Italy: Luino

      Lake Maggiore - Italy or Lake Lugano - Italy&Switzerland

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 1 - 4
      Italy: Luino
      Lake Maggiore - Italy or Lake Lugano - Italy&Switzerland

      Duration: 3 days
      Group size: 1 - 4

      About this trip

      Luino, Lago Maggiore, Italia! Spoken in Italian it sounds wonderful. It  is even better when you experience it. La vita is definitely bella here.  Come for a Lago Maggiore row. Travellers have been drawn to the Italian  Lake District for centuries, attracted by the mild and sunny climate as  well as the stunning scenery and of course superb food and wine. Enjoy  the best of the Italian lifestyle as you practice your favourite sport.  Row past palm trees or with a view of snow-capped mountains, working  hard or enjoying a leisurely outing. The afternoon is yours. Enjoy a  long lunch, then stroll the waters edge to find the perfect gelato. Hike  into the hills for views of the longest lake in Italy where you were  just rowing. Bellissimo.

      Why row here?

      In 2015 Canottieri Luino organized the 2015 World Rowing Tour. Over 70  rowers from 19 countries rowed the length and breadth of Lake Maggiore.  Rowing The World has worked with Canottieri Luino since 2016, running  group and guided trips in different parts of Italy. We tested the  Independent Rowing Experience concept here. Canottieri Luino has a depth  of experience in organizing many rowing tours for rowers from all over  the world. They bring this experience to your Independent Lago Maggiore  Rowing Experience. From the Luino clubhouse you will row coastal boats  which can handle big lake conditions. Row Olympic class boats from the  boathouse at Ponte Tresa on more sheltered waters. There is a lot of  rowing to experience here.

      Why travel here?

      Luino sits on eastern shore of Lago Maggiore in Lombardy, northern  Italy. With high hills on one side and crystal blue waters on the other,  Luino is perfectly poised for rowing excursions to the south, north and  west, and then some. The scenery from the boat is glorious. Charming  villages with pastel coloured buildings and stone churches climb up the  steep hillsides. Castles sprout from islands. Tiny chapels dot the  hillside among olive groves and forests. The lake is long and narrow,  offering views of snow-capped Alps in Switzerland to the north, and in  other directions there are tantalizing curves that entice you to row  just a little bit further. Canottieri Luino also has a boathouse on the  Italian shore of Lago di Lugano at Ponte Tresa.

      What’s included

      • Coaching
        Guide/coach on water with you in a support boat or rowing.
      • Rowing
        Private rowing outings, tailored to you. Duration likely two or three hours, or shorter.
      • Use of coastal shells
        Both coastal and Olympic boats depending on location and water conditions.
      • Tour information
        Detailed Information Package, with specifics on getting there, arrival details and contacts, recommendations for accommodation, restaurant and grocery stores.
      • Welcome drink
        Evening drink with the guide on arrival day to plan details for rows.
      • Club tour

      What’s not included

      • Accommodation
      • Transportation
      • Meals
      • Flights
      • Cultural visits

      Available Packages

      Single rower
      Available until 14 days before departure

      If travelling alone, including damage deposit.

      2+ rowers
      Available until 14 days before departure

      Price per person if travelling as a group of 2 and more rowers, including damage deposit.


      Available options


      Day 1

      Arrival in Luino area. Welcome drink and briefing to meet your guides  and discuss routes. The following is a recommended itinerary, but each  day will be planned with your preferences, taking into account water and  weather conditions. Independent Tours are usually planned over 3 days  rowing different routes each day. During a break in rowing it is  possible to enjoy a visit to one of the many interesting sights around  the lake, lunch in a local restaurant or simply a cup of coffee at a  lakeside café.

      Your Organizer

      Rowing The World
      We connect rowers who love to travel. Rowers are passionate about their sport – we are rowers who are also passionate about travel. Rowing is a sport that is about place - where you row and the experience of rowing matters. Travel is about place and experiences. Rowing and travel make a natural pair, a good double.