Italy Private Tour

      84017 Positano, SA, Italy

      Yogando Retreats
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      11 reviews
      May 7 - 17, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 25
      Italy Private Tour
      84017 Positano, SA, Italy

      Yogando Retreats
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      11 reviews

      May 7 - 17, 2023
      Group size: 1 - 25

      About this trip

      Tentative itinerary: see in the itinerary

      Available Packages

      Mini van from Naples airport to Positano

      This is the total price, including taxes. Tips are optional

      Hotel Villa Flavia Gioia, Positano

      Check in May 7 and check out May 11

      2 bedroom apartment 

      Breakfast included 

      This is the total price, including taxes but excluded the residency tax (that can be paid at the front desk)

      Mini van to The Path of God

      One way only but for 5 people total 

      Mini van from Positano to Amalfi+Ravello

      Round trip and this is the total cost for 5 people, tips are optional

      Minivan from Positano to Sorrento
      Capry by boat

      Total price, tips optional 

      Hotel Rivoli - Sorrento

      Check in May 11 and check out May 13

      One superior room and one triple room 

      This includes breakfast but it does not include the 'residency tax' (it can be paid at the front desk)

      Pompei and Vesuvio excursion

      This price incudes: mini van round trip and ticket to Pompei museum

      Mini van from Sorrento to Tuscany/Pienza
      Hotel Mercure in Rome

      Check in May 15 and check out May 17 

      This incudes breakfast 

      One triple Superior Room

      One double Superior room 



      May 7
      Arrival day - Positano

      • Land in Naples - private airport pick, and transfer via private minivan to the hotel  - distance to Positano is 1 hour, 30 min
      • Stay at Hotel Villa Flavio Gioia Positano, at this link 
      • Stay in a 2 bedroom apartment, suitable for 5 people 
      • Check in May 7 and check out May 11

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      Yogando Retreats
      11 reviews
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      What a fantastic experience! An inspirational yoga teacher in Rebecca Hannah who led amazing classes & workshops, an incredible group of yogis who brought with them such positive energy, well organised activities in paddle boarding & hiking, delicious Italian food and beautiful accommodation at Casa di Sale, Carloforte in the most incredible island of San Pietro. Thank you Elisa & Yogando for organising such a beautiful retreat. When's the next one?
      By Francesca J for Level up your PRACTICE on 22 Sep, 2022
      Yogando Retreats review Yogando Retreats organised this trip very well, as it was almost an all forms of transport to get to the location (plane, ferry, shuttle, car), they gave us all the information we needed to get there. Communication was clear but perhaps all the transfers and petrol should have been included in the price so the only thing we had to worry about was the airfare and extra excursions. In terms of the extra excusions it would have been nice to know about them before we actually got to the retreat but luckily the spontaneous organisation of these excursions worked out. I was disappointed that we never got to do the breath work or meditation that was mentioned in the itinerary, as I was really looking forward to that part of the evening. Paola Pilates review Paola is a lovely young woman and I was a little concerned at first as she is a little introvert and it took her awhile to open up and talk with the guests, but in the end she opened up, and made people feel welcomed and amazing, especially after her morning lessons. I thought Paola's lessons were very good and I'm happy that she only used her music in the first lesson, because with the ambience of nature surrounding us she really didn't need music at all and her voice is particularly soft, so it was better to hear her cues as well without music drowing out her voice. Paola's abdominal workshop was a nice touch especially for those guests who didn't have an understanding of how to be aware and connect with their abdominals during a Pilates lesson. Casa di Sale review I absolutely loved this little rustic and raw Villa, it felt like home and Nadia makes you feel so welcomed into her home. I stayed in the big tent and slept comfortably but sleeping 4 days in a tent is enough for me. If the retreat was any longer I would have liked a room. I think the tent accommodation could do with some little bean bags outside the tent on the deck to sit on so you can read a book, or just have a little snooze, but swaying in the hammock outside the tent was very relaxing. If you are sharing a tent and the hammock is occupied, the other person has no chill out space other than the common area which is a beautiful space to hang out but sometimes people like to have their space so maybe the common area doesn't give people that space they need. Mosquitoes were only a problem the first night and once I understood to fumigate the tent before sundown I had no problems. LOVED LOVED LOVED the outdoor shower!! Oh and a pool would have been nice to have a dip in during the day and in the evening under the stars. Food review OMG the food was delicious, I wanted to take Nadia and Rossella home with me. It was so healthy, nutritious and flavoursome and I liked that it was more plant based and that there was no alcohol offered. A little suggestion for after the Pilates or a Yoga class that a nice glass or shot of some healthy juice concoction was ready for drinking right after the lesson would have been nice to give you a little boost and to rehydrate you. Excursions review Sound healing was a great experience, language barrier was a little off as I don't think they knew how to express themselves and their method as they were not fluent in English. I loved how it was performed under the stars. SUP was fun, 30-45mins would have been enough and may I suggest not to organise dinner in the town afterwards as it would have been nice to have a shower to wash the salt off but in saying that we were all ready to pay the 1 euro for the 20 second shower if they had not changed the SUP location point. Other comments Having Paola and Elisa joining us for the lessons, brunch/dinner, participating in the excursions and generally hanging out and also having them and Nadia driving us around the island was a real personal touch that you can't get with big group retreats so it felt more special, intimate and connected. We were also very lucky to have a great bunch of girls who all got along nicely. A truly special experience, and exactly what I needed. Thank you, Yvette
      By Yvette O for Pilates in Sardinia on 25 Jul, 2022
      We had a wonderful trip! AMAZING properties and really well organized. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. THANK YOU :)
      By Carol L for Tuscany and Positano on 18 May, 2022
      We would like to say thank you because I enjoyed the classes, the resort and the environment of the retreat. I would like to thank Yogando and Irene for organising it.
      By Cristina G for Arizona Escape with Irene: Yoga, Handstands and Flexibility on 13 Apr, 2022
      By Allison W for Arizona Escape with Irene: Yoga, Handstands and Flexibility on 12 Apr, 2022
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