith with them and all my soul
By Phar Kuach P on 23 Dec, 2021