JOIN MY IRAQ (Baghdad and Babylon) TOUR!

John Ward
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16 reviews
Oct 14 - 17, 2023
Group size: 1 - 19
JOIN MY IRAQ (Baghdad and Babylon) TOUR!

John Ward
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16 reviews

Oct 14 - 17, 2023
Group size: 1 - 19

About this trip

Back due to popular demand, I’m organising another Iraq (Baghdad and Babylon trip. This time in October 2023. It’s short, and sweet. I have great contacts in Iraq, and I can manage everyone’s visa in advance (yes including Americans!) without having to send your passport off or visit an embassy. Pretty cool huh? 

So if you have a dream to visit every country in the world, or you just want to see a place that most tourists never venture, then join me. And besides, who doesn’t want to sit in Saddam Hussein’s bathtub for a quick photo huh?

Why Visit Iraq?

Good question. For me personally, originally it was two things, one was to see the real side of a place that I’ve heard about in the news since I was a kid. I’m fed up hearing about Baghdad and not truly understand what’s happening. So I want to check it out for myself. Secondly, I had visited Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan as part of my ‘every country in the world’ thing’, and I knew that wasn’t the ‘real’ Iraq. So I wanted to put that right.

Of course, Iraq is a beautiful country too. Misunderstood for sure, but full of so much history, culture and warmth. The Iraqi people are so grateful to see tourists, to share their food, their traditions. It’s truly a magical experience. And to know you’re one of just a handful of tourists each year makes it all the more special.

Is it Safe to visit Iraq?

Safer than you think. That’s for sure. There is no need to travel with a security detail, Baghdad and Babylon are in the ‘safe’ areas of Iraq under full control of the new Iraqi government.

It’s much, much safer than my trip to Mogadishu, Somalia, or that stupid time I took my mum to Afghanistan! Our guides are local, trustworthy professionals who work with all the large multinationals when they send people to Baghdad. You’re in safe hands.

Also, the last time I took my mum! So that should vouch for how safe I think it is!

Can anyone join?

In theory, yes. However, if you're from a country other than the 38 countries listed below, then you'll have to get separate permits AND visit an Iraqi embassy. Possible, but expensive (and time consuming!). Message me if you'd like to discuss. 

Also, with arrivals, visas and airport transfers in Baghdad being a sensitive issue, we need people to arrive in Baghdad on one of these flights (they're generally the flights you'd be coming in on anyway!) 

Boarding the plane on October 14th:

  • Via Beirut: ME322 12.30-15.00 (THIS IS THE FLIGHT I'M ON)
  • Via Istanbul: TK7692 @ 23.55 or TK302 @ 21.55 (the second one will require a wait in Baghdad airport, no probs there though)
  • Via Doha (boarding the flights on October 15th): QR458, 01.15 to 03.15

*Note, if you fly via Istanbul or Doha you'll miss the  briefing, dinner, and city walk on Day 1. Not the end of the world, but please be aware

And then depart on one of these flights on October 17:

  • To Beirut: ME323, 15.00 TO 16.35 
  • To Istanbul:TK7693 @ 04.30 or TK803 @ 05.50
  • To Doha: QR459 @ 04.15
  • If you'd like to spend the full day in Baghdad on the 17th, and fly out to either Doha or Istanbul on the 18th morning, that's ok too. There'll just be the cost of an extra night at the hotel. 

If you really need to fly on a different airline, or at a different time, please message me. We can possibly facilitate it at an additional cost. 

Applicable Countries:

  1. Bahrain 
  2. Kuwait 
  3. Lebanon 
  4. Oman 
  5. Qatar 
  6. Saudi Arabia 
  7. United Arab Emirates Citizens
  8. European Union European Union citizens 
  9. United States 
  10. United Kingdom 
  11. Russia 
  12. China 
  13. Japan 
  14. South Korea 
  15. New Zealand 
  16. Canada 
  17. Australia 
  18. Switzerland 
  19. Kuwait

What’s included

  • Letter of Invitation
    The most difficult part, but we've got you!
  • Iraq Visa Assistance
    (we essentially get your visa for you ahead of time, and you collect at the airport)
  • All accommodation
  • 4 Breakfasts
  • Local guide
  • Western Guide
  • All transport
  • Airport transfers
  • All entrance fees

What’s not included

  • International airfare
    I'll be flying in from Beirut personally, you can fly there and we can fly to Baghdad together if you're more comfortable doing that :)
  • Travel Insurance
    It's compulsory. I have 2 recommended providers who include Iraq on their travel list.
  • Tips
    For our local team
  • Lunches and Dinners
    Not expensive, we generally keep it local
  • Iraq Visa fee
    Payable at the airport in cash, $80

Available Packages

Trip Price
Deposit: $230

Available options


DAY 1 (October 14)
Arrive in Baghdad, evening tour of Karadda district

Arrive into Baghdad airport where my team will pick us up and transfer us to the hotel. We’ll have an evening tour of the Karadda district and a group dinner.

I’ll be flying in from Beirut, Lebanon. We can all meet there and take the same flight if that makes you feel more comfortable (and Beirut is a super cool city anyway!).

Your Organizer

John Ward
16 reviews
Irish blogger @ Every country in the world (yaay!), now onto the Seven Summits!


Everything about Mauritania was perfect; the group, the experience, the country and its people. Nothing that I expected but everything that I wanted. Thank you Johnny and team.
By Aavishkar M for Mauritania & The Iron Ore Train on Dec 30, 2023
I absolutely loved this tour of Mauritania. The people in our group were phenomenal, the locals are probably the most kind and welcoming people I’ve ever met. And the train was epic of course :) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
By Courtney J for Mauritania & The Iron Ore Train on Dec 18, 2023
Amazing in every way!! Spending time exploring an amazing country with fantastic people. We always felt looked after so well. Brilliant trip!!
By Janice B for Mauritania & The Iron Ore Train on Dec 14, 2023
I admittedly don't usually love tours, but Johnny nailed every part of this trip once again and he has a brilliant skill in making everyone feel included while having one of the wildest adventures in a friendly and fun country.
By Anthony M for Mauritania & The Iron Ore Train on Dec 14, 2023
A jam-packed trip that took us through the capital, a night train and other fantastic cities in Turkmenistan. Johnny managed to keep it casual and fun while making sure we were all on time. This trip is way more than just The Gates of Hell, it's a crash course into Turkmen culture.
By Anthony M for Turkmenistan (and the Gates of Hell) NOVEMBER on Dec 14, 2023
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